Coast to coast relocation – what you need to know

So you’ve decided to make a serious change of scenery from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast. Or will it perhaps be another side of the “pond” to the European shoreline? Well, it matters not since it all comes down to the same – coast to coast relocation starting from NYC. The only thing is that this type of moving is far more complex and challenging than your everyday relocation. Which is why we are here to guide you through everything you need to consider while planning your relocation.

Tips and guidelines for moving across the country

Find the shortcut to coast to coast relocation.
Coast to coast relocation is a long journey which can be made easy with some guidance.

Moving coast to coast is a grand logistical challenge. Don’t make the common mistake and underestimate or even disregard the complexity of this endeavor. The time, money and energy spent on planning, organizing and executing a coast to coast relocation is nothing short of overwhelming. And this goes when compared to local or short distance interstate relocation. And to underestimate this task could result in a terrible moving experience. Not only that but a significant loss of money or even experiencing a coast to coast moving company fraud. This is why your best bet for “enjoying” a stress-free and low-cost cross-country relocation is:

  1. to be prepared for the challenge ahead through spot-on moving tips, and
  2. to partner with one of the best NYC moving companies for a coast to coast relocation out there.

Things to consider before running into coast to coast relocation

Given that the States stretch over an entire continent, it’s not unusual to expect differences. This especially goes when comparing one coast to the other. And it is hence why we advise that you factor in all the elements of your new destination: housing costs, employment opportunities, climate, cultural differences, moving costs etc.

Available coast to coast relocation methods

You might wonder how much it costs to move coast to coast? (Well, make sure you get your NYC moving quote!)  Well, it all depends on the type of move and what you are moving. Depending on that, you can opt for any of the following:

There are many ways to reach the other coast.
You must remember that there are always options and that it’s just a matter of finding the ideal one.
  • Full-service moves. This is the most expensive coast to coast relocation option. However, it is also the easiest one. Full-service movers will handle all the aspects of the moving process for you – packing, loading, driving and unloading, and will provide whatever extra services for NYC move you may require.
  • Self-packing and mover transportation. This would be a combination of self-moving with professional relocation services. You do the packing/unpacking of your belonging, while a professional driver conducts the transportation. This option can save you around 25% of the overall relocation cost.
  • Portable moving containers. Similar to the previous option, here you are the one doing the packing and unpacking. However, unlike the previous option, you are not rushed here. The container is dropped off and left on your front lawn until moving day. After that it is picked up and transported to your new West Coast home, where you again have time to unload it at a steady pace. The main advantage here would be easy and time-considerate packing/unpacking.
  • Self-moving with a rental truck. This is what you would consider your cheapest coast to coast relocation option. However, it is also the hardest option which can take a big toll on you, both physically and mentally. So if you do opt for this, consider getting at least some professional consultation from a professional mover (just to act as a safety net).

Take careful consideration before opting for either one. Do a budget calculation and an inventory check to help you get an estimate of what you’re working with.

Finding and hiring professional coast to coast movers

Hiring professional coast to coast movers may not be the cheapest way but it is definitely the right way to go. It’s really simple when you think about it. Experienced relocation companies have the necessary know-how required to ensure maximum efficiency, safety and speed when moving cross country. All you have to do is find and hire the ideal NYC moving company. And here is how that journey should go in a few simple steps:

Finding a professional relocation company can be crucial.
Make your coast to coast relocation easy by finding the ideal mover to help you.
  1. Find professional Big Apple movers that offer long distance relocation. Ask for recommendations or check the movers’ online reputations by visiting their websites and reading moving reviews left by their previous customers in order to decide on the moving companies that seem to be most appropriate for your particular relocation needs;
  2. Get real-time estimates from the top five relocation companies.
  3. Discuss all the details of the relocation. This includes extra services and rates, ETAs, insurance, special conditions, potential restrictions etc.
  4. Do a cross-comparison of the offers made before deciding. Then go for the best coast to coast relocation mover for you.
  5. Conduct a background check of the NY moving company. This is simply to avoid fraudulent companies and scams. This includes –checking the company licenses, doing a quick read-through the reviews and previous comments. And in addition, checking on any previous complaints with the BBB.
  6. Carefully read through all documents before signing the actual contract with the mover. And make sure all the conditions and costs you have agreed on are clearly stated.

Ways to save on a coast to coast move

We already mentioned that coast to coast relocation is going to cost you. So here are some tips on how to save money while relocating:

  • Plan in advance. Just like anything else, moving companies experience high-demand at certain times of the year. So if you can, adjust your schedule and ask your moving consultant about the most convenient day to move. Avoiding “peak dates” can save you quite a bit, especially if there are specials involved.
  • De-clutter. One of the easiest ways to cut costs is to get rid of things you no longer want or need. Have a couch or other furniture you’d rather not see in your new home? Don’t pay to move them — donate the items or have a yard sale before you leave. And if you’re moving from the east coast to California, you can probably get rid of a lot of winter clothing.
  • Save cash on moving supplies. Packing items in sturdy cardboard boxes will help keep them safe during transit and make it easier to load everything in the moving equipment.

Bonus tips for moving from East Coast to West Coast

There are some important factors you need to take into account when making an east side-west side move. Such as moving from NYC to California :

  • Pack your belongings with utmost care, so that they survive the long distance move in excellent condition (don’t forget to make a detailed inventory of the items you’re going to entrust to the movers and include proof of their current condition).
  • Purchase adequate moving insurance for your belongings to ensure your peace of mind.
  • Plan your own trip to the other coast – whether you are going to fly or to drive to your final destination, how are you going to ship your pets across the country, how will you make the relocation easier for your kids, etc.