Big Apple Guarantee

100% Customer Satisfaction, Guaranteed!


With Big Apple, you can rest assured you’ll be provided with quality service, and your satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed. With customer satisfaction as our main goal, each and every member of our staff aims to provide you with a pleasant moving experience – whether you are scheduling a particular move, or looking for tips and general information. We pledge the highest standards of customer satisfaction – anything less, and you will receive you money back, guaranteed.

We realize how taxing moving can be, as well as being a possibly substantial strain on your resources. Whether this is your first move of your tenth, you can count on our support and assistance throughout this difficult task – we will handle any concerns, expertly guide you through the process, and make the moving ordeal as simple and stress-free as possible.

Right from, the start, you will be work with you to identify your needs, your goals for the move, the control costs, and do everything in our power to exceed your expectations from the experience. You will be provided with the best, most finely-tuned personalized services in the moving industry.

Here at Big Apple, we are deeply committed to providing the quality of service needed to earn your recommendation. We trust that you will find our services to be unmatched in both quality and efficiency throughout the entire moving industry.

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Quality Policy

At Big Apple, we will always deliver to highest quality of work and go above and beyond to achieve complete customer satisfaction, which meets the terms and conditions as agreed upon with the customer. We will always meet the high standards expected from a prominent industry leader, and provide professional consumer and corporate relocation services with tested, quantifiable results.

Satisfaction Guarantee
Satisfaction Guarantee