For Top vacation spots for New Yorkers you will need good luggage.

Top vacation spots for New Yorkers

From time to time, we all need to pack our bags and go on a vacation to calm ourselves down. This trip doesn’t have to last long. Even 2 days will be enough for you to charge up your batteries. What about the destination? If you live in NYC, you probably already know there is a long

prevent moisture in your apartment

How to prevent moisture in your apartment

Every activity in your apartment produces a certain amount of moisture. Whether you are cooking, washing the dishes or just breathing, you will be bringing small amounts of moisture into the air. And this can become a problem if you end up with a bigger amount of moisture. Moisture is an entrance for mold and

How to set up a home office?

How to set up a home office

When you try to set up an office it can be quite difficult. You have a huge amount of things to think about. There is finding the location, when you do find it has high costs, these are just a few things you need to think about. If you want to avoid all this it

When is the best time to leave NYC?

When is the best time to leave NYC?

When somebody asks you about the best time to leave NYC, don’t you feel the concept of time is a bit ambiguous here? Do they want some tips on the best time to leave NYC and move somewhere else to start a new life? Or, do they want some advice on the best time to

Young woman thinking about when is the best time to move out

When is the best time to move out?

Remember those teenage years when all of us kept thinking of when we would finally move out of our parent’s house? Not a single worry in our path. Oh, the beauty of the carefree years when none of us knew how hard it can be to survive in the real world. How foolish one can be! So, when

Know how to move an entire bar

How to move an entire bar in record time?

There are many reasons which can lead to moving a bar to a different location. Your rent can increase, you want a bigger space, or you just want to change its location and find a better one. No matter what your reasons are, you will need to do it fast. Yes, living in NYC is

learn how to pack glassware safely

How to pack glassware safely

Packing is a difficult thing to do. It is the most important part of moving. As the most important part, it is the most stressful. This is true due to many factors. The first one is the time consumption. The second one is the risk you take if you do not do it properly. This

If you apply NYC mold prevention tips, you won't have any mold problems.

NYC mold prevention tips

Imagine this. You have finally brought the adventure of moving to NYC to an end. Now, you can relax and enjoy the new stage of your life with your family. However, after a few days, you suddenly smell a musty odor. You start exploring the place and you find yourself terrified by some strange black,

Measuring is an essential step of home downsizing.

Shipping container size – all you need to know

Renting a shipping container for your upcoming NYC relocation is something you will want to do if you need to move under a budget. Shipping containers come with many advantages. They can save you big money, but can also come handy if you need an extra, temporary storage during your move. But, before deciding to

Man and woman laughing after resolving most common roommate issues.

5 common roommate issues and how to resolve them

Having a personal living space is the basic need of every living creature on this planet. Today, many of us choose to share our living space. This provides us with a safer home and a cheaper way of living. Unfortunately, some of us can’t choose who we want to live with. In most cases, we’re