An aerial view of the Brooklyn bridge and New York City at night. Just across the bridge are the best places to buy a house in Brooklyn.

Best places to buy a house in Brooklyn

We could talk about Brooklyn for hours, and still not run out of good things to say about it. Brooklyn has been labeled as the up-and-coming neighborhood in New York, and we as experienced Big Apple Movers can agree with this statement. What makes Brooklyn so attractive are its prices, as well as its proximity to


How to prepare for your move to Connecticut

If you have decided to relocate to Connecticut you are making a great decision. This state is a great place for families. It has an excellent education system and many great job opportunities. On the other hand, it is quite expensive and living costs are high, but salaries are among the highest in the USA.

Learn how to organize your storage unit

Organize your storage unit the right way?

People usually use spaces like storage units, or any spare space in their home, as a way to get the things they don’t frequently use – out of sight. However, these items and spaces certainly shouldn’t be out of control. Even though you don’t use the items stored in your storage space very often, that doesn’t

We see a lot of rolled up dollar bills in the picture. There are ways to save money in the Big Apple that will leave you with a nice amount of savings.

Ways to save money in the Big Apple

Ah, New York City! One of the most beautiful cities in the world, but also among the most expensive ones. If you are living on a tight budget, you must think that moving and living in New York is impossible for you. While in some cases this might be true, you shouldn`t throw in the

build a darkroom on a budget

Guide to build a darkroom on a budget

It is true that the world of photography has become digital and modern. People spend a lot of time editing photos on their computer, but somehow those photos stay that way in a computer folder. We forgot to appreciate the value of the “real” photograph, that we can hold in our hands, send it as

Three light bulbs hanging. We see the sky behind them. Glass is very delicate, and you should learn how to pack fragile items such as this one.

How to pack fragile items

People are usually scared to tackle the task of packing fragile items, which is understandable. The fact is that they are so delicate that, sometimes, even the slightest bump on the road can break them. However, this is no reason for you to dread fragile items packing. What`s even worse is putting this task off

two people shaking hands

How to evaluate a good local moving company?

A relocation process is an important event in everybody’s life. It is something you need to think through and plan carefully, however you are doing it. If you insist on doing it yourself, it is important to think about every small detail of the move, so you avoid mistakes and possible loss and damage. However,

an image of a luggage

Facts to know before moving to Alabama

One thing is for sure – this is a state with so many nicknames. The Heart of Dixie, The Cotton State, the Lizard State – you name it, but Alabama is for sure a place to move to for many reasons. It has a rich historical background and a lot of nature to enjoy, as


Popular sports in the Big Apple

If you are a fan of sports, you should definitely move to New York. First of all, you should find a good moving company that can provide a perfect move. Search online and you will find your perfect movers,  like for example, here – When your reliable movers relocate you to NYC it is time

Moving from LA to NYC

Moving from LA to NYC

Everybody dreams of living in the Big Apple. It is a city of change, diversity, and culture. However, when it comes to moving from LA to NYC, people wonder is it a good idea, and how different their life would be. These two opposite stars of the country attract people from all over the world,