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Searching for storage when leaving New York

Whether you are leaving New York for a short of a long time, you’ll want your things safe. And there is no sense in paying the rent for the entire apartment. The cheaper solution is to put your possessions in storage for as long as you’re away. Searching for storage can be complicated and in

NYC apartment design

Small NYC apartment design tips

Moving to the Big Apple has been your dream for so long. And now you finally did it. You are here. But here, for most newcomers, means a tiny studio apartment. It’s the reality most New York newbies face upon arrival. Nevertheless, you want to feel as comfortable as possible in your new place and

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Top East Asia moving destinations

Whether you are moving with a family, for business or just to seek an adventure and try new things East Asia is a great place to go. It would take us two days to actually list all the beautiful and incredible places you could move to. However, we will give you what we think are top East

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Should you tip your movers?

After you’ve hired a reputable moving company New York, and packed all your things, the moving day has finally arrived. Things go smoothly enough, the movers are polite and efficient, and you are home in no time. When you see the movers getting ready to leave, you wonder how much or if you should tip your

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Moving from Pittsburgh to NYC

So, you have decided to move from Pittsburgh to NYC. That’s great! Now you need to find a place to live, hire some long distance NY movers, and then start your new life. We have already written about checking new movers in NYC and preventing NYC moving problems. But what is living in NYC like? There

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Tips and hints for moving with a pet

All the commotion, obligations, things we forgot and things we should do make moving a chaotic ordeal. Imagine how our pets must feel. Experiencing all the same discomforts as we do, without actually knowing why. Must be terrifying and confusing. In order to make this process easier on them and on you, follow these tips

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Essentials for trouble-free interstate move

Such an event in life as an interstate move is a global issue that concerns all spheres of life. This is an exciting, serious and, at the same time, quite a stressful event. During preparation for the move, it is necessary to solve many questions. It is obvious that the transportation of things, in this case,

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How to find reliable cheap movers in Brooklyn

Your relocation to Brooklyn makes you nervous. There’s just so much to do. Packing, organizing, throwing away, moving, unpacking, the paperwork… The list seems endless and it gets longer by the day. So you realize you need to hire professional movers to help you pull it all off. But you also need to find an

Inside indoor types of storage.

Different types of storage solutions

Storage units can be really helpful in a number of situations. When you are moving into a smaller place and not all of your belongings fit in the new one. In cases when you have to move out of one house before you can move into a new home. Or when you are out of

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Moving from Indiana to NYC

New York is the largest city in the USA and a place in which every creative person can realize himself. Here are the best theaters and musicals of the country, as well as the largest number of jobs. That’s why many people from Indiana decide to move to that big city. Moving from Indiana to NYC