When moving with seniors we need to be exceptionally thoughtful

How is moving with seniors different

Moving and stress always go hand in hand. When it comes to moving with seniors, we need to be particularly thoughtful. They are usually highly attached to their homes and belongings, and parting with them causes substantial anxiety. However, after thinking about the relocation process for a while, you can see how to manage to

Adapting to a bigger home

Adapting to a bigger home – living large

If you lived in a small apartment or a smaller house, you know what it means to be in a confined space. Of course, some people prefer a smaller apartment, but if you have a large family, it can present the problem. However, if you decide to live in a larger area, we will help

Organize your time well when you want to pack your entire apartment in 24 hours.

How to pack your entire apartment in 24 hours

Packing your entire place on a short notice might seem terrifying to you. You need to take care of all the important things and the clock just keeps ticking. No matter what your reasons are for packing in a hurry, you need to calm yourself down. There is no time for panic, your NYC move

learn how to run a business from a storage unit

How to run a business from a storage unit?

Starting up your own business can be very challenging. Especially if you need to pay for an office in the Big Apple, which can be insanely expensive. You might try to cut down on your starting expenses by running a business from your home. But know it is only a matter of time when your

Stack of wooden pallets

Different uses for wooden pallets

Looking for different uses for wooden pallets? And if you do you need together some useful information for this little project. No need to worry, we gathered some options for you to ease your situation. Tables, simple benches, wooden flower pots, small vertical gardens and even canopies covered with flowers. All of them can make

visit some of the best speakeasies in nyc

Best speakeasies in NYC to try to find

Trust us, you have never been to a real speakeasy. And unless NYC’s liquor laws change dramatically, you will never step into it. There is a difference between a speakeasy we know today and what it used to be. In a prohibition era, in a time when you couldn’t just go to a bar and

a room with belongings you won't need in NYC

Common belongings you won’t need in NYC

It is impossible not to love New York City. As vibrant as it is, it offers you a lot. You can eat your favorite meal in a great restaurant and then head out to a newly opened art gallery. You can spend your afternoon in a museum and in the evening dance in the most popular

Prepare your home for your family to enjoy more

Prepare your home for your family before you move in

Moving with your family is a hard task. It will take a long time and it will be stressful. Not just for you, your entire family will be stressed. You must get them ready for such a big life change. You will have to prepare your home for your family to make sure they start

prepare your pet for a move to New York

How to prepare your pet for a move to New York

If you have decided to move, you should know that things can get overwhelming. This is especially true if you have a pet you need to move as well. We know that you care about the wellbeing of your darling, so we are going to give you some advice on how to prepare your pet

Carving pumpkins is a must when celebrating Halloween in the Big Apple

Best ways to celebrate Halloween in the Big Apple

Your favorite part of the year has finally come – it’s Halloween time! There is nothing like the thrill you get during the celebration of the Halloween. Everybody is in a good mood, and in a costume, too. People forget about everyday problems and focus on having fun. Parades and parties are everywhere. But, you don’t