lether sofa - moving heavy items

Moving heavy items with ease – here is how

If you have decided to move you know that all of your things need to be moved and transported. That is not a problem when it comes to clothes and smaller items. You can easily pack them yourself and moving and storage companies in the Big Apple can load and transport them with ease. When it

Brooklyn bridge - moving from Europe to Brooklyn

Moving from Europe to Brooklyn

If you are moving from Europe to Brooklyn you are making a great decision. You will find yourself if one of the fastest developing New York boroughs. There are plenty of job opportunities. There is also plenty of excitement and the nightlife is incredible. Moving specialists in Brooklyn will help you move and after that,

A pleasant interior of a living room

How to make your family house feel like home?

Moving is a process that doesn’t end once the movers leave your boxes on the floor. Adapting to your new home is also a part of it. Even though you may have felt happy and excited for moving into a new home and moving to New York for a better life, these new rooms and

how to move a hot tub

How to move a hot tub

If you have a hot tub you are probably enjoying it to the max. It can bring you those moments or relaxation we all need in our lives. However, moving it causes more worry than pleasure. It is not easy dismantling all of the pipes and actually lifting and moving the hot tub properly. You might

bank in a city - most affordable cities in the USA

The most affordable cities in the USA

If you are tired of  New York and its sky-high living costs, maybe you should consider moving to a cheaper city. There are so many cheaper and more affordable options in the USA. We are going to recommend some of the most affordable cities in the USA. You will surely find an affordable haven for

moving your business to Brooklyn - Brooklyn bridge

Tips for moving your business to Brooklyn

Moving business is not an easy task. Even though the reasons for moving your offices are different, the process is pretty much the same. But the moving process is not the same as moving your home. Here, you have office equipment, employees, working hours, etc. The more offices you have, the more complicated it gets,

moving to Brooklyn - Brooklyn bridge and sunset

Moving from Miami to Brooklyn

Moving house is a big life event for every family. Even local moves require detailed planning and organization. And when we talk about moving from Miami to Brooklyn, we talk long-distance move. Even though you are moving within the same country, it is still a huge step, and a 1300 miles long journey. That’s why you

A living room with DIY furniture

DIY Living Room Upgrades

You moved to NYC! Found an apartment and settled in. Ready to start anew and enjoy life in one of the best cities in the world. But how can you make your flat feel more like home? It is ideal to not spend too much money. And you want something that isn’t too big, in

Moving with your kids and looking for the best East Coast cities for families

Best East Coast cities for families

Raising a family is affected by many factors. Apart from a good relationship between family members, the location of your home is also very important. And if we add the facts that average American families move a lot, for many different reasons, it is important to know what is the best place to live. That’s why

kid holding boxes for a move cross-country with kids

How to move cross-country with kids?

If you move cross-country with kids you will have to be well prepared and well organized. Moving can get hectic and when children are involved things can get really difficult. Good organization and planning, a lot of patience and flexibility are your formulae for success. Another important exponent of this formula is a great moving