What is a certificate of insurance for moving and do you need it?

To move to a different house, you need to gather a lot of paperwork. You might have heard of a certificate of insurance for moving, but you probably have no idea what it really is. Don`t worry, as you are not the only one! A lot of people have misconceptions about this paper and think that it does not make a big difference whether or not you have it. Why this is not true, you are about to find out, because Big Apple Movers NYC always have your back!

First things first, what exactly is a certificate of insurance for moving?

Since there is a big probability you do not know what exactly a certificate of insurance is, we feel obligated to explain the significance of this piece of paper. Perhaps, after finding out everything about it, you might realize why it is so necessary and, dare we say, mandatory.

When moving to New York, your first task should be to hire reputable and, most importantly, insured movers. Insurance protects you and your furniture from any possible damage that may arise. Having that in mind, you should know that a lot of property managers will request to see a written proof that you have chosen an insured moving company before they let you move into the building. This is the moment when the certificate of insurance enters the scene. As complicated as this might seem to you, a certificate of insurance is a document released by the moving company`s insurance company. In the process of moving, everyone involved must be insured!

A building made of glass, and to move into it, you will need a certificate of insurance for moving.
When moving, you need to be ready for every possible scenario.

In which cases do you need to show a certificate of insurance?

To be fair, to have this certificate is not mandatory in all situations. However, if you do not have it when the property manager asks for it, you will not be able to move in. Moreover, a certificate of insurance is always needed when moving into an urban area, which all NYC boroughs are. Therefore, if you wish to avoid any delays when moving, it is wise to get this piece of paper in due time.

Moreover, if you want to be sure whether you will need to show this certificate, there is an easy way to find out. You can ask the property manager in your new building if showing this paper is a must with them. This is the safest, and quickest way of finding out whether this paper is necessary.

What information should you see on your certificate of insurance?

In order for a certificate to be valid, it needs to have some specific information written on it. The mentioned pieces of information are:

  • A certificate of insurance for moving should state that your movers have a license to operate in that area.
  • This certificate will state the address of your new home.
  • Finally, it should list all the different scenarios for which you might need to use the insurance coverage.

Slowly, you should be getting a grasp on how necessary this piece of paper is. When making all the moving estimates NYC – related, make sure to include this certificate. Trust us, having it can save your life (and your relocation)!

A question mark on a blackboard.
Some pieces of information need to be included in your certificate of insurance for moving.

Why do property managers ask to see a certificate of insurance?

Even flies on the wall know that relocation is risky, and oftentimes, damaging. During a relocation, a lot of things could go wrong, which would result in the damage to your items. However, besides your items, a part of the building could also get damaged. Obviously, a building is not your property, so someone needs to be held accountable if the damage does arise.

A certificate of insurance solves this problem, as neither you nor the property manager will be responsible. No one but your movers will have to cover the cost if something happens. And, bear in mind that it is a common occurrence for your movers to at least scratch the walls. After all, they are dealing with a difficult task.

How can you get a certificate of insurance for moving?

While obtaining some other NYC building permits may be a long process, getting a certificate of insurance is not! Cheer up, as this is good news! All you have to do is have a talk with your moving coordinator, and they will do all the necessary things for getting this paper. They will contact the building management for some pieces of information, however, this is none of your worries. All you have to do is sit back and relax.

The only thing you need to do, though, is asking on time. It would be great if your movers could know whether you need to get this certificate or not when you book them. However, it is okay to ask for this certificate up to several days before the move. Still, do not wait until the last minute, as it is not advisable.

A vintage looking alarm clock.
Time is always of the essence when it comes to all things moving-related.

Do you need a certificate of insurance when moving?

In case you were not able to come to any decision, let us break it down for you. A certificate of insurance for moving is a piece of paper which states that your moving company has insurance. Moreover, it states how and in which situations they will reimburse the possible damage to a building. Getting a certificate of insurance is not mandatory, however, there are property managers who demand to see it before they let you move in. Finally, you should always ask the property manager of your future building, and clear up any misunderstandings. If it turns out that you need this paper, inform your movers, and they will take care of it. Do everything in due time, and you will have no problem moving into your dream home. Good luck and we hope everything will turn out in your favor.