What are the elements of a valid moving contract?

Deciding to move to the Big Apple is a big deal. If you had never moved before, you are in for a show. A bad one, that is. However, there are things you can do to make your move a bit easier. One of those things is learning what should a moving contract contain. What are the elements of a valid moving contract? Some companies may try to scam you and that is why you need to read your contract carefully. That is why it is very important to know every single part of a valid contract. You need to know that your belongings will be safe and that the movers would not try to weasel their way out of performing good service. Therefore, we present to you, the elements of a valid moving contract. Let us begin!

read and see if there are all elements of a valid moving contract before signing
Do not sign the moving contract before reading it

What is a moving contract

What is a contract? A contract is when two entities want to make something official. For example, a trade contract between the buyer and the seller. If they make a contract, both parties will be eligible for a court hearing should the need arise. Safety is the main thing that a contract deals with. Also, the contract must be in the written form if you want to use it as evidence. If you take the easy way out and make a deal with your moving company verbally you cannot use that in the court of law. So, before you hire cheap movers Brooklyn and make a contract, make sure everything is written down so you do not have any trouble during and after the move. With all that said, let’s see what are the elements of a valid moving contract.

  • The time and date of the moving day
  • All moving expenses and the final price
  • Estimated delivery date
  • Each and every service you require from the moving company
  • Your insurance policy
  • Any additional terms you and your moving company agree to

Elements of a valid moving contract

Each moving contract is a beast of its own. Every single moving contract is different because of all the different things you may ask your movers to do, and also, their terms and conditions. They will probably present some terms and conditions to you and you can choose to either accept them, or they will probably tell you to find another mover. Moving companies want to be sure that you are not going to try and scam them so take their terms and conditions seriously.

terms and conditions card
Make sure to read the terms and conditions

Additional services

However, you should also not sign any moving contract without reading it carefully. You should also ask your movers about absolutely everything you want to know about before even talking about the contract. If you want any additional services to add to your move, ask the movers if they are willing to do it and how will it affect the price of the move. Good, reliable movers will answer each question honestly and may even give you a price for the additional services instantly. Use this to your advantage and remember everything that they had said and compare that to the moving contract after they present it to you.

Canceling the contract

Another thing your moving contract needs to possess is the cancellation policy. There is probably a certain procedure you and your mover must undertake if the unfortunate event of canceling the move happens. This can be caused by both sides. They may cancel the move if you want to move some flammable items. However, you can easily dispose of those flammable items and continue with the move. Other questionable items are firearms. They are bound by different laws in each state. If you are moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan this should not be a problem. But moving interstate may be an issue. So, if you want to move guns, make sure to check all the laws and regulations of all the states the movers will pass through during the moving process.

A verbal contract is not the right way to go

Bill of lading

A bill of lading is the most important document in your moving file. It is the actual confirmation that the movers are going to load your belongings on their truck, and drive them to the location of your new home. It is also the document that contains the total price of your move and all the services that the moving company will provide you.

The movers will give you your copy of the bill of lading on the day of your move. Another thing why the bill of lading is important is because it contains your insurance coverage. The movers conducting your long-distance move should explain each term and condition on the bill of lading and that should include your insurance coverage. Make sure to put your bill of lading in the “most important moving documents” folder and keep it there until the moving process is finished. The movers themselves will have another copy of it just in case. The bill of lading will also contain your full inventory.

Inventory list

The inventory list will be featured along with your bill of lading. Your moving company will probably make an inventory of all the boxes you have. However, after getting cheap moving boxes NYC, you should make an inventory of what you put in each one. This is a big part of your moving organization. Proper organization is vital for everything in life, and that applies to moving as well. The best way to make an inventory list is to write down each thing you put in the box, and then label them by room or by type. Mark the box with a colored sticker or just write down “kitchen utensils” or whatever else you put in it.


The moving contract is a very important document and you should not conduct your move if your moving company wishes to do the move without it. With all that said, good luck with your move!