Useful Tips for a Successful Move

If you’re getting ready to move soon, you can easily become stressed out and overwhelmed. Moving can be a complicated and stressful process at times. These tips from professional movers can help you minimize chaos and clutter during your move for a more manageable experience.

Start Planning in Advance

You don’t want to have to rush everything at the last minute, and moving companies are usually booked well in advance. You should start planning, packing, and researching moving companies as soon as possible, preferably at least two months before your projected moving date.

Know Your Rights & Responsibilities

Moving companies are legally required to provide you with two documents: the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)’s Ready to Move brochure, and a booklet entitled Your Rights & Responsibilities When You Move. These may be provided in printed or PDF form. These documents are designed to better help you understand the documents you’ll need to sign, and to know about your rights if things you own are lost or damaged during the move.

Know the Common Signs of Moving Fraud

Moving fraud is surprisingly common. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) lists several common red flags that can indicate a moving scam, including:

  • Demanding a large deposit up front
  • Giving an estimate without a visual inspection
  • Insisting on a cash payment
  • They don’t have a local address
  • They don’t provide you with the Ready to Move brochure and Rights & Responsibilities When You Move booklet
  • The bill for your move is more than 110% of the original non-binding estimate that you were given

Make Sure Your Movers are Registered with USDOT

The USDOT maintains a database of moving companies. To legally operate as movers, the company must be properly registered with the USDOT. The database also lets you see whether the company is properly insured, and whether they’ve received any consumer complaints in the past.

Understand the Information the Movers Give You

The movers will present you with numerous pieces of paperwork, including an estimate, an order for service, a bill of lading, and an inventory list. The brochure and booklet that they’ll provide you with can help you understand these documents more thoroughly.

Professional Movers in NYC

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