Top NYC music spots to rock out

Are you tired of every day nine to five job and life? Do you miss the excitement of meeting new people or moving to another state? Do you find yourself a little depressed because nothing interesting is happening to you for a while? Then you need a break. And don’t worry. You don’t necessarily have to go on vacation in order to take a break from everyday life. That would be nice, for sure. However, if you can’t afford to take a lot of time from work there are still ways to loosen up and bring some excitement back to your life. We are bringing you top NYC music spots to rock out and have some fun. No matter if you are single or not. If you have a family, find a babysitter and bring your significant other to adventure around the city. Luckily for you, NYC never sleeps.

Why do you need to go out more?

Everyday life tends to be very stressful. You are always in some hurry. Either to bring kids to school or to get to work on time. And later to come home from work, because you are tired and need to unwind. The days are passing very fast and when you turn, you don’t know where the time has gone. If you don’t want your life to go by you without noticing it, you need to make time for leisure.

Top NYC music spots to rock out - bar entry
Go out and have some fun, NYC is the place for that!

Think about the things you like and find time in your schedule for them. Enroll in acting class if you have always wanted that. Sign up for yoga or fitness. You should even move to a different part of the city if you want a change. However, before you call movers for that endeavor, make sure to check NYC moving companies reviews. You want adventure but not along with unpleasant surprises, right? So better know who are you dealing with.

Also, because life is short indeed, you need to make the most of it. Not only on vacations. But every day. Or at least every week. So, find a company and hit top NYC music spots to rock out every once in a while. Firstly, you will enjoy going out. Whether it is a date night with your significant other or going out with friends. And, if you are single, there are no better places to meet people, than New York’s bars and restaurants. Even if you don’t meet anyone, you can enjoy dancing, because it is one of the best ways to get rid of the accumulated stress.

Which are the top NYC music spots to rock out?

We will give you some suggestions for top NYC music spots to rock out when you decide to take back the control over your life and let yourself have a great time. Depending on your taste and budget, there are a lot of places to choose from. If you have just moved to NYC, you are probably overwhelmed with an abundance of everything around you. So, be careful and don’t rush things. You know how you were checking moving companies prices before you decided to move here? Well, the same way you need to check the prices in places that you would want to visit. No matter if we are talking about bars, restaurants on music concerts.

So here are some spots to visit and enjoy:

  • Rockwood Music Hall
  • Paddy Reilly’s Music Bar
  • Fat Cat Music
  • Lucky 13 Saloon
  • Luv Story Bar.
bar at night
There are so many great places in NYC you can rock out in!

There is, of course, a bunch more places over the NYC you can enjoy. So once you finish this list, you are welcome to continue and give us feedback on what were your experiences.

Rockwood Music Hall is one of the top NYC music spots to rock out

If you like new bands, artists, but also acoustic sounds, this is definitely one of the top NYC music spots to rock out. Rockwood Music Hall has three stages, so there is a choice for everyone. However, the halls are not enormous, so you get the feeling of intimacy and you will sometimes even feel like the singer is maybe singing only to you. It is all about the music here. No fancy cocktails and overpriced drinks. Just a regular bar with great new music and awesome covers. If you decide to move across town to a different borough, you will definitely find your way back here.

Paddy Reilly’s Music Bar is a great old time Irish bar

If you are looking for that old time NYC Irish bar – this is a place for you. Since the moment you walk in, you will feel welcome. Friendly staff, friendly crowd, great drinks, and awesome music. What more could you ask for? Whether you are more of a Guinness-type of person, or you enjoy Irish whiskeys, you will love this place. Prepare to feel like you just stepped into the Irish countryside, relax and enjoy.

Fat Cat Music is home to games and jazz

This is a great place to enjoy some games and jazz music. You can visit it after work or at night when you will be able to hear some fantastic bands. There is a lot of pool tables and other games. Depending on the time on the day or week, you might have to wait for a free spot for a bit, but it is worth it. Just grab yourself some beer and enjoy the company until the table is yours.

girl pouring a beer
Have a drink and relax after work

Let go in Lucky 13 Saloon

If you like a combination of alcohol and pretty dancers, this is one of the top NYC music spots to rock out. Let yourself loose with heavy metal music and atmosphere. There is some basic finger-food if you are hungry, but this is a place to be primarily if you want to drink and rock out to some of the hardest and dopest bands.

Luv Story Bar is another one of the top NYC music spots to rock out

Another amazing place with a welcoming atmosphere. Luv Story Bar is a place that gives you many opportunities. From playing gameboards to being one of the favorite top NYC music spots to rock out. You will love the hand-made bar and interesting writings on the bathroom walls. Bring a friend or come alone and enjoy meeting cool new people who love music and great atmosphere just as much as you.