Tips for Moving Your Piano

So you’re your own handyman. I can respect that. In the 21st century, this is becoming a true rarity. However, there are some things that should be trusted to trained professionals. This doesn’t mean that you suck at it, it just means that there are people who are actually trained to do it. One of such projects that I would personally recommend not to be DIY’s is moving your pianoSo the number one advice is – hire NYC piano movers!

Moving your piano should not be a DIY project, but should be rather handled by professionals.
Try not to be a hero, and let professionals handle your piano.

Moving is one hell of a job as it is. When you add to it a fragile element such as your beloved piano – it becomes that much worse. This is one very fragile, expensive and delicate (in most cases irreplaceable) element of your life. Plus it’s huge and very heavy. Are you still game to move it yourself? Well, you’re balsy, I’ll give you that. If you’re still up for DIY-ing your way out of this, here are a few things to look at.

Weight Distribution is the Most Important Thing

When moving your piano you will need a group of at least 4 people.
The inside of a piano is very complex and fragile. Not only the outside!

Ok, all of you reading this article either own a piano or own too much spare time. The first group already knows, and the second is about to learn – Pianos fall under a totally new category of heavy. All of this heaviness is supported by very light and delicate legs. The trick here, when moving your piano, is to know how to distribute the weight and balance the beast. Obviously, we agree that the outer shell is not to be scratched. However, there is an entirely new world of components inside that you don’t wish to mess up. And the most important thing: people could get hurt. If the weight is not evenly distributed it might start tipping towards one of your mates and someone might get seriously hurt. Analyze and understand just how heavy your piano is before starting this adventure.

When Moving Your Piano – Teamwork is Dreamwork

There is a need for a minimum of 4 people, optimally six. Two to four people will be doing the lifting while the others will navigate the thing around corners, helping up and down the stairs, holding doors, and helping you mount it into the truck. Also, you can ask all your Facebook friends and Instagram followers to pray for you, since you’ll need all the help in the world. It can’t hurt anyway.

Dress for the Occasion

Make sure everyone dresses kinda sporty for this, yet they should all wear some old clothes they won’t miss much. Nothing should be too baggy and long and sneakers should be on their feet. Also, have your mates drop any bulky bling-bling they might have, as well as any other jewelry and accessories. If they trip on their baggy pants or get tangled with the piano down the stairs they go… With the piano.

Set up the Piano

One of the most important things when moving your piano is to set up the piano for the move. This is why, again, it’s awesome to hire professionals to do the job since those professionals own some pretty sick equipment.

The fundamental equipment you’ll need includes heavy-duty furniture straps. You’ll use this for easier and safer lifting of the piano. You’ll also want to have two furniture dollies in order to navigate the beast on flat surfaces. Now you can say that your piano has metal casters, so why do you need a dolly? If you’re thinking like this, again, please hire professionals. If you’re still in the DIY mood, please don’t use these casters to move the piano for more than a few inches. They are very delicate and won’t be able to support the weight of the piano as good as the dollies will.

Add a few blankets to wrap the piano in them, just to keep it safe around the edges. And then secure the blankets and the piano lid (that should be firmly closed) with duct tape. You don’t want the thing opening mid-way down.

The Actual Move

Moving your piano should, again, be handled by professional services.
This is what it looks like when professionals finish your piano move.

Tam, tam, taaaaam. Everything leading to this point was child’s play. Now let’s talk about the actual move. When moving your piano, as mentioned before, balance is key. If you maintain the balance there is very little chance something will get damaged inside. The thing is, and I can’t stress this enough if you have to go down more than two flights of stairs – hire a professional moving company! Don’t damage your baby, because there are good chances that you will. It just ain’t worth it. Make sure you constantly have a dolly under the piano when moving it on flat surfaces, and roll it slowly and gently.

Truck Loading

The best advice you’ll get is to place the piano deep inside the truck, as deep as possible. Make sure to barricade the piano inside, surrounding it with boxes and everything else just to make sure you keep it in place. You really don’t want your piano moving even an inch during the drive, so make sure you pack up enough of things around it.

If after all this you’re not scared enough to give up, then all I can say is that I wish you the best of luck! Keep in mind, this is a piano, it’s like a delicate heirloom from your grand-grandma. It ain’t an IKEA desk. If, however, you change your mind Big Apple Moving got you covered!