Tips and hints for moving to Germany

If you are thinking about moving to Germany, it will require a lot of organizing skills.The first thing you need to do is hire one of the great international moving companies in NYC has. Hiring good and reliable movers is one of the most important parts of every moving process. Germany is a European country with an interesting history and with a lot to offer. Since you are moving overseas you should know what documents and papers you will need. You should get familiarized with the process of moving to Germany.We will help you by giving you some useful tips and hints. After going through these steps you will be ready to start your move.

german flag after moving to Germany
Get well informed before moving to Germany

Tips for moving to Germany

First of all, you should have a valid passport because this is going to be an international move.

  • Your passport has to be valid up to three months after your moving date
  • If you are moving soon and you realize your passport will stop being valid you should take care of that as soon as possible

Get the right kind of visa

If you come from Iceland, European Union, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland you do not need any kind of visa to enter Germany. Since you don’t you will have to get the right visa.

  • Self-employment visas are for people who work as freelancers and who want to start a retail business
  • If you want to work in a research facility or do some research in Germany you should get a research visa.
  • If you got an internship with a German company you should get an internship visa.They can only last for one year.
  • Maybe you want a training in Germany.In this case, you should get a training visa.
  • Students at German universities can get student visas.
  • Academics, engineers, doctors, mathematicians, IT specialists, and people in the life sciences can get a work visa.

People from the U.S. don’t need a Schengen visa. This lasts for up to 90 days. You can apply for work and residency after arriving in Germany.

Know your residency permits

After moving to Germany you have to get the right residency permit.

  • If you want to get an asylum and refugee seekers permits you to need to have a clean record
  • People who have a spouse in Germany should get the family reunification permit
  • If you have had a residence permit for more than five years you can get a settlement permit
  • When you get the residence permit it comes as  an electronic residence title (the elektronischer Aufenthaltstitel)
a monument in the sunset after moving to Germany
Before moving to Germany be sure you have all the papers

Get health insurance

Before moving to Germany you should plan on getting a health insurance. Most German people get their health insurance from the Government Health Insurance System. If you find a job you can ask your employer to ensure you.However, if this is not the case you can get it from a private insurance company. Moreover, this is going to cost you between $115 and $1000 dollars a month.

  • If you are employed you can get a statutory health insurance fund (Krankenkasse) automatically
  • Students can also get the statutory health insurance for the fee of $65 a month
  • If you are married and not employed you can get benefits through your partner

And don’t forget another preparation point. Before you get all of the papers and actually get ready for the move you can rent cheap storage units in NY and store your stuff there.

Plan your move

You will be moving overseas and a new country is waiting for you.You should really plan your move in detail. First of all, you should set a date for your move. Prepare all of the following

  • You should have all of your documentation ready
  • You should find a place to live after moving to Germany
  • Notify your employer, friends, family and landlord about your move
  • Book your flight
  • Decide what you will do with your things

Decide what to do with your home

If you own some property in your country you should decide what to do with it before you move. Maybe you are planning to sell. You should better do it well before your move.This is a long process. If you want to keep your home you can leave it vacant.In this case, you will need extra insurance.You could also rent it or let your friends or family live there. In case you are just renting you should notify your landlord in time.

Decide what to do with your stuff

Germany will require an overseas shipping service. After you get a precise moving price you will understand that moving more things will mean paying more cash. You should probably get rid of the things you don’t really need. It would be a good idea to organize a garage sale.You will earn money to buy new things in Germany. You should know that the voltage in Germany and the rest of Europe is double the voltage in the USA. New appliances are something you will have to buy after moving to Germany. Don’t forget to rent a cheap storage unit for all of the things you want to keep.

two darts with an American and German flag
Decide what to do with your home and belongings back in the USA

Steps to take after you move

After moving to Germany don’t forget to open a bank account. You will need your passport and residence certificate. Don’t close all of your accounts in the USA. You should leave one bank account and one credit card open just in case. Prepare those Euros. You are going to need them in Germany. After you move into your new home you should set up the utilities. Take care of heating and energy for your home. The utilities you will need are

  • Heating and energy
  • Phone
  • Cable /Satellite TV and internet
  • Water

Get to know your neighborhood and the city. Take a walk around your place. Discover the supermarkets, malls, pubs, and cafes. You should also explore the city by bus or train. You are going to need and use them.