Tips for handling mold in your NYC home

Living in New York City is a dream come true for many people. However, nothing is ever perfect. You can run into some issues in your home wherever you live. So, even when living in New York, you might experience some inconveniences that need taking care of. One example is having unexpected mold on your walls. It’s never pleasant having mold in your place and the natural reaction is wanting to get rid of it. You might feel a little lost and you don’t know where to start. The solution for a mold problem might not be as easy as finding moving boxes Brooklyn, but it’s not impossible. Here are some ways for handling mold in your NYC home.

How to identify mold?

Mold or mildew is a type of fungi. It can be found both on the outside and the inside of your home. Mold comes in many different colors, including black, gray, orange, green and yellow. It can look powdery, slimy or fluffy and some mold will even have a smell to it. It usually grows in places that are damp or wet, for example in bathrooms and basements. In warm and humid places, mold will grow quicker. You can even find mold on windows, shower curtains or bathroom tiles. Of course, there are ways to get rid of mold in your NYC home if you notice it growing. Just like you can find movers and storage NYC, you can also find professionals to help you handle mold in your NYC apartment, so don’t worry.

Water running from a faucet
Both outdoor and indoor walls can get moldy, especially if they are in damp areas. It’s perfectly normal to notice mold appearing in your bathroom.

Is mold harmful to health?

Most of the time, mold that grows inside apartments isn’t harmful as long as there’s a small amount of it. If there’s too much mold, it should be taken care of as soon as possible. Some types of mold can be very harmful especially to kids, the elderly or people with compromised immune systems. Even if you’re healthy, you can develop illnesses or allergies if you’re exposed to mold for too long. So, you shouldn’t worry if there’s not a lot of mold in your place. However, if there’s a substantial amount, you should work on getting rid of mold from your NYC home. If you can’t take care of mold any other way, then you can make a mold complaint.

Who should be handling mold in your NYC home?

You can handle most of the problems that arise in a home in a few different ways. You can either try to take care of them on your own or you can hire some experienced professionals. Of course, the second option is more expensive, but it’s also safer and more foolproof. If you decide to do it yourself, you might make an even bigger problem and it will probably take you longer than the professionals.

A moldy, stained wall. Professionals are definitely better at handling mold in your NYC home.
When your walls get moldy, you can either fix it yourself or hire professionals. The easier option, of course, is hiring a contractor for handling mold in your NYC home.

Hiring professionals to clean the mold in your NYC home

When it comes to handling mold in your NYC apartment, if the affected area is smaller than 10 square feet, you can probably do it yourself. However, if the issue is more serious, you should professionals. Your moving cost estimate probably didn’t include taking care of mold in your New York home, but there are always unexpected costs when you’re moving.

If you decide to hire a professional to help you out with mold in your home, don’t hire just anyone. You should make sure the contractor you choose has experience and knows what they’re doing. If the cause of the mold is sewage or another type of contaminated water, call in a pro who has handled these issues in the past.

Techniques for cleaning mold in your home in NYC

If you, however, want to take care of mold on your own, here’s what you should do. Keep in mind that it might not be possible to get the wall or moldy area back to its previous state, though.

  • Make sure to fix any plumbing issues you might have. Fix the leaks and dry the area completely when handling mold in your NYC home.
  • Use detergent and water to scrub the mold off of hard surfaces. Again, dry the area completely.
  • Unfortunately, you might have to get rid of materials that have pores such as ceiling tiles and carpets if they get moldy.

    A rolled up rug.
    If your carpet gets moldy, you’ll probably need to look for a new one and get rid of this one.
  • Don’t paint over or caulk moldy areas. Before you paint the walls, make sure to clean the mold and wait for the wall to get dry.
  • Places like bathrooms and basements that are always damp are likely to have mold. It’s difficult to keep mold away from these places as humid areas are the best for mold. If the mold keeps reappearing in your bathroom, you should consider cleaning it more often and increasing the ventilation. That will keep the mold to a minimum and prevent it from recurring. Before you remodel your bathroom, you should clean it from the mold.

Handling mold in your NYC home

To summarize, finding mold in your home is nothing unusual. Most people will deal with mold at least once in their lives. It’s very common in places with high humidity. So, don’t worry about it too much. Try handling mold in your NYC home on your own. But, if you can’t get rid of it yourself, call some professionals and ask them for help. Don’t wait too long to take care of mold in your home as you don’t want it to spread too much and become harmful to your health. Small amounts of mold are normal and harmless, but why not get rid of it on time?