Things that can go wrong when moving

Even planned in the best possible way, relocation is unpredictable. There are various incredible stories and interesting unexpected events that happened to people when moving. Since moving is a complicated process, it’s good to know what you can expect. We can’t predict it, but we can tell what are the most common things that can go wrong while moving! If you’re about to move soon, you’ll find this article very useful!

Last-minute packing can lead to things that can go wrong when moving

People often make plans to avoid things that can go wrong when moving. But we have all experienced last-minute packing for vacation. The same mess and chaos happen during last-minute packing for relocation. Overpacking is the most common problem here. If you didn’t have enough time to pack (or you are trying to do it in the cheapest time to move) and you see the movers arriving at your place, you’ll forget to pack some items.

Besides, you can overpack the boxes or break something if you’re in a hurry. It often happens that people get oversentimental and refuse to leave some items behind despite previous arrangements. The consequence of packaging is the extra cost of the weight of your household. If you’re out of packing supplies, check where to get free cardboard boxes!

Furniture doesn’t fit through the doors

Now comes one among the most common and worst things that can go wrong while moving. Furniture just doesn’t fit through the doors! This happens when people forget to measure the available space in their home and create a floor plan in advance. Furniture may not fit through the doors, stairs, hallways and that can be real trouble. If you don’t want to leave that piece of furniture behind, you have a few options. You can remove the door from its hinges to gain extra space. You can disassemble the furniture and remove the detachable parts. The hardest solution is to use a rigging system to get your items through a window, which requires few people with special equipment.

Additional costs

What an unpleasant situation. Empty pockets are a big problem when it comes to relocating. Extra fees and additional costs are the things that can go wrong while moving and leave us with empty pockets. To avoid this, before you sign the moving contract, read all the details and ask for extra costs. If you already have your estimates in writings, that’s good. But remember that the final moving cost is determined by the total weight of your household. If you run out of packing supplies or movers have to lift heavy furniture and take it downstairs that can lead to extra moving costs.

man with empty pockets
Additional costs and extra fees are among the most unpleasant things that can go wrong when moving to a new home.

Parking and traffic issues

Parking and traffic issues are terrible things that can go wrong when moving to a new home, especially if you’re moving to a metropolis like NYC. Despite the fact that you’re going to lose a couple of hours searching for a parking lot or waiting in a traffic jam, you can get extra fees. If the moving truck has to drive around until you find a parking space, the moving company can charge you an extra fee. Make sure you reserve parking space ahead of time and explore all ways to your new home in case of traffic jams.

cars in the street
If you don’t pick the right time to move, you can lose a couple of hours searching for a parking space and pay extra if the moving truck had to circle around until you get free parking space.

Property damage is just one of the things that can go wrong when moving

Whether you’re moving by yourself or you hired the professional moving company, lack of attention, improper handling and inadequate protection of the furniture can lead to damaging your property. There are small and harmless things that can go wrong when moving, but property damage isn’t one of them. Whether you’re about to sell your old house or rent it, make sure you’re leaving it in a good condition. If you don’t protect heavy furniture, bulky items and floors, that can lead to some accidents. For example, movers can drop a heavy item and damage the flooring. They can also easily scratch and dent the walls if you didn’t measure available space. Movers can even chip the corners and break the banisters while taking your goods out. Beside moving costs, you’ll need to pay for repairs.

Damaged and lost items

Losing your valuables and seeing your fragile items damaged are among the worst things that can go wrong when moving. Unfortunately, accidents happen, but two main reasons for damaging items during a relocation are improper packing and loading. If you want to protect your belongings, ask your moving company about moving insurance and choose one. But what if professional movers lose your item? You can file a complaint against your movers. And if they damage it? You can act according to moving insurance you chose. There is one thing to know, unexpected situations, car accidents and disasters like hurricane and flood are something movers are not responsible for. If protecting your valuables is something important that you inform yourself about the certificate of insurance moving.

things that can go when moving
Hiring fraudulent movers can lead to theft and loss of valuable things.

Moving truck issues

This example is one of those things that can go wrong when moving on which you don’t have influence. The professional and reliable moving company has professional drivers and the moving truck in an excellent condition. But there are some things that can happen to your belongings if the moving truck gets in trouble. If it’s your fault, and you picked the wrong size of moving truck, your items will be stuffed inside and damaged. The moving truck can get into traffic jam so you need to wait for hours. In case that moving truck breaks down on the road, your shipment will most probably have to be transferred into another vehicle. The worst scenario is when the moving truck gets into a traffic accident or catches fire.

Things that can go wrong when moving is a missing elevator

If you’re living in the high floors, and you don’t have an elevator, that can lead to various things that can go wrong while moving. Lifting and carrying heavy furniture downstairs can be risky for your safety and your health. To avoid injuries hire professional movers. But you should have in mind that you’ll need to pay extra the movers to do this job for you. Don’t complain, you’ll avoid injuries and save your back.