The easiest way to relocate your storage unit

Renting a storage unit comes very handy during you transitional life events. You can look at your storage unit as an extension to your home. It gives you an extra space for your furniture and other belongings. They come very helpful during the renovation, and especially when you are planning a relocation to the new house. But they usually don’t last forever. Most of the times tenants rent them on a short-term basis. Is it already time to say goodbye to your storage unit? Whether it is because you are planning to find a new storage or you just don’t need it anymore, you will need to know the best tips to relocate your storage unit.


Moving all of your belongings from one place to the other is not an easy task. If you are using a storage unit, chances are you have a lot of things inside of it and you probably forgot about some. Cleaning out your storage unit can be an overwhelming process for you. You might come across on some sentimental items that can lead to an emotional response and slow down the whole relocation. So prepare yourself for this. You will need to think about all of these scenarios and find enough time to make the job done. One day probably won’t be enough for you. And after picking the best date, you will need to notify those who have rented you a self-storage.

Calendar with pens and mobile phone on a desk.
Plan every step if you want to relocate your storage unit.

Even the most organized people can get distracted when they start to clean out items from their childhood. So, if you don’t want to feel overwhelmed and just want to relocate your storage unit as fast as you can, think of the professional long distance movers NYC. Professional services will save you some time and are very helpful if you are planning a long distance move. With their help, you won’t get distracted.


When we rent a storage, we have the best intention to keep it tidy and clean but during the time we forget to maintain it. So, if you have your storage unit for a longer period of time, you will probably have to face the piles of clutter inside of it. After dealing with these piles, learn the best ways to organize your storage unit.

But before you do that, arm yourself with patience and prepare for emptying your storage. Firstly, try to scan your belongings in order to plan your next step. Write on paper everything you see and start from the large items you see immediately. Then you can go through your boxes. If you did it right, boxes will be labeled.

If you haven’t packed your items properly, we have an advice for you. Next time, consider hiring professional packing NYC. You will see how helpful it can be when you want to relocate your storage unit and you already have everything packed the right way and labeled. It makes a big difference!


Making an inventory list will help you get organized and will also give you insight into the number of things you won’t be needing in your new home. So, you will need to decide what stays, and what goes. Decluttering most of the times isn’t an exciting task. You need to go through all of your stuff and decide what stays and what goes. And it’s a bigger pain in the neck if you have to do it all alone. Try to find a friend or two, or maybe bring a family member and do this task together. There is a good technique that can help you with this boring task- a four-box method. The whole premise behind it is to use four different boxes:

  • A keep box. In this box put everything you want to keep and bring to your new home after you relocate your storage unit.
  • A donate(or sell) box. In this box pack everything you don’t need but can be helpful to other people.
  • A store box. This is a box for the items you want to keep but you don’t have enough space for them in your home, so you will need a storage unit.
  • And a toss box. The last option for your stuff. If you have items that you think is unusable, you will have to toss it.

With this technique, your items will be organized and getting rid of some of them will be a lot easier.

You don't need chaos when you want to relocate your storage unit.
Pack properly in order to prevent chaos in your storage unit.


Do you remember the day you got your storage unit? It was clean and without any traces of the previous owners. Try to recreate this moment and leave the space as it was the day you have arrived. Sweep it up and don’t forget to remove any spills or stains. Clean it as best as you can so that new tenants have the experience as good as it was yours. After this, double check everything. Make sure you have packed and cleaned everything.

Cleaning products for tidying up your storage unit.
Always clean before you relocate your storage unit.


All that is left now is to remove the lock of your storage unit. This lock belongs to you and only you have the keys. If you forget to remove the lock, the storage will still be occupied and new tenants won’t be able to use it even if you relocate your storage unit. If you ever need it again, you can use that same lock or you can focus on finding affordable storage units near your new home.


After you empty your space, don’t forget to swing by the manager’s office and let him know that you are leaving. This way, he can inspect your storage unit and also close your account. Also, if you are leaving in advance, you will need to notify them. The best way will be to give your managers notice prior to paying your next month rent. There will be no misunderstandings and the relocation of your storage unit will be successful and without any problems.

You have emptied your storage unit successfully, congrats! If you’ve noticed some mistakes during the relocating of your storage unit, learn from them and make your next relocation even better.