The best New York City neighborhoods for families

If you’re moving with kids, you’ve got your work cut out for you. So, we will try and help you, as usual. We’ve already got some tips moving to NYC without stress and the biggest mistakes during New York City local relocation. If you’re not only looking for a family-friendly neighborhood but also an affordable one, be sure to check out our top picks for affordable NYC neighborhoods. We’re certain that the list will make it easier for you to choose. Here are some of the best New York City neighborhoods for families!

Everyone knows that if you’re moving with a family the perfect neighborhood is the Upper West Side

The best New York City neighborhoods for families
If you’re having trouble picking one of the best New York City neighborhoods for families, here are some ideas!

This borough of Manhattan is located between Central Park and the Hudson River. It is a wealthy, mostly residential area. There are plenty of commuters living there. They travel to work in the commercial areas in Midtown or Lower Manhattan. The Upper West Side is also considered as one of the most affluent communities in New York. But, none of this is what puts it on our list.

The Upper West Side has been one of the best New York City neighborhoods for families for a long time because of its cultural significance. With the pre-war buildings and a number of museums nearby, there is a little for every child here. The schools in the neighborhood have excellent reviews. The public transportation is without par, with great access. And, if you’re looking for an activity for the whole family, there are plenty of choices.

If you’re looking for the best neighborhood for your family based on playgrounds, you will love the options. And, if you’d prefer something more intellectual, take a look at the libraries, theaters, and museums. Finally, if you’re seeking something to buy for your children, the West Side still takes the spot at the top neighborhoods for families in New York, due to its shopping opportunities.

Another great choice of best New York City neighborhoods for families in New York is the Lower East Side

Here’s yet another neighborhood in Manhattan which is a top choice for families. It lies between the Bowery and the East River. Contrary to our top pick, the working-class prefer this area. Most of the residents are immigrant, too. Though, this fact doesn’t do anything to stop this area from being one of the best neighborhoods for families in New York City. In fact, it’s one of the top reasons why the area makes our list.

The Lower East Side is a tightly knit community of working parents, constantly looking for ways to make life better for their children. After all, all the schools in this area are high achieving. And if you ask the alumni, they give great recommendations. If you are just moving to the neighborhood, there are plenty of affordable, family-friendly apartments on the market for you to pick from. And rest assured, if you choose to live in Lower East Side, your children will never be bored.

After they finish exploring the numerous parks, museums, and playgrounds, there is still more to learn. The diverse residents living here are a big plus. Children are able to experience the whole world while only walking across a couple of blocks. If this doesn’t qualify the Lower East Side as one of the top neighborhoods for families in New York, perhaps its great position does? After all, it’s easy to take the bus or subway from here to almost everywhere in the city!

If you’re looking for one of the best NY neighborhoods for families, you need to see Bay Ridge

If you’re looking for some history, away from the traffic, this might be the perfect place. Bay Ridge is located in Brooklyn, in the very southwest corner. It is an area crucial to the identity of the area. It has plenty of lovely, family homes. Though, while definitely a part of Brooklyn, Bay Ridge offers affordability, as well. Residents say that the area is about half as expensive as the rest of this NYC borough. But, inexpensiveness isn’t the reason why this neighborhood is on our list.

Bay Ridge is a beautiful part of New York.  Families have been living here for generations. The residents and friendly and open to newcomers. This makes Bay Ridge a great area to move to. The schools are high-performing and the alumni praise them greatly. And, there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities for the children, as well. The waterfront which is perfect for a walk with your dog. And a bike ride along the Shore Parkway will keep the kids entertained. And, if you’re looking for a neighborhood with great access, this is it. Manhattan is a short express train ride away. In the end, let us also mention that Bay Ridge is known as one of the best New York City neighborhoods for families because of its way of making everyone feel welcome and at home.

Our final entry on the list of best neighborhoods for families in Big Apple is Harlem

This is yet another neighborhood in Manhattan. Harlem lies in the very north of the area. It has been known for many things. And the area has changed a number of culturally diverse residents over the years. In fact, Harlem started as a Dutch village, and is nowadays known for as a major African-American center of culture and business. Though, the area has been voted into the best adjacencies for families with children in New York for a few reasons.

First of all, there are plenty of affordable, large apartments here which are family-friendly. And, the downtown commute is a definite plus, for all the working parents. Another reason for Harlem being among the most wanted neighborhoods for families in NYC is the kid-friendly environment. There are a number of courses and classes at Riverbank State Park available for the youth. The kids can sign up for art, dance, music, and sports there. There are opportunities for bike rides near the Hudson River. Not to even mention the concerts at the Marcus Garvey Park nearby. And, if you want to have a day with your kids, there are plenty of opportunities there, too. So, why is Harlem one of the best neighborhoods for families in New York? Because of the numerous cultural and culinary wonders ready for exploration!