The Best Cheap Moving Boxes in Brooklyn

If you are planning to move and you have a limited budget, one of the things that will help you to save some money is to find cheap moving boxes. When you are moving to a large household, you will need a large number of moving boxes. That is something that can be very overwhelming for your budget. Luckily, there are many ways to find cheap moving boxes in Brooklyn. You just need to know where to look. The best way is to hire cheap movers Brooklyn and they will provide you with all the necessary packing supplies. If you want to hire movers just for transportation, you will need to find cheap moving boxes on your own. You just need to determine what type of boxes you will need and you can start with your search.

Different types of cheap moving boxes in Brooklyn

A mirror that is perfect to be packed in cheap moving boxes in Brooklyn
There are cheap moving boxes in Brooklyn that are good for packing large mirrors

When you are moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan, you need to determine how many boxes you’ll need to pack your belongings. You also have to decide what sizes and what types of boxes you will need. There are many types and sizes of moving boxes but before you start learning about them, you need to have a look at your moving inventory. Identify all the items that you are planning to move. And make a list of all items that are bulky and can’t fit in a regular-sized moving box. That can be a king-size mattress or large mirror. Anything that is large, needs the protection of a moving box, and can’t be dismantled, will need a special box. Luckily, these days there are solutions for everything regarding moving and packing. So, if you need a box for a mattress you can find a box for a mattress.

Most common types of cheap moving boxes that you can find in Brooklyn

  • Small boxes (16 3/8 X 12.5 X 12.5) are most used cheap moving boxes in Brooklyn
  • Medium boxes (18X18X16)
  • Large Boxes (24X18X18)
  • Mattress boxes
  • Dish pack boxes (18X18X28)
  • Mirror and picture boxes
  • Hanging wardrobe boxes
  • Lay-down wardrobe boxes

Small moving boxes (16 3/8 X 12.5 X 12.5) are cheapest moving boxes in Brooklyn

Small boxes are good for small but heavier items like books or documents. Books and paper can be heavy so it is best to pack them in small groups and in small boxes. If you fill a large box with a large number of books, it can easily break. In addition, it can be hard to carry. So, small moving boxes are perfect for books and items that are heavy.

Medium moving boxes (18X18X16)

This is the most used size of moving boxes. They are perfect for all everyday items like clothing, beddings, kitchen items, toys, and everything that can fit inside. You just need to watch not to overweight your boxes. If you think that it is possible that the box won’t be able to carry the weight you plan to put inside, you can strengthen the box with packing tape. You just need to remember to do it before you fill it up with your items.

Large moving Boxes (24X18X18)

You will need large boxes for packing bulky light-weighted items. They are perfect for pillows and beddings, clothes, and anything that is big but not too heavy.

Mattress moving boxes

If you have a king size bed, you probably have a king size mattress. And unlike your bed, you can’t dismantle your mattress. So, if you want to protect it from dirt and damage during transportation you will need to put it in a mattress box.

Matress that is not packed in cheap moving boxes in Brooklyn
There are cheap moving boxes in Brooklyn in which you can pack a king-size mattress

It will be easier to carry and it will be well protected from dirt, stains, and damage. These boxes are cheap but very useful. So, if you want to move a mattress, get this box before you start packing.

Dish pack boxes (18X18X28)

Dish pack boxes are very sturdy boxes that are perfect for packing most fragile items. They have double walls that are providing good protection for your kitchenware, glassware, or any other fragile items that can fit inside. Just do not forget to label your boxes with fragile items.

Mirror and picture boxes are not the cheapest moving boxes in Brooklyn but they are sometimes necessary

You can already guess what the main purpose of these boxes is. These are specially designed boxes, which will give perfect protection for the mirror or picture, which is large but needs special attention. Mirror boxes are not cheapest but can help you to move your mirror in one piece.

Hanging wardrobe boxes are another type of cheap moving boxes in Brooklyn

Another type of cheap but very handy moving boxes NYC is a wardrobe box. Wardrobe boxes are specially designed to help you move your clothes from one closet to another without much trouble You just need to put your clothes on hangers and hang them in a wardrobe box.

Clothes that are hanged in wardrobe moving box
Put your clothes on hangers and move them with ease with hanging wardrobe moving box

And when they arrive at the destination you just move them to your new wardrobe. They come in different sizes and the smaller ones are cheaper, of course.

Lay-down wardrobe boxes are a cheaper option for packing clothes in Brooklyn

These boxes are also used for packing clothes but not on hangers. In reality, it is just a wide box in which you can fit lots of clothes. But, they are cheaper than standard hanging wardrobe boxes and that is their only advantage. So, if you are looking for cheap moving boxes in Brooklyn consider getting lay-down wardrobe boxes for your clothes.

Cheapest moving boxes in Brooklyn are free

These are the most common types of cheap moving boxes in Brooklyn. However, before you start your cheap box hunt you need to know what boxes are cheapest. The cheapest boxes that you can find in Brooklyn are free boxes. Maybe you did not know but there are ways to find free cardboard boxes that you can use to pack the majority of your items. Of course, you should definitely use moving boxes that are specially designed for protecting your mirror and other fragile items. But, for items that do not need special protection, you can definitely use moving boxes that you can get for free. Visit your local bookstore or grocery shop. They always have lots of cardboard boxes and they will be glad to get rid of them.