Moving from Manhattan to Long Island City

Long Island City, or LIC, is one of the fastest-growing urban areas in the US. Once an industrial area with many factories and bakeries changed dramatically. Especially in the recent decade. LIC lies at the western edge of Queens across the East River from Manhattan. And today, it is home to many museums, art studios, restaurants, and bars. That is why many people are moving from Manhattan to Long Island City. To enjoy the lively neighborhood while keeping one eye on Manhattan. Because Long Island City is just across the river from Manhattan, it has some of the best views on Midtown Manhattan an Upper East Side. And if you decided to enjoy those scenic views too, hire Manhattan movers and start packing. Continue reading “Moving from Manhattan to Long Island City”

Moving from Queens to Brooklyn step-by-step

If you think about it, geographically you are not moving that far away. But still, Brooklyn and Queens are two completely different places. We have Queens – borough with more backyards, less crowded and way more diverse. On the other hand, Brooklyn will give you a more urban feel and provide much better public transport. Therefore, moving from Queens to Brooklyn is something you need to prepare for and think about. We will show you why these two places are different, and how to get to your new address in Brooklyn with ease. Let’s start.

The view on Brooklyn Bridge you'll enjoy after moving from Queens to Brooklyn
Moving to Brooklyn will give you more urban feel

Main differences

You may have different reasons why you are switching your address – it can be a new job, marriage, divorce, making a change, etc. But while you are thinking about it, you need to know what to expect from moving from Queens to Brooklyn. There are a couple of differences between these two boroughs.


As we already mentioned, Queens is a place with lot more backyards than Brooklyn.  The population density is generally lower, and this borough has a more suburban feel. Queens is generally thought of being a family-friendly place, so many people who are starting their families and can’t afford Brooklyn’s small apartments, are moving here.

sunset in Queens and train passing by
Queens, New York


On the other hand, Brooklyn is an urban place. But don’t be fooled – this is quite an old borough, with lots of trees. Moreover, Brooklyn is closer to Manhattan, which is a big advantage if you work there or you want to be closer to the hot spot in NYC. Also, the number of neighborhoods in Brooklyn is greater, so you have many choices when looking for an apartment.  It has a diverse (but also very dense) population as well as geography. There is also a never-ending list of cool spots in Brooklyn, like cafes, architecture spots, museums, restaurants, etc.

Reasons for moving from Queens to Brooklyn

To list all the reasons why people move to Brooklyn is impossible. Some move for business, culture, personal reasons, etc. But we will give you some of the most common reasons why you should move to Brooklyn and adjust to the new lifestyle.

You have more chances to grow a business

Brooklyn is a home for many small and big businesses. The business scene is perfect for startups, and for those who want to grow their business. To live here means to have greater chances to meet the people from your business branch and connect with them. So if you are someone who wants to start a business, Brooklyn scene is the best for you.

man working on laptops
You’ll have greater chances of growing a startup in Brooklyn

Your money will be spent well

We all know that both rent and buy prices are going up globally. Even so, in Brooklyn, you have a variety of choices and more chances to get more space for your money. If you are looking for a small studio or a bigger family home, you will be able to find a good one here. Furthermore, if you are in the position to purchase a home, you shouldn’t worry about the future – the value of it will rise for sure.

Urban feel but calm spots to relax as well

Even though we mentioned that Brooklyn is an urban borough, a hip place to live, it offers the other side as well. You can enjoy your alone time and relax in parks. So it is not everything about concrete and crowd – Brooklyn has a relaxing side as well.

Moving from Queens to Brooklyn – how to do it?

As we mentioned, even though these two places are relatively close, you need to plan your move right. That way you will avoid possible problems and disappointments, and choose the best place for you. How to do it?

Set your budget

Don’t start the moving process before you know how much money you are ready to spend. Make a list of all costs that may come your way, and decide what is the budget limit. Be aware that you need to pay the rent, the moving process, some temporary cheap storage space if you need it, etc. Also, check if there are ways to reduce some costs like packing yourself, leaving some things with your friends, looking for free moving boxes, etc. You can also hire some of the cheap moving companies in New York.

100-dollar bills
Know how much you will spend while moving from Queens to Brooklyn

Choose the right neighborhood in Brooklyn

Brooklyn offers a variety of choices when it comes to neighborhoods. To choose the one that is right for you, you need to know what are your needs. Depending on what you want, you will be able to easily choose the right place. To do that, we advise that you take a walk around Brooklyn and see how each part of it feels. Is it too crowded, does it have a right shop/restaurant/cafe close to it, etc? The ones that are the most popular and that we can suggest are:

  • Dumbo – with the rich cultural scene, many “Instagram” spots where you can take some great pictures, and place of business, Dumbo is one of the most popular neighborhoods.
  • Williamsburg – this neighborhood offers many music and art places, restaurants, and it is rightly called “the new Soho”.
  • Park Slope – the perfect place for young people aspiring to be professionals in the business. It includes excellent public schools which makes it great if you have children.

Hire professionals

Let’s face it – no matter how organized you are, we live in a busy world, and the easiest way to move is to hire professionals. Check out the best Brooklyn movers who can help you with packing and transport. They know the best how to deal with the busy streets of Brooklyn and Queens and move your things with ease. So we advise you to trust somebody who knows what they are doing.

Man carrying moving boxes
Hire the professionals to help you with the  moving from Queens to Brooklyn

Finally, after all these steps it seems like you will be ready for the process of moving from Queens to Brooklyn. Just be systematic and start on time and you will have no problems! Good luck!

Tips for Moving Alone to Long Island

First of all, moving alone to Long Island is not that different when moving alone to say… Michigan. Of course, there are elements specific to Long Island that need to be kept in focus, and we’ll talk about those. But those are usually perks.

Now I don’t wish to sound pretentious, but my experience moving alone was brilliant. Granted, I was younger and was having a different outlook on life. Today, I wouldn’t trade my family for the world. But the fact remains, moving with a family, or with pets takes much more effort than moving alone. And it’s logical, there are far fewer elements to consider when you are alone. And it kinda turns into an adventure when you move alone. Continue reading “Tips for Moving Alone to Long Island”

Moving to Queens – Hiring Professional Help

Are you considering moving to Queens? Boy, oh boy, are you in for a treat! This will be an extremely exciting experience for you! There is so much to find about the place, and there are so many things to know before relocating Queens… So many corners to explore, people to meet, events to visit… But before you get into all that you mustn’t oversee what comes first. The actual act of moving. Many of you are probably going to be just like me, or at least similar: you’ll think you know best, and you’ll think how you can do this alone with a gang of friends. No, please don’t. Continue reading “Moving to Queens – Hiring Professional Help”

Affordable Housing in Queens

Affordable Housing in Queens – Neighborhoods

Finding affordable housing is no easy task. Especially in NYC. This article will not discuss whether you made the right choice to move to Queens or not. This article will help you narrow down your search and find affordable housing in queens. This research was done so that you don’t have to waste time surfing the web. Continue reading “Affordable Housing in Queens”

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