How to store your books in NYC home

Moving to New York is a big change in your life and it forces you to adapt to a new lifestyle. Along with getting used to a new location, a new pace of life and a new subway system, you need to fit your belongings into a new space. We are all familiar with the fact that many places in New York are smaller than one might like. Some people have an issue fitting all of their belongings into their New York home. If you’re looking for moving estimates NYC before the move, you can search online and get the information you need. And if you’re worried about storage, here’s how to store your books in NYC home. Continue reading “How to store your books in NYC home”

Relocate large items from NYC with ease

Relocate large items from NYC to your new home is never a naive task. Especially if you decide to do it without professional NYC movers. Which is a bad idea, to begin with. If your household contains objects that are bulky and heavy, but also very delicate like piano or pool table, the hassle triples. Also, you have to make sure to avoid any moving injuries that are lurking on every corner. With the few good tips, you can move your large items without putting them or your health in danger. Continue reading “Relocate large items from NYC with ease”

Everything you need to know about living in Manhattan

Manhattan is hectic, chaotic and a little overwhelming. However, it’s also one of the most desirable places in the world. If you’re moving to Manhattan, you’re definitely lucky. Research some moving companies prices, get informed and bite the bullet. It’s an experience most people would love to have. If you’re coming from a different part of NYC, from a different city or a different state, you probably have some questions. Whether you’re moving for work or purely for the great experience, here’s everything you need to know about living in Manhattan. Continue reading “Everything you need to know about living in Manhattan”

Which are the oldest neighborhoods in NYC?

Initially, in New York, there were dinosaurs. Then a series of gangsters eating spaghetti while Gimme Shelter was playing in the background. Then the Ramones and a little breakdance. And then the City of New York culminated as a gastronomic paradise that smells like a brunch with countless ATMs and all sorts of people on the street. So, if you have just moved to New York or are just visiting, we want to help you discover the oldest neighborhoods in NYC. The text that follows is our recommendation for prime neighborhoods for anyone who is ready to fight cynicism and enjoy the capital of the planet Earth to the fullest. Of course, the city is huge, so this is just our pick to help you know New York a little better. Let’s start!

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Cold weather shipping – risks and solutions

Moving is a challenging task by the definition. So, if you add to it more complications, it can seem like a mission impossible. Especially if we are talking about extreme weather conditions. Which can be a case if you have to move in winter. That is why when it comes to cold weather shipping, you should prepare yourself even more than when regular moving takes place. There are some risks, of course. But, not to worry – there are also solutions. Actually, you will be surprised to know that there are even some benefits if you decide to relocate in the winter time. Nevertheless, find out what you need to make your shipping stress free as much as possible. With the good preparation and right partners, you will be recommending cold weather shipping to everyone. OK, maybe you won’t be recommending it, but you won’t be dreading it anymore either.

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Affordable Manhattan neighborhoods for singles

New York City is a fun place, especially for singles. The city that never sleeps offers countless activities for you to enjoy. Whatever your taste in art and music might be, in NYC you will always be able to find your crowd and fit in. Moving to NYC as a single might be exciting and scary at the same time. Organizing the relocation process and find the perfect borough and housing is never an easy task. Therefore, in order to make the whole process much easier for you, we have created the list of the best and most affordable Manhattan neighborhoods for singles. Continue reading “Affordable Manhattan neighborhoods for singles”