When is the best time to move out?

Remember those teenage years when all of us kept thinking of when we would finally move out of our parent’s house? Not a single worry in our path. Oh, the beauty of the carefree years when none of us knew how hard it can be to survive in the real world. How foolish one can be! So, when food and bills stop paying for themselves, you realize the dreadful truth. And now, you are back at your parent’s house, or maybe you never left your nest in order to avoid meeting with the real world. But even so, you can’t avoid little signs that tell you the best time to move out has come. Let’s find out whether it is your time to fly free. These are the characteristics of a person that is ready to find their own place. Continue reading “When is the best time to move out?”

How to run a business from a storage unit?

Starting up your own business can be very challenging. Especially if you need to pay for an office in the Big Apple, which can be insanely expensive. You might try to cut down on your starting expenses by running a business from your home. But know it is only a matter of time when your business will take over the whole house. If this is already the case, and your house is crowded with paperwork, start cleaning it up and prepare to run a business from a storage unit. Continue reading “How to run a business from a storage unit?”

Leaving NYC for work – is it worth it?

New York City is a versatile place with an abundance of opportunities and possibilities. This is probably the main reason many people choose it as a place of residence. However, some might consider leaving it in pursuit of something even bigger or better. If you are one of those people, you are probably thinking is leaving NYC for work worth it. Well, the answer depends on your current situation as well as your future plans and aspirations. So, don’t expect a simple yes-or-no answer, since there are a lot of things to take into account. In this text, we’ll go through a few major factors that ought to affect your final decision. Continue reading “Leaving NYC for work – is it worth it?”

Reasons to start a tech company in NYC

For a long time, the Silicon Valley had no competition when it came to the best places for starting a tech company. It was considered as the place to go to if you wanted to be a successful business person. However, in the recent days, tables have turned. Today, to start a tech company in NYC is a matter of prestige, and the Silicon Valley is slowly becoming a thing of the past. If you have decided to start a tech company, here are a couple of reasons as to why you should invest your money in NYC. 

NYC has an energy that not many other places have

Anyone who has ever stepped foot in NYC knows what we are talking about. New York City is home to many different types of people – businesspeople, aspiring artists, college grads. Every one of these people brings something new to the NYC scene. All these energies mixed together help create a city which was made for the tech industry and startups. If you take into consideration the fact that the best non-American startups always use NYC for their headquarters, it should be enough to persuade you of the success that awaits if you decide to start a tech company in New York.

The audience at a concert.
The lively energy is one of the best reasons to start a tech company in NYC.

You do not have to limit yourself to Manhattan

To this day, Manhattan has been considered as the focal point of New York City. However, with the passing of time, people are slowly starting to realize that there are other boroughs in NYC. All of them come with one major benefit – the much cheaper price of living and renting a business space. Therefore, when starting your tech company, consider the following boroughs for your new headquarters: 

  • Brooklyn – marked as the up-and-coming borough of NYC, it is the perfect place for your future offices. Hire cheap movers Brooklyn, get a couple of employees, and get on your path to greatness.
  • Queens – similar to Brooklyn, Queens has also been on the rise lately. The only difference between Queens and the aforementioned NYC borough is that it is more affordable.
  • Staten Island – if your family is as important to you as your business is, look no further. Staten Island has everything you need to start a tech company in NYC while maintaining a peaceful family life.

You do not have a shortage of options if you want to start a business in NYC. Depending on your finances, and your lifestyle, you have a couple of possibilities of making the most informed decision for you.

The access to top talent is the best reason to start a tech company in NYC

If you are to start a company that will be successful, you want to hire only the best and most capable employees. You need to find educated, preferably experienced and motivated individuals. All of that and more can be found in New York City.

Thanks to the newly founded business academies, first-rate colleges, and plenty of business opportunities, all capable workforce from around the world have been settling in NYC. Moreover, all of that talent specializes in different areas, such as engineering, product design et cetera. Finally, we here at Big Apple NYC find it important to mention that a salary for the same position a worker would do in NYC is about 10 000 dollars lower than that worker would get in the Silicon Valley. As a good business person, you understand the value of a dollar. We are sure you will be happy to save 10 000 dollars on every employee just by starting a tech company in NYC.

New skills written on a blackboard.
The easy access to raw talent should be enough to persuade you to start a tech company in NYC.

New York is a diverse place

Even though the diversity in NYC varies depending on the boroughs, there is no denying that the entire city is ethnically diverse. Therefore, almost 48 percent of residents in Queens are immigrants. However, how does that translate into the business world?

Simply put, the tech companies in NYC offer more opportunities for people of color. However, NYC tech companies have to thank more than just their diverse population for this flattering fact. New York tech scene offers more job opportunities than any other city in the USA. It is only logical that the diverse job market will attract workers from all spheres and ethnicities.

If you are a female founder, there is nothing more to think about

Women have fought so hard for their rights over the past couple of centuries. Hence, today, females get to enjoy living in a world where they are equal to their male counterparts. However, not every city has equally assimilated to this change. NYC is the leading city when it comes to the existence of female entrepreneurs.

Moreover, starting a tech company in NYC as a female is beneficial for more than just economic reasons. The presence of so many business women means that you will have a strong support system. Let`s be honest! Everyone needs a bit of help every once in a while. Therefore, if you are a woman who wants to start a tech company, your choice is clear – choose NYC as the place of your future headquarters.

A woman holding a phone and working on her laptop, used when you want to start a tech company in NYC.
Woman have an enlarged chance of success as entrepreneurs in NYC.

The conclusion

There is hardly anything that can go wrong if you decide to start a tech company in NYC. As you were able to see, you would have all the prerequisites of becoming a successful business owner at your disposal. How you decide to use them, is up to you. With a bit of smart planning, careful thinking, and plenty of luck, we could be reading about you in the papers in the future. And, if you cannot afford Manhattan yet, there is no need to worry. You have Brooklyn at your disposal, which is more than a good alternative. Get your Brooklyn moving quotes, and relocate your family, as well as your business. You will not regret giving NYC a chance!

Popular sports in the Big Apple

If you are a fan of sports, you should definitely move to New York. First of all, you should find a good moving company that can provide a perfect move. Search online and you will find your perfect movers,  like for example, here – bigapplemoving.com. When your reliable movers relocate you to NYC it is time to start exploring popular sports in the Big Apple. NYC is the city of sports and whether you love baseball, basketball or American football, you will find your favorite team. When it comes to popular sports, there is a lot to explore in NYC. We are going to give you a guide through NYC Big Apple sports world. Continue reading “Popular sports in the Big Apple”

How to pack your office for a move?

Packing an office seems to so some people like a lot easier job than packing an entire house. However, sometimes offices require lot more planning and organization. It’s because you need to do it fast and efficient and not stop working for a long time. Furthermore, different people are involved in moving, if you have employees. In your home, you have clothes, but in your office, you have documents and papers. Instead of cups and plates, you need to pack electronics. That’s why to pack your office is a lot different than packing a home. And that is why hiring professional commercial movers is a great idea. With this step-by-step guide, you will be able to plan and organize everything. Continue reading “How to pack your office for a move?”