Finding a roommate in New York – tips and warnings

Living in NYC is everything but cheap. Unless you’re lucky enough to own a place, or you have a significant other, you will probably need someone to share expenses with. If it happens to be that you have a great job with an excellent salary, costs won’t be a problem. So, besides those three groups of people, everyone else needs to figure out the best way to not become broke due to rent costs. Did you know that New Yorkers pay almost 60% of their income on rent? Finding a roommate in New York should definitely be the option to explore. It has its pros and cons, but it will certainly help you save some money. Or give you the opportunity to live closer to your new job. Or at least to subway.

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NYC parking rules to prepare for on moving day

Remember the famous movie quote when Audrey Hepburn said: “Oh, I love New York!“? Well, we have to admit. We all love New York. But not everyone has the opportunity to visit this beautiful American city. And especially not to live in it. Are you one of the lucky ones who is moving to New York? Whether to some high-rise Manhattan apartment or not, keep in mind the following. This is a really huge city that has some of its own rules. Moving represents a stressful and complicated situation. But moving to New York is a real challenge. Before the big moving day arrives gather all the information you can. If you come to New York for the first time, many will not encourage you to drive. But if you still need to, take a look at these NYC parking rules to prepare for on moving day.  

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Tips for winter-proofing your home

It’s snowing outside. Trees and houses are decorated with New Year’s decoration. You can feel the scent of cinnamon and hot wine everywhere. Yes, winter is definitely one of the most beautiful seasons. But apart from being beautiful, winter can be very cruel. Its cruelty affects not only you but also your home. You must have faced consequences of winter cruelty at least once. Cold and humidity in your home create great problems, and you should really prevent moisture in your apartment or house. Bills for electricity and heating are much bigger than in other seasons. You are facing a lot of problems, surely. Wet and windy conditions that affect your house, made you look for tips for winter-proofing your home. Don’t worry. In this article, we’ll show you some tips that may help you and make winter more pleasant for you and your home.

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Top Christmas festivities NYC offers

Are you ready for the best time of the year? Christmas is finally around the corner! You can start to plan where and how you will enjoy it. We assume you already know that you must be in NYC during the Christmas if you want to celebrate it the right way. But, if this is going to be your first time in NYC during holidays, you will need to know where to find top Christmas festivities NYC. The list is long, but we will try to make it shorter for you. And all you have to do is try visiting as many magical festivities as you can. Continue reading “Top Christmas festivities NYC offers”

How to pack glassware safely

Packing is a difficult thing to do. It is the most important part of moving. As the most important part, it is the most stressful. This is true due to many factors. The first one is the time consumption. The second one is the risk you take if you do not do it properly. This risk is the risk of the damage to your belongings. This is especially true for glassware. You need to avoid the risk of damage to the glassware and to yourself or other people. We know this trouble which is why we have gathered information on how to pack glassware safely. So you can enjoy your glassware without any worries about damage to the item or any cuts or other injuries from broken glass. Continue reading “How to pack glassware safely”

Best speakeasies in NYC to try to find

Trust us, you have never been to a real speakeasy. And unless NYC’s liquor laws change dramatically, you will never step into it. There is a difference between a speakeasy we know today and what it used to be. In a prohibition era, in a time when you couldn’t just go to a bar and order an alcoholic beverage, first speakeasies were opened. They were quite different from the ones that exist today. Only a few knew about them and they were very well hidden. Their business was illegal so they put a good effort into hiding them. In order to get in, you needed to know where to find the entrance, what is the password, who to talk to so you find the next clue of its location and so on. This doesn’t mean there aren’t any best speakeasies in NYC today. Quite the opposite. Continue reading “Best speakeasies in NYC to try to find”