Best Home Improvement Loans For 2019

After reading this article, it will be easier for you to decide about the right loan for you. Furthermore, we made an essential guide when it is about home improvement loans. Decorating and renovating your apartment make you feel like the king in your new home. No matter if you are going to rent out or even sell your home very soon, renovating will increase your home’s value for sure. Not only that home improvements are possible while the moving process, but also they are very recommendable. Continue reading “Best Home Improvement Loans For 2019”

Moving from San Francisco to New York

Relocating from one of the most expensive cities to one of the most amazing cities in the country is a task that is going to require all of your moving competence in order to be completed successfully. What we meant above is to say that you need to prepare carefully for moving from San Francisco to New York. With both cities being packed with people and cars and being true hustling and bustling hubs of their regions, you are really going to need to put all of the efforts you have got in order to organize the move properly. As you can see, we are aware of how complicated moves can be. On the other hand, we know that they can be pretty simple as well. Therefore, today, we are going to share with you some of the secrets to how to move from San Francisco to New York easily.  Continue reading “Moving from San Francisco to New York”

Things that can go wrong when moving

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What is a moving broker and do you need one?

When it comes to the relocation process, you need all the help you can get. No matter where this help is coming from, it is always more than welcome. One thing we all know can aid us greatly in the relocation process are reputable movers. Moreover, not only can they help us, but they are also necessary for any moving to go smoothly. And, if you don`t have enough time to put in hours of research into finding reliable movers, you can always rely on a moving broker. In case this is the first time you hear of this term, stick with us. Let Big Apple Movers NYC teach you what exactly a moving broker is, and why you should hire one the next time you move! Continue reading “What is a moving broker and do you need one?”

Ways to save money in the Big Apple

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How to escape Manhattan moving scams?

Moving can be stressful and overwhelming so being well organized is imperative. Hiring the right movers is the most important thing in your moving process. Be sure to look for the best moving services in Manhattan and hire your reliable movers. Reliability, honesty, and professionalism are the most important traits a moving company should have. But, how do you know that your moving company is reliable? You should do a detailed background check and make sure that you follow the guidelines you are going to read here. Yes, moving scams are possible and doing a detailed check is the best way to avoid Manhattan moving scams.

road sign that says SCAM - avoid Manhattan moving scams
Do a detailed background check to avoid Manhattan moving scams

How to avoid Manhattan moving scams

You should always choose an experienced moving company with a long history. If a moving company has been out there for a very long time they are probably very reputable. These companies care about their reputation and that is why they are still working and functioning. Just think about it, if there were scams they would be reported. If a lot of people report scams the authorities will check this out and close the business of the moving company. If this hasn’t happened by now it probably will not happen in the future. So this is a good guarantee that the moving company is legit.

Check if the company is insured

It is very important to check if the company has all of the necessary papers and that they are insured. They need to have insurance against any unfortunate mistakes that might happen. They should also ask you if you have insurance. If you don’t they should offer you to buy an insurance policy from them. If this happens it is a sure sign that they are reputable and that they care about their clients. In addition, you should check if their workers are bounded. A reputable moving company will have bounded workers that work under a legitimate contract. You should check this as well.

Get references and check their BBB rating

What you should definitely do is check online reviews of the company. This should give you some kind of an insight into the experiences of the prior customers. Moreover, to be completely sure they are legit ask for a contact number and names of some previous satisfied customers. A good and reputable company will not have a problem with this.They will gladly comply with your wishes. However, if they don’t accept you should just move on. It is a good idea to check the company at Better Business Bureau. Focus on moving scam reports. You will be able to track any kind of bad reports of the company here. This is a sure way to avoid Manhattan moving scams.

lap top that says fraud alert - avoid Manhattan moving scams
Check online reviews to avoid Manhattan moving scams

Additional things to do to avoid Manhattan moving scams

Here is a valuable piece of advice for you. You should plan your move well in advance because this is a sure way to hire the best and the most reliable companies. If you plan in time you will get these benefits

  • You will hire the best and most reliable companies
  • Tou might get a discount. So first learn about the NYC moving costs and them book way before the move to get great discounts.

If you don’t act in time others will book all of the best moving companies.

Ask your real estate agent for some advice

You might be quite inexperienced when it comes to moving scams but your real estate agent has seen it all a million times before. Both good and bad news spread like wildfire. You should ask your real estate agent for some information and recommendations. If the moving company you want to opt for has been involved in any  Manhattan moving scams your agent will probably have some information about this. You should ask them about the good and bad experiences of their previous clients. They are a wonderful and reliable source of information.

Ask for a detailed contract

A reliable moving company will make a detailed and elaborate contract. Be sure to know what you are signing. The contract should include their estimate, all of their fees and additional fees and exact date of the move. Check all of this before you sign anything.It should match the information they have given you beforehand. If there is no paperwork than you can be sure that you are dealing with scammers.

Never settle for large deposits

If the moving company is asking you to pay a large deposit there is something wrong there. A reliable company will only ask you to leave a small deposit as a sign of trust and goodwill. If you are asking about the sum of money it is usually between 100 and 500 dollars. If your moving company is asking for much more than this something is fishy and you should avoid them. Pay attention to the cost of the move. If the cost is too cheap or much cheaper than you expected than something is probably wrong. You could be dealing with rogue movers or scammers.

Your movers should have an office

There is an increase in scammers who pretend to have Internet only moving companies. It is not enough to check the website of the moving company. It could be top notch or too good to be true and promise you the best service. However, your moving company needs to have an office. You should go to the address you find on the website and check that the company is there. If you don’t find them there, they are probably just part-time scammers.

a scammer taking a file from a computer
The moving company should have an office

Check their trucks and storage units

If the moving company is professional and reputable they should have trucks that are in excellent condition. If the trucks are in a great condition it means that your belongings will stay safe during transport. You should check if they have affordable storage units. However, it is more important that the storage units they offer are safe and hygienic.

Following all of these tips is a good way to avoid Manhattan moving scams. Your move will be safe and everything will go more smoothly.