Moving to NYC from Europe – what to expect?

What to expect when you are moving to NYC from Europe? Many Europeans dream about moving to NYC. There is something alluring and different about the Big Apple that fascinates Europeans. So if you are one of those dreamers who are preparing for life in New York you are probably already prepared for a cultural shock that follows, right? If you thought that moving from Europe to NYC is going to be a piece of cake, think again. It’s going to be difficult from a cultural standpoint and from the logistics side as well. Organizing relocation from Europe to New York City is going to be costly, too. So try to be very careful when you are doing your moving estimates NYC. But you should let your movers worry about the logistic part of your move. You should concentrate on differences in lifestyle that are most surprising for newcomer Europeans. Continue reading “Moving to NYC from Europe – what to expect?”

Top European countries for expats

 European countries for expats is the goal here. Moreover, many Europeans want to live an American dream, to enjoy the charms of New York and the sun of Florida. But many American expats choose European countries to live their dreams. Nowadays, moving from America to Europe is very common. According to Internet researches and statistics. There are almost 9 billion American expats currently living abroad. If you are one of Americans considering relocating to Europe. There must be questions to worry you. Are you thinking about which country to move? Are you wondering if that country has a lot of English-speakers? You would like to move to a country with lower costs of living?  

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How to find the perfect tenant in NYC?

Finding a tenant in NYC isn’t as easy as one might think. It is similar to the situation of looking for an NYC moving company when you need to relocate. You want someone reliable, trustworthy, and responsible. To cut the long story short, you want the perfect tenant in NYC. How to find one? We can give you a few tips and hints. Hopefully, you will complete the search for the perfect tenant in NYC successfully.

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Tips for moving with pets across state lines

Moving with pets across state lines is overwhelming even for those who have relocated several times in their life. When you are moving from New York, finding affordable movers NYC is the key solution for a successful and stress-free move, but, in this case, it is just the tip of an iceberg. To all those common relocation-related issues now you need to add and solve a whole bunch of new pet-related problems. Luckily, we can provide you with detailed information on how to prepare for this challenge. Pay close attention to our useful tips for moving with your pets across state lines.

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Shipping container size – all you need to know

Renting a shipping container for your upcoming NYC relocation is something you will want to do if you need to move under a budget. Shipping containers come with many advantages. They can save you big money, but can also come handy if you need an extra, temporary storage during your move. But, before deciding to rent one, you will need to know which shipping container size and type is the right one for your needs. Picking the container dimensions might seem really confusing and hard at first, but it really isn’t. After you read our simple guide, you will know everything there is to know about moving containers. Continue reading “Shipping container size – all you need to know”

Moving to London from NYC – the gentleman guide

If you are moving to London from NYC you are definitely in for a new and different experience. The capital of the UK has that European charm you are going to love. Moreover, your life will be completely different compared to living in NYC. First of all, you should find reliable and affordable movers NYC has to offer. Finding a good moving company is the most important step. Your reliable movers will get your belongings to London and after that, you can settle down there. So since moving to London from NYC is a big step we will give you gentlemen and others some advice. We will try to give you some tips that will be essential for a smooth and stress-free move to London. Continue reading “Moving to London from NYC – the gentleman guide”