Tips for houseboat living in NYC

Despite the fact that there are almost no articles about houseboat living in NYC, it still becomes more and more popular. People of all ages choose to experience full-term living on a boat. However, not all of them are prepared for everything that this kind of life brings with it. Needless to say, living on a boat is quite different from living in an apartment or house. Because of this, we want to prepare you for the houseboat living the right way. Also, we will inform you about possible obstacles you will experience during this adventure. With our help, you’ll know whether this kind of life is the right one for you.

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How to make your home more zen?

Are you tired of your old space and want to create something new? Or have you just moved and you find your new place boring? Well, there is a simple solution to your problems. You can make your home more zen and bring calmness to it. There is nothing better than arriving in a peaceful apartment after a long and hard day. Every one of us needs to have a place where we can relax and forget about our everyday troubles. So, let’s learn how to create this kind of a place for all of us. With some simple tricks, it is easy to create a zen place. Continue reading “How to make your home more zen?”

European apartment decoration ideas worth exploring

Europe and the USA are two entirely different continents. They differ in many aspects and interior design is just one of them. But let us for a moment imagine you were able to incorporate European apartment decoration ideas into your American home. Not only would you adore spending time in your stylish home, but you would also be envied by your neighbors and all of those who stepped foot into your home. To get a taste of the European lifestyle, you don’t have to hire international moving companies NYC to move you all the way to Europe. All you need is this article, and you will have no problems feeling feel like you were located somewhere on the Old Continent. Continue reading “European apartment decoration ideas worth exploring”

Guide for renting out your apartment in NYC

Sooner or later, every person in NYC has gone through the process of renting an apartment. Even though you have plenty of experience in the area, you could be dumbfounded when making a transition from a tenant to a landlord. Renting out your apartment in NYC is a process that comes with a lot of dos and don`ts. Today, Big Apple Movers NYC disclose to you all the little secrets of being a good landlord and profiting from it. Continue reading “Guide for renting out your apartment in NYC”

How to clean your apartment with ease?

Having your own apartment for the very first time is exciting! That is, it is all fun and games until you realize how much effort it takes to clean thoroughly just one room. As the top full-services Brooklyn movers, we have picked up a few tricks during our years of doing business. Today, we give you all the little secrets to help you clean your apartment with ease. The next time you entertain guests, they will be in awe of your housekeeping skills! Continue reading “How to clean your apartment with ease?”

Small NYC apartment design tips

Moving to the Big Apple has been your dream for so long. And now you finally did it. You are here. But here, for most newcomers, means a tiny studio apartment. It’s the reality most New York newbies face upon arrival. Nevertheless, you want to feel as comfortable as possible in your new place and you need some NYC apartment design ideas. To make the best of a small living space you will need to think creatively, but it’s definitively possible to make it work. After all, you were able to find a good moving and storage NYC deal. Now the apartment design part will be a piece of cake. Continue reading “Small NYC apartment design tips”