Things that can go wrong when moving

Even planned in the best possible way, relocation is unpredictable. There are various incredible stories and interesting unexpected events that happened to people when moving. Since moving is a complicated process, it’s good to know what you can expect. We can’t predict it, but we can tell what are the most common things that can go wrong while moving! If you’re about to move soon, you’ll find this article very useful! Continue reading “Things that can go wrong when moving”

How to simplify last-minute moving to NYC

If you suddenly decided to move, and you don’t have time to properly prepare for your last-minute moving to NYC you will need to simplify your relocation as much as possible. And that practically means, just pack and leave. But finding available movers for your last-minute relocation can be a problem. They are all usually booked several months in advance. Luckily, there is a solution. If you are currently in a hurry to move to NYC, for whatever reason, hire Manhattan movers. They have experience in these kinds of last-minute relocations, so they will be of great help to you. Continue reading “How to simplify last-minute moving to NYC”

How to say goodbye to your NYC neighbors when moving

So, your moving day is almost here. Your movers New York are ready and on standby. But, did you think about how to say goodbye to your NYC neighbors? There are many ways of doing it and it really depends on your relationships with your, soon-to-be, ex-neighbors. You could do something really big, like throwing a party, if you feel that your neighbors are sad that you are leaving. In a case where your neighbors are happy that you are leaving you can forget about the party and just pack your stuff and leave. However, if you consider yourself to be a polite person you should properly say goodbye no matter how bad your relationship was. Think of it like a last effort to show some class.  After all, you were living with your neighbors for many years and leaving without saying goodbye is very disrespectful, to say the least. Continue reading “How to say goodbye to your NYC neighbors when moving”

How to pack your kitchen for relocation fast

When moving to a new home, what should you fear the most? Well, most people dread the kitchen, with all the dishes, appliances, and other trinkets. It can be quite stressful to pack it all, especially when it needs to be done fast. That alone makes the kitchen probably the hardest room to pack when moving to a new household. With all its small items and drawers and cupboards, not to mention the food you need to think about there are more objects of dissimilar shapes and sizes than any other room. Furthermore, in the kitchen, there are no items that you can give away, or donate. Moreover, you need so many of those supplies and appliances in the new home. But it does not need to be so difficult! In this article, find out how to pack your kitchen for relocation! Continue reading “How to pack your kitchen for relocation fast”

When is the best season for moving to NYC?

Getting the best conditions for your move is crucial. You’ll need to think of everything from packing equipment to transportation. Another important factor affecting your move will be part of the year during which you’ll decide to move in. Each season has its merits but there is only one that can suit your needs perfectly. So, when is the best season for moving to NYC?

Continue reading “When is the best season for moving to NYC?”

How to pack your entire apartment in 24 hours

Packing your entire place on a short notice might seem terrifying to you. You need to take care of all the important things and the clock just keeps ticking. No matter what your reasons are for packing in a hurry, you need to calm yourself down. There is no time for panic, your NYC move awaits! It is not an impossible mission to pack your entire apartment in 24 hours. Trust us, New Yorkers do it all the time. All you need is a little help from the side, quick thinking, and efficiency. And of course, our step-by-step guide that makes any problem solvable. Here is how to get everything ready for your move in less than a day. Continue reading “How to pack your entire apartment in 24 hours”