Alternative in-house storage ideas

Are you looking for ways to add more in-house storage space to your home? In New York City, almost everyone is short on space. And people are constantly looking for alternative in-house storage ideas. So, if you are in a situation where you are tired of renting an expensive storage unit, just so you could keep your household items there. Try to find new ways to add storage space to your home, and maybe that would be enough to allow you to move from expensive to cheap storage NYC. Continue reading “Alternative in-house storage ideas”

How to find a roommate in NYC

Are you excited about moving to New York City? Big Apple is probably the most interesting place for young students and entrepreneurs. Besides endless job opportunities, modern lifestyle and great places to enjoy, NYC offers a high quality of living and possibilities to fulfill your dreams. We don’t want to disappoint you, but New York is the most expensive city in America even with cheap moving and storage NYC and not everyone can afford to live in it. Because of this, many people decide to find a roommate and share the rent. If you’re interested to find a roommate in NYC, but you don’t know how, relax, we did all the job for you. Read carefully and start searching! Continue reading “How to find a roommate in NYC”

How to negotiate cheap rent

NYC apartment rents are one of the never-ending topics in Big Apple. Everyone knows how expensive the rents in New York, especially in Manhattan are.  Moreover, you would hope that paying that high rent is worth it. That you will, at least, live in a nice and spacious apartment. But, that is not how things work around here. NYC is famous for its small and cramped apartments, with sky-high rents. In addition, not only that you will live in an expensive but small apartment. You will also have to rent a cheap storage NYC, to keep your excess belongings. That is why you should try to negotiate cheap rent when renting an apartment in New York City. Continue reading “How to negotiate cheap rent”

Best Things to Do in Brooklyn During Summer

Brooklyn is a magical place during summer since it provides abundant of fun activities. When you are working while the others enjoy their beach vacations, opportunities to unwind in the city are very beneficial. There is something for everybody since the activities are very diverse. Here are some of the greatest things to do in Brooklyn during the summer. Continue reading “Best Things to Do in Brooklyn During Summer”

The Best Cheap Moving Boxes in Brooklyn

If you are planning to move and you have a limited budget, one of the things that will help you to save some money is to find cheap moving boxes. When you are moving to a large household, you will need a large number of moving boxes. That is something that can be very overwhelming for your budget. Luckily, there are many ways to find cheap moving boxes in Brooklyn. You just need to know where to look. The best way is to hire cheap movers Brooklyn and they will provide you with all the necessary packing supplies. If you want to hire movers just for transportation, you will need to find cheap moving boxes on your own. You just need to determine what type of boxes you will need and you can start with your search. Continue reading “The Best Cheap Moving Boxes in Brooklyn”

How to get back some of the money spent on relocation

Moving is a decision that affects every aspect of someone’s life. Especially the financial one.  It can be quite an expensive venture, but the good news is that there are some ways to get back some of the money spent on relocation. By knowing these ways in advance, you can even lower your moving costs from the beginning. Simple things like knowing where to get free boxes for moving in NYC can make a lot of difference even if it doesn’t seem that way. Even if your relocation is already over, this guide will show you how to return at least a part of your hard earned money which you spend on moving your home. Continue reading “How to get back some of the money spent on relocation”