Finding a roommate in New York – tips and warnings

Living in NYC is everything but cheap. Unless you’re lucky enough to own a place, or you have a significant other, you will probably need someone to share expenses with. If it happens to be that you have a great job with an excellent salary, costs won’t be a problem. So, besides those three groups of people, everyone else needs to figure out the best way to not become broke due to rent costs. Did you know that New Yorkers pay almost 60% of their income on rent? Finding a roommate in New York should definitely be the option to explore. It has its pros and cons, but it will certainly help you save some money. Or give you the opportunity to live closer to your new job. Or at least to subway.

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How to decorate your home on a budget?

From time to time, every home needs some changes that will transform it. These changes will also give you a chance to add some personal touch to your space and to make it cozier. But, before you start to look for ideas that will give new look to your home, you shouldn’t forget one thing. Remodeling and renovations are expensive! Most people can’t afford them or don’t want to spend their savings on home decorating. But, don’t give up just yet! There’s no reason for you to spend a lot of money when you can decorate your home on a budget. With some simple and cheap tricks, you’ll be able to make your home more elegant and unique.

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Best low-income neighborhoods in NYC

Living in NYC can cost the earth if you choose, for example, some of the elite boroughs Manhattan offers to newcomers. However, if you aren’t made of money, consider more acceptable and favorable solutions. In a neighborhood which is well-connected to other parts of NYC and a bit further from Midtown, you can also enjoy but at a significantly lower price. To help you choose where to live in this magnificent city, here are some of the best low-income neighborhoods in NYC. Hopefully, you’ll find something appropriate for you. Continue reading “Best low-income neighborhoods in NYC”

Tips for having multiple roommates in NYC

There is something related to the NYC move you need to know. The moment your decision to relocate there becomes final, you will have to consider the best ways to save money in the Big Apple. This is the price you will have to pay if you want to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. However, don’t fret about it. You can start simply by finding roommates to share your living space with. Having multiple roommates in NYC is beneficial for both your wallet and your social life. Although there are so many people living there, you can find yourself terribly lonely at times, and your roommates can help you with this. Continue reading “Tips for having multiple roommates in NYC”

How to find short-term housing in Brooklyn

It can be very hard to find short-term housing. This is true for many cities but in Brooklyn, you will not have much trouble. There are many options for short-term housing in Brooklyn. In this article, we will show you how to find short-term housing at this great location. You will reduce this hard task to a very simple one if you follow the steps we will show you and if you consider the locations we will mention. Continue reading “How to find short-term housing in Brooklyn”

Top vacation spots for New Yorkers

From time to time, we all need to pack our bags and go on a vacation to calm ourselves down. This trip doesn’t have to last long. Even 2 days will be enough for you to charge up your batteries. What about the destination? If you live in NYC, you probably already know there is a long list of top vacation spots for New Yorkers. But, some of us love to travel during the summer, while some prefer winter more. So, how to decide where and when will you travel this time? Keep reading and we will help you find your answer. Continue reading “Top vacation spots for New Yorkers”