Common job issues in NYC and how to resolve them

There is hardly any job market in the world that can compare to the one in NYC. The city that never sleeps has it all – good job opportunities and even better salaries. However, not even New York is shielded from job dissatisfactions. There are common job issues in NYC galore, and they threaten to jeopardize NYC’s spot as one of the world’s greatest cities. Luckily, our Manhattan movers have been serving the residents and businesses all over NYC, and we have collected some info on how to solve common job issues, so stay tuned. Continue reading “Common job issues in NYC and how to resolve them”

Best winter vacations spots for New Yorkers

Winters in New York tend to be depressing. Firstly, even if you have already studied the guide to surviving New York traffic, your knowledge and experience are sometimes useless with all that snow and ice outside. Secondly, it gets dark very early. Finally, being jaded due to everyday responsibilities, you soon get indifferent to everything around you. For this reason, if you can afford it, set off to some nice place outside the city. Use this opportunity to relax and get ready for the new challenges life will present to you when you get back. Best winter vacation spots are the right choice. Choose one according to your preferences and interests. Continue reading “Best winter vacations spots for New Yorkers”

Top Christmas festivities NYC offers

Are you ready for the best time of the year? Christmas is finally around the corner! You can start to plan where and how you will enjoy it. We assume you already know that you must be in NYC during the Christmas if you want to celebrate it the right way. But, if this is going to be your first time in NYC during holidays, you will need to know where to find top Christmas festivities NYC. The list is long, but we will try to make it shorter for you. And all you have to do is try visiting as many magical festivities as you can. Continue reading “Top Christmas festivities NYC offers”

Best speakeasies in NYC to try to find

Trust us, you have never been to a real speakeasy. And unless NYC’s liquor laws change dramatically, you will never step into it. There is a difference between a speakeasy we know today and what it used to be. In a prohibition era, in a time when you couldn’t just go to a bar and order an alcoholic beverage, first speakeasies were opened. They were quite different from the ones that exist today. Only a few knew about them and they were very well hidden. Their business was illegal so they put a good effort into hiding them. In order to get in, you needed to know where to find the entrance, what is the password, who to talk to so you find the next clue of its location and so on. This doesn’t mean there aren’t any best speakeasies in NYC today. Quite the opposite. Continue reading “Best speakeasies in NYC to try to find”

Best ways to celebrate Halloween in the Big Apple

Your favorite part of the year has finally come – it’s Halloween time! There is nothing like the thrill you get during the celebration of the Halloween. Everybody is in a good mood, and in a costume, too. People forget about everyday problems and focus on having fun. Parades and parties are everywhere. But, you don’t know what a good Halloween celebration is if you haven’t been to NYC in this part of the year. Each NYC borough has its own parades, ghost tours, and cursed cocktail bars. What’s not to like? There are numerous ways to celebrate Halloween in the Big Apple. Continue reading “Best ways to celebrate Halloween in the Big Apple”

Sports fans in NYC – where do they move to

New York City is maybe best known for Broadway, but sports play a very important role in the everyday life of an average New Yorker. Sports in New York City have a long, well-known history. This city is home to the headquarters of many sports leagues- baseball, football, basketball, hockey, and soccer league. A true sports fan paradise! And that is not all. Sports fans in NYC can enjoy visiting popular stadiums, watch or participate in streetball battles, chill in a sports bar and much more. Even if you are just visiting NYC, you are at risk of becoming even a bigger sports fan after you experience this strong and positive vibe. Whether you are a baseball, basketball or football fan and you are interested in moving to New York, you can find a home with a perfect location near all of your favorite sports events. Continue reading “Sports fans in NYC – where do they move to”