Top 5 Renovation Mistakes

Renovation mistakes aren’t only costly, but they can delay the whole project. Doing everything by the book is good insurance, but not even that is a guarantee. If you are doing major structural remodeling, there’s no telling what lays under the surface of your home. While there are many mistakes you can make during this project, this guide will present you the top 5 renovation mistakes along with the best ways for avoiding them. Continue reading “Top 5 Renovation Mistakes”

Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move

If they are not moving by themselves and not using DIY tips, people consider hiring a professional moving company to deal with the relocation of their households. Moving for the first time, and moving generally if you’re not experienced, can be more difficult if you don’t know your rights and responsibilities when you move. Although this may sound boring and unnecessary, accidents and bad situations often occur, and you know the famous statement: better safe than sorry! If you are curious to find out everything about this topic, you can read “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move”, a booklet prepared by the Federal Motor Carrier and Safety Administration to explain to customers what are their rights and what they can expect from hiring professional movers. Consider moving with your family soon? Take a look at Brooklyn moving quote and get to know your rights when you move. Continue reading “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move”

Best Things to Do in Brooklyn During Summer

Brooklyn is a magical place during summer since it provides abundant of fun activities. When you are working while the others enjoy their beach vacations, opportunities to unwind in the city are very beneficial. There is something for everybody since the activities are very diverse. Here are some of the greatest things to do in Brooklyn during the summer. Continue reading “Best Things to Do in Brooklyn During Summer”

How to pest-proof your NYC home

We all know the basic rules of keeping the house clean and pest-free. But still, we don’t have control over everything because many homes are easy targets for pests. If you are living in New York City and not in the countryside, it doesn’t mean you are protected from pests. According to a survey revealed by the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, the most common apartment pests in New York City are mice, roaches and bedbugs. This may sound harmless, innocent and with no reason to panic, but most of these pests carry serious diseases and viruses. And not to mention that rats, in particular, represent a danger to small children. Even if you clean your house often, it happens that someone spill food on the floor and ants and bugs appear. If you wonder how to pest-proof your NYC home, check our tips and start working! If you want to pest-proof your new apartment in NYC before you move in, moving companies Brooklyn can take care of relocation of your things and keep them safe while you finish your work.  Continue reading “How to pest-proof your NYC home”

The Best Cheap Moving Boxes in Brooklyn

If you are planning to move and you have a limited budget, one of the things that will help you to save some money is to find cheap moving boxes. When you are moving to a large household, you will need a large number of moving boxes. That is something that can be very overwhelming for your budget. Luckily, there are many ways to find cheap moving boxes in Brooklyn. You just need to know where to look. The best way is to hire cheap movers Brooklyn and they will provide you with all the necessary packing supplies. If you want to hire movers just for transportation, you will need to find cheap moving boxes on your own. You just need to determine what type of boxes you will need and you can start with your search. Continue reading “The Best Cheap Moving Boxes in Brooklyn”

Tips on how to remodel an attic

Are you looking for tips on how to remodel an attic? But how do you want your attic to look like when you’re finished? Do you want to turn it into a living area, children’s room, playroom or maybe gym? If you have enough space you can maybe split it into several rooms. There are many ways that you could remodel your attic. It is maybe the most popular New York home improvement. And the amount of work that you will have to invest in remodeling an attic really depends on two things. The size of your attic and what do you want to turn it into. And the cost of remodeling an attic depends on required materials and your set of skills. You don’t have to be particularly handy with the tools. You just need to find some helping hands, find instructions on the internet and do it slowly. Continue reading “Tips on how to remodel an attic”