Small Town to New York City – How to Move

Moving from a small town to a huge city can be quite stressful. When that huge city is something as enormous as New York city, the stress can only multiply. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Moving from a small town to New York City can be an adventure! It brings many opportunities, friendships and countless new stories to tell. And this guide will offer you some things to keep in mind when taking this huge step.

Moving from a small town to New York City can be quite intimidating.
There is so much to see and do in New York City

Outlining the Differences

Moving from a small town to New York City can be quite intimidating – and it should be. What is the population of your hometown? The population of New York City is 8.5 million people, so, unless you have lived in another metropolis – this will be quite a leap. However, you need to embrace that feeling of anxiety and transform it into something empowering. Moving from a small town to New York City is a rewarding and eye-opening experience. Luckily, we have some NYC moving tips for you.

Small Town to New York City – A Complete Change of Pace

It’s not just a stereotype that New Yorkers are always in a rush – it’s absolutely true. Well, maybe not all of them, but be prepared for people just ignoring you and rushing to their jobs or meetings. It’s a norm here.

At first, this may seem rude to you, but understand that getting to places in New York takes time – and not many have the luxury to stop and spend it. However, you will discover that a lot of New Yorkers will actually help you if you ask them nicely (and if they are not in the rush).

Building Connections

In the small time, everywhere you go, there is a high chance you might run into someone you know – whether it is one of your friends, neighbors or relatives. New York is different – just the size of the city doesn’t allow for those happenstances. Get comfortable with the idea of walking side by side with a stranger for six blocks, without running into anyone you know.

Coming from a small town, however, is useful – you know how to build and appreciate connections you make. Maybe you won’t know the name of your mailman, or the people on your floor (many New Yorkers don’t), but once you do make friends – you will be able to enjoy their company. Even before moving to New York, you should search online for groups and meetup opportunities for making friends.


Now, New York is not cheap – and this is especially true for Manhattan. And all of New Yorkers know that. Being one of the financial centers of the United States, a lot of thingshere revolve around money. Figuring how to use money properly in New York takes time and practice, but once you get a hold of the skill you’ll have opportunities open up for you. The important thing to remember is that you might be tempted to spend money all the time – so don’t. Don’t go traveling every day – explore your neighborhood first.

Another important thing is to figure out how to save on food. Ordering in might be convenient, but it’s also expensive. If you’re a student, try figuring out your college food plan. If not, go to groceries store and figure out whether buying and preparing meals might be a better option. You might waste some of the precious time – but it will be more affordable in the long run.


New York is the city of opportunities – from friendships to job offers to hobbies. At any time of the day, there is something happening somewhere in the city that will spark your interest. This is one of the reasons you should be excited about when moving from small town to New York City. Were you in any clubs back home? New York will offer a dozen of them on the same topic. And even if there aren’t any (which is impossible), you can find people interested in same things as you and start one.

Same goes with job opportunities. There are always people in need of help somewhere, so finding a job ought to be easy. Finding a perfect job for you might not be as easy, but work hard, persevere and you’ll succeed!


Now, transportation might be the biggest change when moving from a small town to New York City. Did you use to go everywhere by car? Forget about that. Around 55% of New York families don’t even have a car. Everyone uses the subway or taxis. Before you move to New York, get yourself acquainted with the subway system. It can be confusing and scary for newcomers, but figuring out how it works ahead of time helps a lot. There is a number of apps as well that help with the subway system.

You can find the subway map here.

Many New Yorkers use taxis to get places.
Many New Yorkers use taxis to get places.


Also, many New Yorkers use taxis to get places. Here’s a thing a lot of people don’t know – if the light on the taxi is on, then it’s free. If it’s off, it already has passengers – so don’t bother. Even if they are open for passengers, taxis won’t always stop. Don’t give up! Practice makes perfect!

Get to Know Boroughs

One of the most amazing things about New York is the difference between its five boroughs. Getting to know each and every one of them will take some time, however. Don’t rush. Take your time exploring first your neighborhood, then your borough before you move to the next one. The cultural variety you will find will blow your mind.

Going Home

If New York tires you, you can always take a break at home.
If New York tires you, you can always take a break at home.

Always remember that you have an advantage over New Yorkers. If the busy city life ever tires you, you can go home and visit your relatives. Small towns have their own auras of peace and quiet, even if it may not seem like it when living there. Knowing how to use it to your advantage is a great bonus.

Small town to New York City – Conclusion

In conclusion, there is no question whether you should move to New York city – do it! Do not be anxious about it, because the experience will change your life. So find some NYC movers, research the places where you would live and start planning your long distance move to NYC today!