Prepare Your Roof for the Winter Freeze

Now that the summer is gone, you should start thinking about how to prepare your roof for the winter freeze. Actually, the last days of summer are the perfect time to start dealing with your roof. As the climate changes rapidly, everyone is witnessing the disappearance of true fall and spring. And those periods of the year are becoming shorter and shorter. So, we practically jump from summer to winter in just a few weeks. And it is not so strange anymore to see snow as early as October. Therefore, do not wait too long to start with winter-proofing your home.

What to do with a roof if you are just moving to a new house

If you are just moving to Brooklyn and you do not have time to do wintertime preparation work, you will have to hope that previous owners have taken care of the roof before they sold it to you. But that is something that you had to notice before you bought your new home. But if you are buying a house that looks well maintained, there is a big chance that the roof is in good condition, as well. The biggest roof problems are usually visible on the interior walls and ceilings. Therefore, you do not have to climb to the roof to notice extensive problems. Ask the previous owners about the roof and ask them if they have done the wintertime preparations. Maybe you will only have to do some basic cleaning after moving services Brooklyn deliver your belongings and you settle in.

Prepare safety measures before you start preparing your roof for the winter freeze

Luckily, preparing your roof for the winter freeze is not complicated and expensive. However, if you hire cheap movers Brooklyn for your move, you will have enough funds to do even more extensive repairs, if necessary. However, before you start with anything, make sure that you have taken some measures of precaution. Here is what to prepare:

  • Get some help before you start preparing your roof for winter freeze
  • Wear appropriate footwear
  • Prepare a harness
  • Toolbelt
  • Sturdy ladder
Workers preparing a roof for a winter freeze
Get help and prepare safety gear

Prepare a pair of helping hands

Climbing to your roof is something that you should not do when you are alone. Therefore, the first thing to do is to find someone to help you and to be there in the case of an accident. A friend or family member could be enough.

Wear appropriate footwear before climbing

After you found a pair of helping hands, there are few other things to prepare before you begin. Another important thing to think about before climbing to the roof is your footwear. While you are on the roof, there is no room for even the slightest mistake. Therefore, you have to have a proper pair of shoes if you want to avoid slipping. And slipping, in this case, could be fatal.

Get a harness

Also, make sure that you get a harness. Anchor a harness’s bracket to one of the wooden beams that make up your rafter or truss to make sure that the harness is tightly secured. If that is not an option, you can take a rope to throw it across the house and tie it to your car or a tree. This is not the safest solution. Nevertheless, it can do the trick if you do not have a good place to anchor your harness.

Prepare a tool belt

Besides harness, you will also need a tool belt. Besides obvious convenience, there is a safety aspect, too. You should not carry tools in your hands while you are climbing and working on the roof.

Hire professional help

If you do not have anyone to call, and you can’t prepare your safety gear, then you should forget about playing on the roof on your own, and get some professional help. This might be the more expensive option, but at least you are not playing with your life. And they will certainly do a much better job than you could.

Cleaning is the best way to prepare your roof for the winter freeze

Now that you have prepared all the essentials, the first thing to do when you are preparing your roof for the winter freeze is to clean it. Remove all the leaves, branches, and twigs that were collected on the roof and in drains. Besides adding extra weight to your roof, the debris will freeze during winter, and help water to collect on your roof, causing your roof to sag and start leaking.

Snow on a branch
Cut those branches

Cut overhanging branches to prepare your roof for the winter freeze

If you have a tree next to your home, and there are branches that are overhanging your house, they can cause lots of problems to your roof. During winter, snow will collect on those branches, and when the weight of the snow causes the branch to break, it can easily puncture a hole in your roof. To make sure that does not happen to you, cut all branches that are threating you home.

Inspect the roof shingles

While you are on the roof, inspect all shingles and make sure that they are all there and in place. Arrange them again if necessary, and replace broken ones, if there are any.

Prevent Ice dams if you want to prepare your roof for the winter freeze

That is it as far as the roof exterior is concerned. You can now climb down. However, you are not completely finished. The biggest threat to your roof is not debris or broken shingles, but notorious ice dams. Those continuous walls of ice form along the edge of your roof and cause the water to collect behind them. Moreover, it can cause the water to soak under the shingles for more than 5 ft. up. Luckily, there are ways to prevent them from forming.

Ice dams as one of the reasons to prepare your roof for the winter freeze
Ice dams are the biggest threat to your roof

This happens when your roof becomes warm, but the edges remain cold. During the warmer days, the snow on the warmer parts of your roof will start to melt. But the water will have nowhere to go, because of the ice dams along the edges. The solution is to keep your roof cold. And you will do that but insulating your roof, or keeping your attic ventilated.  Of course, another thing you should do is to physically remove ice damns if they are formed.

Buy a well-maintained house

If you prepare your roof for the winter freeze on time, and you do it regularly, you can hope for your roof to be in good condition for many years and decades. If you are just moving to Brooklyn, make sure that the house that you getting has a good roof. Finding a home in New York that has a good roof is not that hard. Nevertheless, you should still make sure that everything is ok before you make a purchase.