Popular sports in the Big Apple

If you are a fan of sports, you should definitely move to New York. First of all, you should find a good moving company that can provide a perfect move. Search online and you will find your perfect movers,  like for example, here – bigapplemoving.com. When your reliable movers relocate you to NYC it is time to start exploring popular sports in the Big Apple. NYC is the city of sports and whether you love baseball, basketball or American football, you will find your favorite team. When it comes to popular sports, there is a lot to explore in NYC. We are going to give you a guide through NYC Big Apple sports world.

Guide to the most popular sports in the Big Apple

The Big Apple is the center of the world. It is also the main sports center in the USA. It’s time to move to NYC and discover the sports. Moving is never cheap so get the NYC moving quote before you plan your move. You could start with baseball. This sport and its major league teams are in the hearts and souls of all New Yorkers.

Baseball in New York

Baseball is definitely the most popular sport in the Big Apple. There are two beloved major league teams and those are

  • New York Mets and
  • New York Yankees. So let’s explore them now.

The New York Mets play at the Citi Field in Queens. Their regular season lasts from April to the early October. They are the New York’s National League team. It was founded in 1962. However, sometimes they are considered to be underdogs. They were the World Series champions two times, in 1969 and in 1986. You can expect many great things at their games. You will enjoy the food at Shake Shack and a giant mechanical apple that lowers once they hit a home run. Their most famous player is Tom Seaver and a star right now is Matt Harvey.

baseball - popular sports in NYC
Baseball is among the most popular sports in NYC

New York Yankees

This baseball team is an all-time favorite. Their stadium is in one of the most interesting NYC boroughs, the Bronx and it is called the Yankee Stadium. Their main season is from April to October and their great players are Reggie Jackson, Babe Ruth, Derek Jeter, Lou Gehrig and many other popular players. When you go there you will visit the Monument Park and see the plaques of all of these great players. You can also visit the museum of the famous team and listen to the amazing Bleacher Creatures as they support their favorite team.

Basketball in the Big Apple

Basketball is as popular as baseball in the Big Apple. New Yorkers just love their basketball teams and players. They would do anything for some good basketball tickets. The most famous and beloved team are the New York Knicks. They play at the Madison Square Garden in Manhattan. If you are moving with children to Manhattan, it is a great idea to see one of their games. The kids will love this kind of fun after the move. Their regular season is from October to April. They are one of the most famous NBA original teams and New York has always been their home. In addition to a great game, you will see a bunch of celebrities at their games, including Spike Lee.

The New York Knicks are the heart of NYC basketball

Hockey in NYC

Hockey is also one of the popular sports in New York. The most popular team is the New York Rangers. They also play at the Madison Square Garden in Manhattan. You will want to get through that idea of renting an apartment in Manhattan, just to be close to this amazing Medison Square Garden, where all of the sports magic is happening.  They are the NHL’s original franchise and are one of the 6 beloved hockey teams. They are called the Broadway Blueshirts by their fans. The most intense game you can see is the match between the Rangers and their arch nemesis, the Islanders.

The New York Rangers make NYC hockey great

American football in the Big Apple

American football is one of the most popular sports in the Big Apple, and the New York Giants and New York Jets are the stars. New York Giants play at the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, and so do the Jets. Moving from Brooklyn to New Jersey doesn’t sound like such a bad idea now, right? Their main season is from September to December. The Giants are called the Big Blue and they have been the champions of the NFL eight times. The Jets, or the Gang Green, as they call them, have been the Superbowl III champions. Watching an American football game is an all American experience with great cheering and even greater food.

American football player
You will love the games of New York Giants and Jets

Soccer in NYC

Soccer, or as the rest of the world calls it, football has its popular club in NYC. This club is the New York Red Bulls. They play at the Red Bull Arena in Harrison, New Jersey. Their major league season lasts from March until October. They are the soccer stars of NYC and the club exists since 1996. The Red Bull Arena is one of the best soccer stadiums in the USA. You will love the vocal support and the spirit of the fans cheering for their beloved club. The famous French soccer player Thierry Henry played for the Red Bulls.

New York Red Bulls are the beloved soccer club

Major sports events that take place in the Big Apple

  • US Open Tennis takes place in the Big Apple. This is one of the biggest tennis tournaments in the world. More than 700,000 people attend the matches. Millions watch them on TV.
  • TCS NYC Marathon is a race that goes through all five boroughs. The 50,000 participants run for 26.2 miles to get to the finish line. The concept is interesting because both professional stars and amateurs run the marathon.
  • Minor sports events are NASL soccer, minor league baseball games between Brooklyn Cyclones and Staten Island Yankees, college basketball games.