Organize your storage unit the right way?

People usually use spaces like storage units, or any spare space in their home, as a way to get the things they don’t frequently use – out of sight. However, these items and spaces certainly shouldn’t be out of control. Even though you don’t use the items stored in your storage space very often, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be organized. The reason is very simple. The time you actually need something from the storage unit, it shouldn’t be hard to find that item. Also, items stored properly can’t get damaged easily and are going to be safe, no matter how long you need to store them for. First of all, learn how to choose the right size storage unit. And then, use our tips and organize your storage unit once for all.

storage unit door
Choose the right space and learn how to organize your storage unit

Before you pack…

The key to an organized unit is knowing your items. That’s why you need to make a list of the items you are about to store in your storage unit. It would be also great to label the boxes clearly. Write down what is inside each box, especially if it contains fragile items. Remember that boxes with valuables and breakables should be put on the top of the other boxes, to avoid damage. You can also make a layout/map of your unit, and write down where each box goes. Furthermore, you should put both the list and the map on a wall/door, visible when you enter the unit.

Pack your items smartly

Sometimes, throwing items into plastic bags and putting them in a storage box is not enough. To organize your storage unit the right way, the items inside need to be packed smartly. Here are some of the packing rules you can try out:

  • don’t use plastic bags – even though plastic bags seem like the best and easiest idea, it’s not really like that. Items you store in plastic bags can’t be organized properly, it is often messy and mildew is a common guest, too;
  • use similar-sized boxes – in order to save space, and organize your storage unit properly, it is best to use the same (or similar) size cardboard moving boxes and bins. The reason is that if your boxes are of a similar size, you can easily stack them and keep them organized; If you don’t know where to find good moving/storage boxes check with the storage professionals in NYC.
  • label, label, label – no way to stress this enough. Even though labeling seems like an extra, unnecessary step in packing, you will thank yourself a thousand times you did it once you can find something easily later on.
dog in a box
Use the right boxes to organize your storage unit

Use shelves to organize your storage unit

Shelves can be a great way to organize your storage unit. If your unit doesn’t have shelves, install some on the walls, or buy already built simple storage shelves. Putting some boxes on these shelves, especially those with fragile items, can help a lot with the organization. This will make the space more visible and clear, and therefore easy to use.

Stack the boxes carefully

When putting the boxes one on top of each other, there is a way to sort out things in your storage unit, too. First of all, think about how often you use items in all the boxes. Therefore you can stack the boxes in order of how frequently you use them. The items you use often should be put close to the door or in the front. This way it will be easy to find and reach them whenever you need them. You need to think about the weight, too. Heavy boxes should be put on the bottom, followed by lighter ones. If you stack your boxes correctly, you will avoid them falling on you when you need them. Furthermore, you will not risk damaging the items inside if the boxes are not sturdy enough.

Protect the breakables

It is very important to pay special attention when you are packing breakables or valuable items. If you are relocating, NYC moving companies will help you pack those items professionally, so make sure to hire them when moving. However, if you plan on packing those items by yourself to organize your storage unit, be sure to do the following. Protect the fragile items with pieces of bubble wrap, packing paper, or simply old towels and clothes. Again, label the boxes and use special stickers that show that those boxes contain fragile items.

Have a space to walk through

All of these packing advice is worthless if you can’t reach those boxes. When stacking the boxes, make sure to leave aisles between them, so you can go through. This way you will be able to easily reach all of the boxes any time. Furthermore, it is important to have some free space in a storage unit, to let the air flow and your items ‘breathe’.

boxes in a storage - organize your storage unit
Don’t let the boxes be messy like this – sort them out and make them easy to reach

Raise the boxes

Having your boxes a couple of inches above the ground will help with many storage problems. Mildew, water leakage, ants, rats, etc. Before you put the boxes inside, clear the unit and cover the floor with wooden palettes. They are cheap and provide a great support to the boxes and raise them from the floor.

Save some space when you arrange your storage

There are many ways to save space in a storage unit. One of them is to dismantle your furniture pieces like tables and shelves. Another one is to us free space of your furniture items like sofa boxes, inside of a fridge, etc – to store more items inside. Just be sure to remember where you put those, so you can find them later!

As you can see, in order to make a good organization of your storage facility you should include a couple of steps. However, it is absolutely worth it. The moment you finish packing and organizing, you will be happy that you did it. All the boxes will be easy to reach, and you will know exactly where your items are. Good luck!