NYC mold prevention tips

Imagine this. You have finally brought the adventure of moving to NYC to an end. Now, you can relax and enjoy the new stage of your life with your family. However, after a few days, you suddenly smell a musty odor. You start exploring the place and you find yourself terrified by some strange black, blue or green patches on your ceiling and walls. Yes, you are right. It’s mold. And this is how problems with mold start. Of course, the situation described is definitely what you want to avoid. Here are some useful NYC mold prevention tips you might follow. If so, the above-mentioned situation will be just a bad dream for you.

What is mold and where does it live?

Mold is a type of fungus which is good for nature and, unfortunately, bad for people. It is a natural recycler which means that it is essential for the decomposition of organic matter. However, in high amounts, it is very harmful to people and it can seriously affect our respiratory system. This is the reason enough for you to consider these NYC mold prevention tips and apply them if necessary.

Mold lives everywhere, indoors and outdoors. What’s even worse, a mold-free environment doesn’t exist at all. So, all we can do is to keep the mold’s presence at the minimum by destroying or controlling mold-friendly conditions.

Mold-friendly conditions – eliminate them

What mold needs to grow is moisture, oxygen and the source of food. This explains why there is no such a thing as a mold-free environment. No matter how we try, we cannot eliminate oxygen. So, our fight with mold is inevitable if we don’t pay attention.

Solving the problem of condensation is a must according to NYC mold prevention tips.
Condensation is a sign that you might have problems with mold in the future if you don’t eliminate it.

One of the NYC mold prevention tips is related to the pre-relocation period. If you pay attention, you can spot some mold-friendly conditions even before you move in.  If you want to prepare your home for your family before you move in, this is what you need to do:

  • Examine the new place thoroughly and look for the indicators of a possible problem with mold. For example, a water stain on the ceiling may indicate the problem of leaking. Is there condensation on your windows? You need to fix this problem too.
  • If you identify the problem, use the appropriate strategy to eliminate mold-friendly conditions. Surely, it will require some costs, but it will be much cheaper than dealing with all these things once you move in. To start with, do the necessary repairs. Then, you can repaint your new place by using the paint combined with mold inhibitors. Mold-resistant products are very good protection.
  • Once you move in, you have to apply NYC mold prevention tips regularly, and, hopefully, mold will not be a problem for you.

Home-related NYC mold prevention tips

When your home is finally ready for you and your family to move in, find a reliable mover. Finding a trustworthy moving company is never easy, but it is worth trying. Brooklyn movers and storage are a good example of the high-quality service everybody wants. With a company like this, moving stress-free and at ease is not a problem at all.

After you settle down at your new place, apply these NYC mold prevention tips:

  • Do the cleaning regularly. – This means cleaning walls and the ceiling, too. You need to remove every spider and the web you find. Dust is enough for mold to feed itself, so detailed cleaning is desired.
  • Do the vacuuming regularly. – Vacuum your carpets and your furniture. Wipe your floors well.
  • Dust your shelves. – Dust hidden in your books on the shelves is a perfect environment for mold.
  • Provide proper ventilation. – You need to provide enough fresh air. It means ventilating your rooms as often as possible. Proper ventilation keeps humidity within the proper limits, so this is the way to avoid moisture.
  • Don’t overwater your indoor plants. – Firstly, it is not good for the plants. Secondly, the moist soil around these plants is a perfect environment for mold to grow. You don’t want that, do you?
Doing the cleaning regularly is one of the NYC mold prevention tips.
Clear your place regularly since mold feeds on the dust and dirt.

Mold in storage units – is it possible?

What happens when you need to move, but, unfortunately, your new home is still not ready for you to move in? Of course, you need a reliable moving company which offers storage facilities. Very often, people don’t know how to pick the right size storage unit. Furthermore, they have problems to organize their storage unit properly. Add to this the problem with mold, and you get catastrophe!

NYC mold prevention tips are something professionals always apply. To avoid the problem with mold, the following strategies are applied:

  • The humidity level is kept between 30-50%. If the level rises above 50%, mold colonies might appear soon.
  • Proper cleaning of the storage unit is a must. As we have already said, dust and dirt are ideal for mold to grow. Reliable movers are always careful when it comes to the hygiene of their storage facilities.
  • Providing regular ventilating and sufficient airflow is compulsory. It is essential to keep the humidity within the acceptable range due to the reasons already mentioned.
All professionals apply NYC mold prevention tips at their storage units.
Mold in storage units is not a problem if you hire reliable movers.

As you can see, storage professionals can help with all the possible problems you might have with your storage unit. Mold is not the kind of a threat they cannot deal with. There is no need to worry when you choose the right company.

Final points on NYC mold prevention tips

To improve the quality of your home, you should apply NYC mold prevention tips. The moment you notice those mold patches around your place, it is already late. Then you need some professional help to handle the mold problem.

If it is inevitable to use storage facilities, think well when choosing a company. High-quality service is a must if you want to avoid annoying problems and possible damage to your belongings. If you are willing to spend some money to get something extraordinary, look for climate-controlled storage units. In these storage units, your things are perfectly safe of mold, elements and other harmful effects.