NYC culture shocks for newcomers to experience

You are here, that means that you have probably experienced some type of cultural shock when visiting another country or even city. That is completely normal, especially when you’re coming from a small city to a big, hectic, fast-paced one. That is New York. This is one of the cities where life is faster. Every day is a challenge in a good way and in a bad way. So, if you are coming to New York from another country to visit, or you are moving to New York for a job, you are in for some serious culture shock. New Yorkers have their way of life and you can say that is somewhat different from everyone else’s. NYC culture shocks for newcomers are real as they get. Here we will mention some that you will probably experience yourself when you come to one of the coolest cities in the world.

NYC culture shocks for newcomers is real

So, as you probably already know New York is made from five pretty awesome boroughs:

  • Queens
  • Brooklyn
  • Bronx
  • Staten Island
  • And last, but not least Manhattan

These boroughs are here and there different from one another, but it is all New York. So, whatever borough you choose to go to, you won’t run away from NYC culture shocks for newcomers. It is bound to happen, one way or another. This is nothing to be scared of. Cultural shock means that you will find strange some things that New Yorkers find pretty normal. That is all there is to it. If you stay long enough in New York at one point something that you find strange, will probably become completely normal for you, which will mean that you are a New Yorker now. So, let’s see what are the cultural shocks that you may experience.

Brooklyn Bridge at night
Moving to New York has its pros and cons, but it is definitely exciting

Of course, it all depends on you, where are you coming from, because some people even though they are coming to New York from a country that is very different from America, or a city that is very different from New York in so many things, find everything in New York completely normal. What you do have to do, is to use experienced moving companies Brooklyn in order to move here without any issues whatsoever.


NYC culture shocks for newcomers are including prices of everything. Anything you can think of is probably way more expensive then you have used to. For example, having a rent-controlled apartment is a big deal in New York, whilst this is something completely normal in other cities. This is because it is a huge competition.

NYC culture shocks for newcomers includes prices in NYC
Money is important in NYC because everything is more expensive than usual

Rents are getting higher because boroughs are becoming more and more popular. It is not all about Manhattan anymore. The solution for this pricey problem would be to have a roommate in NYC or even more than one. So, this can be tricky and it can go under NYC culture shocks for newcomers because your jaw will drop when you go to see some apartment, that is not that pretty or spacious, but the price is.

You don’t want to have a car

Yes, you read it right. You don’t want to have a car in New York. Traffic jams can be ballistic in New York. If you live in Brooklyn, and you have to be in Manhattan at nine, there is no right advice to tell you when to go. However, by using the subway you can be there in a matter of half an hour. Another thing that can be so frustrating in New York is to look for a parking space. Mission, well, probably impossible. Sometimes it takes more time to find a parking spot then to drive to the wanted place.

Traffic jam in NYC
Traffic jams are very frequent in NYC and people never get fully used to them

Also, if you do have a car, you will have to be somewhat a driving ninja to manage to park in the smallest parking spot available. So, it is all up to you, but this can definitely go under NYC culture shocks for newcomers. Except if you are coming from a city where the situation is similar.

Cultural diversity

New York has so many different cultures all based in one city. It is really a great feeling and experience to have. If you are one the lucky ones who can come and live in New York it is bound that you will have the best from so many cultures. Mostly, when it comes to food and different languages. You will definitely eat, drink and learn a new language while living in New York.

This probably shouldn’t go under NYC culture shocks for newcomers, because it is not a shock, but it is something great and different. Where else can you eat something, you have never tried before? Drink some traditional drink from a country far away, and learn some new, wanted language. Sounds amazing, right?

NYC culture shocks for newcomers vary from moving companies prices to the way New Yorkers talk and act. When you are coming to a completely new and not familiar city, it is completely normal to find some things a bit strange for you in the lack of a better word. Nothing to be worried about, and everything that you may find strange will eventually grow on you and you will find yourself wondering why did you ever find anything so strange. Enjoy New York. It is one of the most wanted and most exciting cities in the world.