Moving your piano to Brooklyn with ease

If you are moving you have a lot of planning and organizing ahead of you. It is never an easy endeavor. All of your belongings will have to be packed and transported to a new address. This includes your precious piano if you own one. A piano is a valuable and delicate possession and needs to be moved with care.You are probably wondering if you should try and move your piano by yourself or hire professional help. We would recommend you to hire the best professional piano movers Brooklyn can offer if you are moving your piano to Brooklyn. We are going to explain to you how a piano is actually moved. You will figure out what you should pay attention to. We will give you reasons why you should hire professional piano movers.

Why you should hire professional piano movers

Pianos are very heavy and difficult to move. They are valuable and easily damaged. You have to be careful when moving them. You might damage your home or hurt your back. Even regular movers might not be experienced enough to move your piano in the right way. That is why there are professional piano movers. Piano movers NYC has to offer are your best choice if you are moving your piano to Brooklyn. There are important reasons why hiring professionals is a good idea

  • If you hire professional movers you will avoid damage to your piano and your home
  • You will not get any injuries
  • Finally, your professional movers will have the equipment that is necessary for moving your piano like straps, moving dolly, grip gloves and moving pads.
After moving your piano to Brooklyn you could also play on a black grand piano in a concert hall
Only piano movers will have the equipment needed for moving your piano to Brooklyn

What to expect and know when moving your piano to Brooklyn

A piano is a massive instrument, so you should know that the movers will have a team of four to five men ready to lift it and move it to the truck. They should have special equipment because without it it would be extremely difficult to move. They should have heavy duty stripes because they will help lift and hold the piano. You will also need a furniture dolly.It should be strong enough to support the weight of the piano. Paddings and blankets are also important. They will protect the piano from bumps, scrapes, and cracks.

You should protect the keyboard lid

You have to lock the keyboard lid. The keys and strings are very sensitive so you have to protect and secure them. If you can not lock the keyboard lit you should definitely close it before you wrap the piano. Warn your movers not to use tape.If you try to put the tape over the lid you can damage the lid.

You should wrap the piano

You should use blankets or padding when wrapping the piano. The corners need to be nicely wrapped. This is especially important.You should put the tape on the blanket, not the piano. This is extremely important. So, no tape near the piano surface. The blanket and padding should be thick enough. This will prevent bumps to the piano.

It is important to lift the piano in the right way

Your movers should lift the piano in the right way. They should never hold the piano by the legs. They are very fragile. Never lift the piano by the legs. You should always keep it in the upright position because if you lay it to the side it can damage the inner mechanics. Your movers should place the moving straps under the bottom of the piano. Someone should hold the straps from each side. Four people should hold the four corners. Then they can start lifting and placing the piano on the furniture dolly. Upright pianos have especially fragile piano legs. Thay carry their weight in the top part.

an upright black piano and a brown chair in a room
Upright pianos have fragile legs so be careful when lifting them

How to secure the piano in the truck

Your movers should load the piano in the moving truck in a proper way. The piano should never be in the front part of the cargo section. They should always load it in the back of the truck. Your movers should place it right next to the back wall. It is the wall that separates the cabin from the cargo area. The floor of the truck should be leveled so they should use wood planks to make sure this happens. If the piano is leveled the pressure on the fragile legs and casters will decrease. You will want to achieve this. They should secure the piano to the truck wall using straps. The piano should not move around. Your Brooklyn movers will know how to perform all of this.

Place the piano next to the right wall in your new home

After moving your piano to Brooklyn you should find the right place for it in your new home. You should place the piano next to an inside wall. Your piano will be safe from the cold and damp weather in this position. Your movers should be extra careful when they carry the piano into an elevator or up and down the stairs. After your movers place the piano in its right position it will be ready to produce music again.But, it will not sound as perfect as you would expect. After lifting and moving the inner mechanics and strings of the piano will move. That will change how the piano sounds. You should hire a piano tuner. A professional piano tuner will make your piano sound perfect once again.

So here is some advice for moving your piano to Brooklyn. Our advice is to hire professional piano movers. You will have your peace of mind knowing your piano is in safe hands. Your movers will not damage your piano and you will avoid back injury. We have given you some basic guidelines and advice about piano moving. You will understand what your piano movers are doing and you will be able to monitor their work.