Moving to NYC alone: Set your expectations realistically

If you’ve decided that New York will be your new home, all by your lonesome, it’s time to get ready. Most of the time people set unrealistic expectations about the place they are going to. This is the reason why their experience can be good or bad once they settle in. If your expectations are too high, you will feel disappointed by the reality and vice versa. Though, there is a way for your NY relocation to be made easy. So, let’s set some realistic expectations for moving to NYC alone.

Let’s see if you’re ready for moving to NYC alone?

Before even deciding to move to New York, you should think about if you’re ready to be making this move alone. Of course, here, we’re talking about you planning and making the relocation on your own. Also, finding housing in NYC and living there alone. Since it is not only a big decision, but an expensive one, think carefully before deciding. You already probably know the challenges of living on your own and have considered them. But, there are some things which are unique to living in the Big Apple to think about, as well. Here are some points which you may want to go over when thinking of moving to NYC alone:

  • Relocating to New York on your own means leaving the walk-in closet behind

    Moving to NYC alone starts by downsizing your closet.
    Relocating to NYC alone means compromising on the size of your closet.

If you’ve hired an NYC broker to get an apartment or been searching online, you’re already aware of this. The flats in the city tend to be tiny and expensive. Sure, there are some affordable neighborhoods in New York, as well, but, the size is still troublesome. Because of this, you may need to sift through your clothes more rigorously before moving to NYC alone. Think of a closet about half the size of your current one and you definitely won’t be in for a surprise. Luckily, if you’re set on living in NYC alone, there are plenty of DIY space saving ideas which you can use.

  • Have you thought about the commute after moving to NYC alone?

When living in New York, it’s common knowledge that you should get a pair of comfortable shoes on your feet for starters. However, despite the hours which you will undoubtedly spend walking, there is also the option of public transportation. So, here’s another thing to think about. How comfortable are you with your personal space being invaded? Living in New York means using the public transportation for your daily commute. And, if you’ve seen Law & Order, let us tell you that they don’t portray the crowdedness of the subway in its complete glory. Of course, if your budget can take the expense, there are a number of methods of transportation after moving to New York which you can consider other than the subway.

  • Are you moving to NYC alone for the long haul?

    Is moving to NYC alone for the long haul in your plan?
    Are you moving to NYC alone to stay for a long time?

Sure enough, New York is the city of dreams for plenty of people. Plenty of them make the move to NYC for a job. And then, there are others who relocate to the Big Apple for college, too. On the other hand, there are millions of people who decide that a mere tourist visit is their ideal stay in the city. Mostly, it is the cost of living in NYC which makes the distinction between these three. So, here is the main question to ask yourself when moving to NYC alone: Will you be living here for a while? This will, of course, influence your budget, apartment choice and lifestyle in the city. You need to be aware that living in New York may prove to be more expensive than what you originally thought. So, even if you’re moving alone, perhaps consider having a roommate? Especially if your stay is short-term, sharing rent will considerably lower your expenses.

What are realistic expectations of a NYC after move-in lifestyle?

  • Finding an apartment after moving to NYC alone – dangerous business, but worth it!

As we’ve mentioned, rent is expensive. However, getting an apartment is an even bigger challenge. Whether you are working with a realtor or hunting for a place on your own, you need to be careful of scams. We would suggest getting recommendations and never sending money in advance. Though, once you find a place, it is usually a great time afterwards. Whether you are living with roommates or on your own, NYC is a fun place to be.

  • Don’t let the number of crime shows about the city make you paranoid

If the sheer number of crime shows set in New York has made you afraid of the things that go bump in the night, that’s ok. It’s good to be cautious. However, don’t be too paranoid while walking about the city after moving to NYC alone. Not everyone will be out to get you. In fact, you should be more aware of pickpockets or scams. Especially for your credit cards!

  • The myth of the New York being like Iceland – false

Have you been checking out our blog? Yeah, we’ve already talked a bit about the wardrobe and seasons in our annual NYC weather guide for newbies. So, let’s address this common misconception of the Big Apple being like the North side of the Wall in Game of Thrones. Sure, there are some cold winters. And yes, there are some pretty hot days in the summer. However, you won’t be finding any White Walkers in the city. So, relax and stock your wardrobe cleverly.

  • Fashion is big, but you can still be ‘in’ even after moving to NYC alone

We all know that Jennifer Lopez makes even a maid’s uniform look fashionable in Manhattan. Though, if you think that your sense of fashion will pale in comparison to the norm in NYC, you may be wrong. Sure enough, there will be people who look nicer and wear more expensive clothing. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t be completely ‘in’ with your own style. Don’t be surprised when you receive compliments!