Moving from NYC to Florida know-how

When it comes to moving, even the bravest can fall apart. But what is that makes the moving process so stressful? Well, to begin with, people are not ready for what comes. Not being prepared causes a lot of problems, challenges, misunderstandings, and delays. All of this increases if you are experience a long distance move, for example, if you are moving from NYC to Florida. Cultural difference, gaps in standard, climate, and people… The world seems to be upside down from one state to another. All of that can be so overwhelming… But, you came to the right place! We are one of the best moving companies in NYC and we know all the problems you are faced with. We will do our best to help you solve them!

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Leaving New York will not be easy but sometimes change isn’t only good, it is necessary!

Not knowing what are you getting yourself into is the scariest thing. If you are considering relocating from NYC to Florida, you came to the right place. In this article we will discuss the main difference between the two places, what you need to know before your relocation, and how can you prepare for what’s coming.

The main differences between NYC and Florida

Every move is a challenge, but some relocations might be a bigger change that the others. Why is that the case? Well, first of all, it’s not just about the distance between the two places. It’s about the difference! If you are moving to a different culture, customs and climate, a lot of your old habits will necessarily have to change. You will, in fact, be leading a completely different life. If you are moving from NYC to Florida, you need to be aware that the differences will be huge. 

One of the biggest difference is climate. Weather in these two places is entirely different and it will require some adjusting. One of the best things you could do is to rent a storage unit in Brooklyn or wherever suits you the most. And keep all of your winter clothes there. You will most certainly not need it in Florida. Other important difference is the cost. Although not necessarily cheap, Florida is way cheaper than New York. If you look at rent, groceries, and any costs you might have, they are all much lower. That is why moving fro NYC to Florida could be a very good call. 

Differences Between Miamians and New Yorkers

Not only are the places different, so are the people. Miami taking the lead in Florida when it comes to all the things that NYC just doesn’t have:

  • Miamians have way more fun – NYC has its own fair share of parties, but Florida is a much more relaxed place. People are always looking o have a good time and they do not need a fancy place to do it. Who would, with all the beaches. If you decide to relocate from New York to Miami, make sure that you leave your stress back home. There will be no place for it in this sunshine state.
  • Miami is much more colorful – Forget about gray, dark blue and white. It’s all about the colors! Bright and bold, they will be everywhere and you will need to adjust your wardrobe accordingly. Summer lasts way too long for you not to have enough dresses and shirts to show off!
  • Curves are in style in Miami – When you live your life relaxed and stress-free you don’t obsess about your weight so much. And if you spend so much time at the beach you learn to enjoy your curves. That is why skinny NewYorkers need to grab a bite or two and loosen up. Moving from the Big Apple to Florida is going to be the adventure of your life! 

Should I hire professional movers for NYC to Sunshine state migration?

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Moving from NYC to Florida is quite demanding. Make sure you hired a reliable company!

For this sort of long-distance relocations, doing the transportation yourself can turn out to be quite risky. Not only are the costs way too big if you do it by yourself, you could also encounter any number of problems that could ruin your relocation. That is why it is much better to hire professionals for relocation when moving from NYC to Florida.  When you do decide to hire, you need to have a couple of things in mind. First, you need to hire reliable movers in NYC. That is your starting point and the thing that will determine the success of your relocation. Although you are going to want to spend as little as you can, you still need to be careful when it comes to hiring a cheap mover in NYC. It’s not just about the prices, quality matters as well.

Why you should hire Big Apple Movers NYC for your relocation

As we have previously mentioned, hiring professional movers will help you have a much better relocation between NY and Florida. But, not all movers are the same. Some will try to scam you, some will not know better. When relocating so far away, you do not want to take any chances. You want to make sure that you have hired the best company when moving from NYC to Florida. At Big Apple Movers NYC you will get a moving quote, proper estimation, and fair treatment. Not only do we know New York city like the back of our hand, we also know quite a lot about interstate relocations. That means we are familiar with customs, borders, and all the legal nonsense that your moving company should know. You will not regret hiring Big Apple Movers NYC for your relocation to Florida.

What you should know when moving from NYC to Florida

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Long distance relocation can be quite difficult. Make sure you have everything you need?

Long distance relocation isn’t as easy as one might think. They are usually double the effort of short distance ones. In order to have a good long distance move there are a couple of things you should do, other than hiring a good moving company:

  • Make sure that you are only transporting what you really need. If you are moving from New York to Florida you might want to throw some things away first. How important are they to be transported across the state lines?
  • You will need to have everything planned and organized in order to avoid any problems. It’s not just about the relocation, it’s about jobs and schools and cable TV and magazine subscriptions… All of it changes, and you need to have a plan for that.
  • Your things will not travel as fast as you will. Have that in mind and pack a suitcase with everything you will need for the first day or two. Don’t get a panic attack when you realize that the keys to your new home are at the bottom of a box that is still in NYC. Your relocation to Florida needs to be better than that.

Things you need to know prior to your New York to Florida move

Doing a move this big can cause a lot of stress and even health problems. In addition to carrying about all of this, you need to stay safe. One thing you should have in mind is how to stay safe during a summer move.  This might not be easy, but it is more important than everything else we have previously mentioned. If something happens to you, your kids and your pets, nothing else will matter. So, make sure that everyone wears appropriate clothes, hydrates enough and is careful around tools and heavy items. Safety needs to be your top priority for your NYC to  Florida relocation. 

How best to prepare your children for a long distance move

If your entire family is on this adventure with you, that could be a blessing and a curse. It will be marvelous having them with you under the bright sun and on sandy beaches… But, they might not be so eager to move across the country and leave everything behind. So, how can you help them embrace this change? Well, here are few tips:

  • Don’t tell your children that you will be moving from NYC to Florida at the last minute. They will need time to process this event and you will need some time to help them understand.
  • Incorporate them into your team and allow them to make decisions. If they feel included, they will be much more eager to get on board.
  • Let them know about the dates, deadlines, tasks to be done. If they are big enough they can and should help. This is their move as well!
  • Show them all the benefits of moving to Sunshine state but don’t make promises you can’t keep. If they love the beach and outdoors, they will love Florida. But once you are there, do not let that beach be seen only through the window of the car.
  • Give them space to say goodbye to their friends, school, and neighbors. These rituals will make the move feel more real, and their emotions will be processed in a healthy way. Do this for yourself as well. When you move from NYC to Florida you will leave everything behind. If you are not ready, get started.

Connect with the neighbors and colleagues after NYC-Florida move

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Make your new house a home and invite neighbors for a welcoming party

One of the reasons why migration is so difficult is because a new stage of your life begins. If you stay in the same city or state it is a bit less stressful. But, if you are moving from NYC to Florida, your world will be turned upside down. You need to know how to handle this and how to start this new part of your life in a good way. One of the most important advice is to learn not to look behind. Once the move is finished your old life stays in the past, and you do not carry it with you. This goes for habits, set up of your furniture and your ex-partners. It’s time to move on and be better.

Another thing that can help your move be more successful are your new neighbors. It isn’t always easy learning to connect with them. But it is very rewarding. They know the place, they are locals, and they can give you a hand. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, don’t be shy or arrogant. It will be difficult but it will be worth it. You didn’t move from NYC all the way to Florida not to get to know the people that will live next to you. 

Essential things to remember before moving from NYC to Florida

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You will never get tired of this view

When it comes to such difficult and long distance moves, the most important thing to know is that change is difficult but it pays off. Turing your life upside down might be scary, but this is how you will grow and become better.

If you moving from NYC to Florida, you can be sure that you will lead a much more relaxed life. One thing that is bad about NYC is the pressure and the constant struggle to get ahead and be better. All of that can take a toll on your health and confidence. Florida values different things, and the quality of life tops the need to be the best. It is famous for amazing beaches, healthy food, and wellness. You will have a place to stay healthy and fit, to enjoy the nature, the sun and the cocktails, while at the same time making sure that your kids receive a proper education.You will have the time to set different priorities and to see if this change of location can cause a change in your life as well. Good luck!