Moving in with roommates – what to expect

So, you have decided to move to NYC. That is a great decision. However, you should be aware of the consequences finance wise. Rent prices are sky high and you will have to think of ways to avoid them after moving to NYC. The simplest solution is to find roommates and share rent expenses. But, finding good roommates and learning how to coexist is not that easy. We are going to give you some advice on how to organize your life with roommates. Moreover, we will try to explain what you can expect after moving in with roommates.

New York
Moving in with roommates is a great living solution in NYC

What to discuss before moving in with roommates

Before moving to NYC you should choose one of the best moving companies in New York to help you with your relocation. Once your movers help you move it is time to find a place to live and roommates. Once you find people you think you could live with it is important to talk to them. We will suggest some important things you should discuss before moving in with roommates.

Ask your roommates about their quirks

You are going to share a living space with your roommates, so if they have any quirks you should know about that. You should ask them and find out if they have any habits that you might find annoying. They might have some kind of behavior that borders OCD, like cleaning too much or making you always put things in a certain place. On the other hand, they might be messy and untidy. All in all, you need to ask them about their habits and realize if you are ok with that.

Establish if they want to be friends

You will have a social relationship and interaction of some kind with your roommates. You should establish what they expect. Ask them if they expect to gain a friend as well as a roommate. Do they expect you to do certain activities together? Make a deal and establish the guidelines of your relationship as well as your life together.

roommates having coffee
Discuss the ground rules before moving in with your roommates

Establish some ground rules

Young people will potentially use some drugs or party and get loud. If you are like this then it will not bother you if your roommates behave in the same way. However, if you want a disciplined, peaceful and quiet life you should set some ground rules for your roommates. If you are a lark and your new roommate is a night owl you need to reach a certain compromise. Try to get them to promise they will not make loud noises past a certain time during the night. Just in case, arm yourself with earplugs if you are a very light sleeper.

Talk about ‘permanent’ guests

We have all bee in a situation where your roommate has a friend or a visitor who is always there. That is why we are using the term ‘permanent’ guest. Ask your roommates if this is going to be the case with them. You deserve to know who you will be using your bathroom and kitchen with, other than your roommates. If you start feeling that the person is basically living with you it is time to start talking about splitting bills. Moreover, this person should start contributing when it comes to household chores.

If you are moving into a new house ask about the potential problems

Before you move into that new home with new roommates ask them to be sincere about the potential problems with the house

  • Is the house soundproof? You wouldn’t want to hear everything that is going on in the other rooms.
  • Does the landlord come often to check on things and bother you?
  • Are the hallways to short for your bed to fit through?
  • Does the hot water last longer than five minutes?
  • Are all of the appliances functional and are they working properly?

These are all facts to know before moving in. Be sure to ask all of the important questions before making your final decision.

How to organize the living space after moving in with roommates

We are going to share with you some tricks on how to organize your living space after moving in with roommates. You can create zones for you and your roommate. The key is buying small and affordable furniture pieces that can be lifesavers. Maybe large furniture is not the solution, but smaller pieces are the key. You can get a garden table that can be a dining spot or a working area for one of you. Moreover, you can get a comfy armchair. It will be great if you want to relax and don’t want to share a sofa with your roommate. Room dividers are a great way to split your space. If you need your space or you have friends over at the same time, these are the best.

Boost your storage

Since you will not be living alone you will have to get used to less space and storage room. However, you and your roommates can think of creative solutions. You can put up many floor to ceiling shelves all around the house or apartment. They will be interesting details. In addition, they will provide with that extra storage space you need.

room with shelves
Make a lot of shelves to increase storage space after moving in with roommates

Make rooms multifunctional

Since more that one person is going to be living in that flat or house everyone will need their space. You should find ways to make rooms multifunctional. You can start with the kitchen. Get a small sofa into the kitchen. This can be a resting or working space for your roommates while you are cooking or working there. You can set up standing desks in the living room or in those spaces between rooms that have no use. Moreover, you could install some wall desks. It is easy and you could do it as a DIY project. Just buy a wooden board and some hinges and nails. Decide where to install these desks together with your roommates. They can even be used as small dining tables if necessary.