Moving From Texas to New York

Are you moving from Texas to New York? Congratulations on your new job opportunity in New York! Or… Congratulate on moving in with your loved one, and relocating to New York because of it! Or, you just want to make a huge change in your life and leave break up with Texas for New York? Whatever the reason is, it’s a big change to make and there are countless factors to consider, especially when making such a long distance move. If you’re still in the stage of planning and haven’t yet decided whether you’re going to do it or not – here’s some info on the differences.

Moving from Texas to New York should be very well planned and thought out.
A long distance move from Texas to NYC is a serious move. Plan it accordingly!

Granted both states have their perks, and no place is perfect. It just depends on what you’re looking for in a ‘home’. The article will be focusing on the most fundamental criteria and give an opinion as to who is taking the stand. Hopefully, after reading this article you will have a better idea as to which is better for you.


Moving from Texas to New York will, in most cases, inquire that you need a new job. No matter the skills you have, finding a new job is no easy task. Especially if you’re looking for one in a totally unfamiliar place where you have little to no friends, yet.

Moving from Texas to New York will inquire that you look for a new job.
Moving from Texas to New York will inquire that you look for a new job.

New York is huge and the opportunities are endless. If you are, for instance, moving to Brooklyn without a job – you won’t have much of a problem. From looking to be a bartender to pursuing a corporate career, you can find it all. However, aside from some entry-level positions it is not that easy to get. On the other hand, Texas has added over 300,000 jobs within the past couple of years – which amounted to a total of 12 percent of jobs added throughout the nation. New York private job sector increased by 113,000 within the same time frame, based on the information from the state Department of Labor. Hence, Texas has more than double to offer.

When comparing the unemployment rates, Texas wins with a 5.5 percent against New York’s 6.9. This still means nothing, this is just statistical data. If you’re a capable person, just as you are, you will be able to find a job. You’ll just need to arm yourself with some patience and get out there!


Whether if it’s for you, or your little ones, education is an important factor in deciding whether you’ll be moving from Texas to New York. The amount of people who get their high school diplomas is a whopping 84.6 percent. Furthermore, the amount of public and private schools offered is incredible when compared to anywhere else in the USA even.

The Empire State is also home to two very powerful, Ivy League schools – Cornell and Columbia. This alone has been a reason for countless people moving to New York from across the country (and across the world even). When compared, Texas is just not that big on education. Not that Texas doesn’t have any, it’s just not as focused as it is in New York.

Cost of Living

Ah, if Texas was lacking in the previous section – it will most certainly make up for in this one. New York is expensive, not compared to Texas but compared to the rest of the nation. Living in NY is a luxury everyone is aware of. However, there still are affordable NYC neighborhoods. On the other side, Texas is just as beautiful in its own way – at a far lower price. So if you’re thinking about moving from Texas to New York, be ready to reach deep into your pockets.

Texas has cheaper labor, cheaper houses and cheaper gas – all of which combined dictate a cheaper cost of living. On top of it all, Texas doesn’t have income tax which brings it to top 5 affordable places to live in in the USA. Where Texas is in the top five, New York ranked 47th – making it one of the most expensive locations to live in.

Crime Rate

New York is far more safer than Texas.
If you’re looking for safety, New York is the place to be!

Texas is the place where owning a gun is almost mandatory. This also dictates that it isn’t as safe as you’d hope it to be. Now, I am not going to go into the entire ‘should we or should we not have a gun’, that’s a personal decision everyone should make while being within the law. I am, however, going to go into statistics about the crime rates in Texas and New York, since this is something you must know when thinking of moving from Texas to New York.

Texas crime rate per 100,000 people is almost double of what New York is – 3770 versus 2300. The Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence has given New York an A- grade for preventing gun violence. In that same year, under the same criteria, Texas has received an F. This is a large enough indicator as to just how safer New York is in comparison to Texas.


Moving from Texas to New York should have you know where the economy is better.
Economy in Texas is flourishing! Not as much in NY.

Texas has the second fastest growing economy in all the 50 states. The gross domestic product of the state growth has had more than a 3 time higher number than New York. This is all a product of a huge energy boom and population growth. From 2000 until 2010 the population in Texas grew by more than 20 percent. Above all, Texas mining industry is the largest of all states in the nation, holding for more than 40 percent of the nations mining output.


New York rocks this part. The state has been ranked the third lowest obesity state in the nation, according to the American Public Health Association. Texas, however, ranked 32nd. The same association ranked New York as the 15th overall health state out of the 50, whereas Texas ranked 36th. The amount of people having health insurance is much higher as well. Overall, NY has been dominating this field not only versus Texas but versus the rest of the United States.

Moving From Texas to New York?

So what do you think? Is New York really for you? Should you be moving from Texas to New York, or are you good where you’re at? This long distance NYC move  is no easy task, so let us know what you think!