Moving from Queens to Manhattan

New York City is a city full of possibilities. There are so many things to do and explore, and each borough is the story for itself! This is why many people will start thinking about switching from one borough to the next after some time. If you are too thinking about moving from Queens to Manhattan, then, before you try to find affordable moving company NYC, there are some things you need to learn and think about. In this article, we will cover all the bases that you need to check before you begin your moving process.

Explore your options before moving from Queens to Manhattan

There is nothing worse than going into a move blind. No matter how sure you are about what you are doing, you should never just jump in it and start the process. Moving takes time, and the experts often recommend you set out at least two months for it. It doesn’t matter if you have professional movers on your side or you are planning on doing it alone. You will still need to go through packing, planning, logistics and a thousand little details.

Create lists of pros and cons to help you make your decision.

This is why you should think before moving from Queens to Manhattan. You need to explore your options thoroughly. Think about your lifestyle and what makes it great. Make a list of things you cannot live without – and you could live with. Moving to Manhattan will mean making a lot of compromises, whether it is about your living space or your activities. Of course, it will come with many perks, too. Balancing these is the key – and that is why you need all that research. Usually, there are three differences that people notice immediately – the lifestyle itself, the costs of each borough and the night lives.

The lifestyle changes when moving from Queens to Manhattan

One of the biggest differences you will notice when finishing your move, and one of the reasons why people are moving from Queens to Manhattan, is the pace of life. The way you live your life will change the moment you set your foot outside of Queens. Everything is faster in Manhattan. The people walk faster on the streets, they often seem busier – and you will see this trend even during lunch breaks.

However, this also means that you will reach things faster. Let’s face it – Manhattan is the center of the universe. All the best clubs, bars and restaurants are here. And if you ever wanted to go out before the move, you were probably sitting in the metro for a while before getting there and back. What’s more, you probably had a long way home even when going out in Queens. After all, it is the biggest borough in New York City. In Manhattan – things change! Everything is much, much closer. This means that the time you spend traveling will be much, much shorter – wherever you go!

The costs change too!

One of the main reasons why people are moving from Queens to Manhattan is because they got richer. This might seem bleak, but it is a truth we all come to accept and love. Everyone dreams of living in Manhattan – however, not everyone can afford it. After you finish your move, you will notice that everything is a lot cheaper in this borough. You should be prepared for this before your move. Otherwise, you are in for a nasty surprise.

You will need some cash before moving to Manhattan.

The first thing you will need to think about are the rents. They are much higher in Manhattan than in Queens. Whether you are looking for apartment or office movers NYC, this is a big flaw of this borough, and you should prepare for it. But it’s not just the place where you live that changes price. Even the smallest things, from going to dinner with your partner to seeing a movie will be more expensive in Manhattan.

Nightlife differs in all of the boroughs

We already mentioned this, but the nightlife in all the boroughs differs. You do not have the same clubs and bars in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens. This is why many people will even go to another borough in order to have fun – and then make their way home in the morning. And since the train ride from Manhattan to Queens will take about thirty minutes, it’s obvious why young people are moving from Queens to Manhattan.

a nightlife after moving from Queens to Manhattan
The nightlife differs from borough to borough.

The bigger reason for this is that the nightlife in Manhattan is crazy. You can find clubs that play any sort of music you want! From jazz and blues to pop and R’n’B, you will find it all! But it’s not just the clubs that can make you go mad! There are some of the best restaurants in the world waiting for you in the borough. However, we should not forget that nightlife in Queens is also amazing. If you are a person who goes out often, the options are worth exploring. Just make sure you don’t wake up your roommate when coming home late.


To conclude, there are a couple of things you need to think about before moving from Queens to Manhattan. The move is complicated, and you will need to do a lot of chores. From packing and logistics to finding the perfect moving company – a lot awaits you! However, the first thing you will need to do is examine the differences between these boroughs – especially the way of life, nightlife and venues as well as the costs. Only then will you be sure if your move is worth making – or you will be better of staying in Queens.