Moving from New York: It’s a possibility

Leaving New York… When you first think about it, you’re probably telling yourself that it couldn’t and won’t ever happen. You’re probably thinking of the numerous walks you’d taken in the parks throughout the Big Apple. Or, the crowded, yet nostalgic, song of a lone singer on the subway. You’re imagining the numerous food stands in the Midtown and the mixture of cultures which you’ve experienced. However, there comes a time when the fast beat of the city simply isn’t the best tune for you. It may be that you are getting older, or simply, that it’s become too hectic, and that’s alright. New York, while a great destination for a tourist, might not be the best home for everyone. It’s important to know that the city isn’t for you anymore. And, if you’re having doubts, here are a few reasons why moving from New York might be a good possibility…

First and foremost, let’s talk about the costs after moving from New York

The Big Apple is ridiculously expensive. If you’ve lived here at least for a little while, you’re very familiar with this fact. A definite plus to leaving New York behind is the lower cost of… well, almost everything! However, we’ve compiled a list of the most important components of your daily life which will become much more affordable:

  • Expect a change in rent after leaving NYC

    After moving from New York, renting a flat alone is a possibility.
    Living alone is a possibility after moving from New York.

You’ve already become familiar with the ridiculous prices of rent in the city, yes? Or, perhaps you’ve been splitting it with a roomie, so it hasn’t hit you that hard? Well, regardless of the situation, prepare for a huge change! After leaving New York, you will find that for the same amount of money which you were paying in the city you will be able to afford an apartment of a normal size. Yes, you may actually be able to have a shower in a proper bathroom now!

  • Brokers won’t be asking for your soul, as well

You’ve tried hiring a broker in NYC, yes? Well, it’s time to relax a bit. While brokers in New York may ask for ridiculous payment in thousands, realty agents in other parts of the USA are a bit more humane with their fees. So, finding an apartment can actually be nearly affordable. Though, you may not get to experience the same quality of service as in NYC, if you had a great broker. On the other hand, they will most definitely be nicer!

  • Have you imagined working only one job after moving from New York?

If you're leaving NYC don't be surprised when you end up saving some money for vacation.
After moving from New York, you may actually find yourself saving some money for trips.

This is actually possible… If you moved to New York for college, you know exactly what we’re talking about… There is simply not enough money to cover the costs with only one job. There are enough opportunities online to provide easy freelance work to pay for extra expenses. Well, if you’re moving from NYC, it’s time to rejoice! You can actually cover all your costs with a single job!

  • Have you forgotten about eating at restaurants in NYC?

We know that New York tends to make Seamless your best friend. It’s simply much easier to order in, not to mention cheaper. If you’ve moved to NYC for work, you also understand the ridiculously long hours one tends to work. However, after leaving the city, it’s time for a change. Eating at a restaurant can actually be affordable, both cost and time-wise.

  • Splitting checks is an easy possibility, without an app

While we’re talking about restaurants, let’s tell you that Venmo is a thing of the past! After moving from New York, you’ll actually be able to split checks without any trouble.

  • Have you forgotten about grocery shopping in bulk, too?

Another myth in NYC is shopping in bulk. If you’ve always lived in the city, you may actually be surprised by the convenience of it. Even in the most affordable neighborhoods in NYC you only buy the most necessary items, as they tend to be expensive. After leaving the city, you can actually start using coupons in bigger stores and stocking up on non-perishables.

Next, expect a change in your surroundings if you’re leaving New York

If yellow taxis and crowded subways have become your natural habitat, you may be in for a shock. New York is a huge city, the most populous in the USA, and it tends to get suffocating living there for a long time. Sure, the public transportation in the Big Apple is convenient. And sure, the convenience store might work 24/7. However, is that all that there is? If you’re moving from New York, prepare for:

  • Fresh air – it exists!

You may have gotten used to the salty breeze from the sea, carrying the smog of the city and blowing through your window. However, nothing can really beat the freshness of the air outside of the metropolis walls. If you’re moving from NYC to a smaller town, it’s time to take a break. You will likely never leave your patio in favor of your room again.

  • People – they… can smile!

    People tend to be friendlier outside of big cities, such as NYC.
    You may find making new friends easier after moving from New York.

Living in New York for a long time has probably taught you that people smile when they want something from you. True, but not in every case. Leaving the city, you will definitely notice this difference. Your neighbors will actually be nice to you, without an ulterior motive. It’s time to make friends!

  • Space – everywhere!

Have you been using storage in NYC for your extra stuff? It’s alright, you won’t need it anymore. An apartment outside of New York can actually have some storage room for anything you may not use, but still be attached to.

  • Living alone – isn’t a faraway dream for ‘adultier’ adults.

    After moving from New York, owning a pet is an option, as well.
    You can think about having a pet after moving from New York, too.

As we’ve mentioned before, moving from New York means lower rent costs. This could actually allow you to live on your own, without a roommate. Or, with a four-legged one? Have you attempted moving to New York with a dog or other pet? This won’t be anything like it!

  • Fashion – may not be as important.

It’s time to cut down on the amount of hours you spend choosing clothing in your wardrobe. While you may need to be a true fashionista in NYC, you won’t need to bother outside of the city. Moving from New York means buying a pair of uncomfortable shoes and wearing some color with them! After all, you won’t be walking for a couple of blocks anymore…

So, what do you think, is moving from New York a possibility for you?