Moving cost influencers – knowledge is power

If there is one thing everyone already knows about moving is that it is an expensive endeavor! There are many factors which decide how pricey your relocation will be. These are the so-called moving cost influencers, and there are many of them which you should know about. Since moving companies prices in NYC are not cheap, it is high time that you learn how to get the best deal for your upcoming relocation!

A dollar bill and a bitcoin. Moving cost influencers lead to a price much higher than this.
A number of different things will influence the final moving cost!

The distance of your relocation is one of the main moving cost influencers

It only makes sense that the distance your movers need to conquer when relocating you has the biggest influence on the moving cost. Therefore, as you might be able to conclude, long-distance relocations will not cost the same as local ones. For local moving, not a lot of gas needs to be spent, and, generally speaking, less time is necessary for the transportation of your items. However, when it comes to long-distance moving, your relocation professional will have to spend a lot of gas, they will have to pay more road tolls (which are not so cheap), and they will need to put in more time into relocating you. Speaking of time, we come to another crucial moving cost influencer.

Time is another key factor which decides what the final moving cost will be

As we have just mentioned, time plays an important role in the process of moving. The less time your movers need to relocate you, the smaller the moving cost will be. However, even though you might have a different picture in your mind, the distance of the move is not the only thing which decides how much time will be put into your relocation. There are two other, rather important factors:

  • The time it takes your movers to pack your possessions.
  • How long it takes for them to load and unload the truck.

Thus, the amount of the things you are taking with you seems to have a crucial role in the price of your move. And, with that, we come to another point on our list. Incredible how everything seems to be connected, isn`t it?

The weight of the shipment is important for the final moving cost

If you want to save money in the Big Apple, you should make an effort to pack light. It is a known fact that the heavier your shipment is, the bigger your bill will be. We understand the necessity to bring every single item you own with you. However, think practically, and pack only what you need. If there are some items you can imagine parting ways with, do leave them behind. You can even organize a yard sale, and earn a couple of dollars in the process. Furthermore, there is always the option of donating what you don`t need. Just keep the packing to a minimum, and you will be fine!

A lot of colorful decorative boxes stacked one on the other.
Don`t go overboard when packing your house, as the weight of the shipment is one of the main moving cost influencers!

The complexity of the move is another thing to take into consideration

In life, when you need to have some difficult task taken care of, it is only natural to pay more money to have it done. There is no reason why it should be any different when it comes to relocation and the moving cost. If your relocation requires complicated tasks, like piano moving, then you will have to make your peace with paying more money. And, if you are unsure whether your relocation will be a complex one, there are a few hints to think about. 

  • How many bulky items will your movers have to transport?
  • Are there any staircases in your house/building? The presence of stairs always makes a relocation more difficult, so this, too, is one of the moving cost influencers.
  • What is the size of your house? If there are many rooms in the game, your relocation is not a simple one.

From the bottom of our heart, we wish that your relocation will be a simple one. Not only will you have to pay less, but you will also experience less stress. Although, going through relocation without experiencing any stress is next to impossible.

The number of movers necessary for your relocation

You might already be aware of this one, but let`s mention it, just in case. The number of your movers is directly linked to the final moving price. The more movers you need, the bigger the cost will be, and vice versa. Of course, if you have many items, and your relocation is a complex one, you can`t help it. You will have to hire more individuals, but it will all pay off in the end.

Additional moving services are the biggest moving cost influencers

Let`s face it. Additional moving services, the ones which are not included in the mover`s basic offer, cost a lot of money. However, in most cases, you can`t help it. After all, what are you supposed to do if you have to relocate a hot tub? You are not a professional, but your movers are. They are the ones who know how to deal with all of your moving needs, but that does come with a price.

Moreover, packing is the most popular moving service, one that will add a significant amount of money to your final bill. However, this service is worth every penny! So, if you absolutely hate packing (which we all do), you should consider packing services in NYC. We assure you that you won`t regret it.

A sketch of two movers packing two lamps inside a brown cardboard moving box.
If packing is your least favorite thing in the world, you have a way out. However, this indulgence will cost you.

Even though there are many moving cost influencers, there is one thing you should remember. Moving can never be cheap! And, if it seems like a company`s estimate is too good to be true, there is a big probability you are dealing with fraudulent movers. In the end, being a victim of a moving scam is much more expensive than paying for a regular relocation, no matter how complex it turns out to be.