Moving Boxes NYC for New York migration

The excitement reaches the limits you could never imagine that would be reachable. You are moving to your new NYC home! You cannot hide the smile being happy for all the innovations your life will be full of once you moved. Only, we suggest you still stay focused and concentrated. At least until the whole migration process is finished. There is a serious job to be done. The preparations for the New York relocation must start the very moment you decide to move to another home. Get ready for changing your address, redirecting your mail, changing your car registration (in case you are going to become a NY newcomer) etc. But the first, and the most important prepare for packing and moving. And what you need the most when talking about the packing process are the moving boxes NYC relocation requires.

In case you considered things, and decided to hire movers NYC, it will be much easier for you. Given that we have all you need for safe New York migration. We offer all sorts of moving boxes New York relocation might need. The experience of many decades helps us to wisely decide about the size, strength, number, and shape of the moving boxes NYC for your particular New York. Besides the different kinds of moving boxes in NYC, we shall discuss the other preparations for the packing process you should undertake.

Moving boxes NYC are crucial for safety of your items
It is very important to acquire appropriate moving boxes NYC

How to prepare for packing the NY moving boxes

There is no success without good preparation!
Good preparation leads to success!

Packing is probably one of the most demanding and the most annoying parts of relocation. Preparing for NYC move takes time and effort. In order to do everything right, we suggest you make a checklist of everything you indent to pack or to have packed. Keep notes for every part of NYC migration you have multiple tasks to do and multiple items to deal with. Trying to remember everything is not an option. There is no way you could remember everything! In lines to come, we will go through some information you need to be aware of in order to prepare for the packing your moving boxes NYC:

  • Organize your belongings- Set everything ready for the packing process
  • Moving boxes New York- The characteristics of NYC moving boxes for packing your valuables.
  • What kind of help to expect from NYC movers- How New York moving professionals help you with packing the moving boxes for NY move.

Items organization makes the job easier

Decluttering your home leads to order instead of chaos, and also to fewer moving boxes New York required, which leads to less expensive NY relocation!
Decluttering—>order instead of chaos—>fewer boxes for New York move—>Less expensive NY relocation

You can pack in three ways. You can do all the job by yourself. The NY moving professionals can help you with the packing. Or NYC moving company’s packing experts can do everything. No matter what you choose, there are some things you must do in order to prevent forgetting to put something in your New York moving boxes. Also, you don’t want your relocation boxes NYC to contain something you don’t want to move to your new home in New York. In order to do that, we suggest the following steps:

  • Before everything, decluttering is a must- To prevent cluttering your new home.
  • Get your items ready, one room at the time- Preparing your items for New York relocation boxes helps you with the unpacking process.
  • Sort items by size- This makes you and the movers able to decide how many moving boxes NYC of each size you need for your NY migration.

How to declutter home before packing your moving boxes NY

The most important thing with the decluttering is to be honest with yourself. All of us have those items we bought with the intention to use them, but we never or rarely ever do. Keeping them in your home just makes your home overladen. And this is what nobody wants. Still, somehow, we are very problematic when getting rid of items comes on the table. But, what if you don’t have enough space in your, potentially smaller, new home? Would you waste money putting your items in a New York self storage and leave them there forever? We suggest not to do that.

Our suggestion is to decide what is not worth putting in moving boxes for NYC move. When you start packing those boxes for NY relocation, you will understand why it is an important thing to do. After you make this important decision, everything else is much easier. Separate those items from those you want to have in your new residence. After you do this, you could earn some money! Given that there are several options what you could do with those items you don’t need anymore:

  • Make a garage or online sale. What you don’t need, somebody could. And you could earn money! Before you do this, we suggest you get the information about the pricing, so you wouldn’t over or underestimate your belongings.
  • Present those items to your friends and family. Some of them could be unable to afford some of the items you don’t use, and they might need them. So presenting those things or selling them at some minimum price would be very helpful to them.
  • Donate to charity- It will make you feel good, and it will save you money by having fewer moving boxes NYC to pack.

Sorting items for packing in one room at the time

This is something that proved to be the best tactic when it comes preparing your belongings for moving boxes NYC. This way, you can easily decide what you need and what you don’t intend to use in the future. So you are easier to get rid of the clutter. Besides that, preparing items for packing makes you able to mark those NY relocation boxes and then easy unpack them in the appropriate room in your new home. It improves the speed of your relocation, being that you will lose a lot less time to unpack. Also, workers from your moving company will know what moving boxes NYC to be more careful with. Given that there is more important to be careful with the dishes than with the clothes for example.

The number and the size of NY moving crates depends on the volume of your relocation
The volume of your relocation determines the number and the size of NY moving crates

Size of your items is essential for choosing the size of relocation boxes NY

To pack your items, you must get the best moving boxes New York of an appropriate size. Because you don’t want your items to be packed into too big NYC boxes for moving. The extra space could cause their damage. And that is what you want to avoid. So classifying your items room by room is quite ok. But after you’re done with deciding what you need, and what you don’t, you should do another classification. And that is sorting your items by size, and, if possible, by the material.

Having the items of the similar or same material and size packed in the same crates makes you able to prevent the most usual damages. And it makes the job for you and for your movers a lot easier. Plus, it allows you to know the exact, or near an exact number of boxes for NY move of each size you need.

The boxes for NY move

When deciding about the boxes for New York moving day, you must know what you actually need. This in case you are doing the packing part, of course. You have several options. You can purchase moving bins and crates at the store. Rent our moving boxes. Or get previously used, but still usable crates, bins, and boxes for NYC relocation. It doesn’t only depend on your desires. You could be limited with your NY migration budget. Whatever you decide, the quality and the quantity of moving boxes NYC you need is not changing. What changes, is only the price you pay. Here are some important characteristics of boxes for New York relocation:

  • The size and the quantity- What sizes of moving boxes NYC are there, and how many of them do you need?
  • The strength- Different items require the different strength of the boxes.
  • The quality- You want the boxes for an NYC move to be reliable and useful.

The volume of your relocation influences the number and the size of the NY moving boxes

You can opt between many sizes
There are different kinds of sizes

There are different sizes of boxes for New York migration. And there is no some specific requirement what size is ideal to be used for packing. But there are some specific sizes of moving crates commonly used for the purpose of NYC relocation:

  • Normal Moving Boxes (18”x14”x12”)- There are various purposes of using the boxes of this size. you can pack your kitchen items, your books, or anything else fitting to them.
  • Large Moving Boxes (20”x20”x15”)- Perfect solution for combining heavy items with lighter belongings. Given that even NYC moving boxes are not made of steel, so they must be carefully used.
  • Extra Large Moving Boxes (23”x23”x16”)- You could assume that big boxes for NY move are used for heavy items. But, again, these moving supplies are not made of steel or iron. So, having that in mind, you will pack here lighter and extra light items. Don’t forget you and your movers need to carry the moving boxes NYC and load them into the truck.

How strong boxes for NY migration do you need?

Given that there are too many different kinds of relocations, we must say: it depends. It depends on the sort of your items, their size, and the material. What we must say here, being that you might decide to do the packing by yourself, is that you must be very careful. The strength of the boxes for moving doesn’t depend on the size. So the bigger relocation box doesn’t mean the stronger one. So, in case you don’t rent the moving boxes from us, and you don’t hire us for this part of the relocation, we suggest you still contact us. Ask our experts for packing how many boxes to obtain, of which size and how strong they need to be. This way you will make sure you get the moving boxes NY of appropriate characteristics, so your belongings would be safely packed. 

The quality of relocation boxes

If you decide to purchase the moving boxes by yourself or to get previously used moving boxes in New York, be very cautious. Especially with using second-hand boxes for relocation. It is true that some boxes can be used multiple times. Particularly plastic bins for NY move. Or plastic NYC moving crates. But talking about the cardboard containers for moving, we must say a few words what to be careful about. Take care if they got wet. Being that they are useless if that happens. Because they wouldn’t be strong enough to carry your items. Besides that, take care of glued boxes. The glue loses strength over time, so it is very dangerous to use this kind of crates for your NYC move. Plus, if some moving bins are overused, which can be seen by their condition, avoid using them.

The assistance we offer for packing your moving crates NYC

In case you plan on hiring us to do the packing part, or you plan on renting our New York moving boxes, bins, and crates, you need to have no worries. We own moving boxes of different materials, different strength, and different size. So you can rest assured your belongings are safely packed if packed in our moving crates New York. So we offer to you, aside from other moving services NYC, the service of packing your items safely and properly labeled in our quality relocation bins, of the proper size.

Besides this, when it comes to the New York moving crates, we offer to rent them to you, if you want to pack yourself. As we mentioned many times before, no matter what your desire about the relocation in NYC is, we are here to satisfy your needs! Read our previous clients reviews and you’ll see why we are the right people for your New York move. Get a free NYC moving quote and decide about your Relocation now!

What kind of boxes do you want?

New York moving boxes are the most important thing to get when you’re packing. But, there are a few different options to choose from. You can either get cardboard boxes or go for plastic ones. Of course, this decision depends on a few things. What are you packing? Do you want to be able to reuse the boxes? Would you like an eco-friendly option?

Cardboard moving boxes

Close up of brown cardboard. Most people use cardboard moving boxes NYC.
Most people tend to get cardboard moving boxes for NYC migration.

Getting cardboard moving boxes is the option most people choose for their NYC move. It is very easy to get a hold of cardboard boxes and it is the obvious choice. A lot of people like the fact that they can get free cardboard boxes and save some money. There are many places you can find cardboard boxes without having to pay for them. Here are some examples:

  • restaurants, grocery stores and liquor stores
  • office supply stores and bookstores
  • pharmacies and drugstores
  • home improvement stores
  • websites like Craigslist and The Freecycle Network.

Of course, if you don’t manage to find any free moving boxes NYC for your New York migration, you can always buy some or even rent them from us. So, don’t worry – you won’t be left without boxes as we offer all kinds of boxes for your New York relocation.

Plastic moving boxes

Plastic moving boxes are the best choice for you in case you worry about the safety of your belongings. Packing your things into sturdy, plastic boxes ensures that everything will stay damage-free. Cardboard boxes are ruined if they get wet and they can even tear during the NYC migration. You don’t have to worry about these problems if you pack everything into plastic moving boxes. They are more secure and you can reuse them. The plastic keeps your things safe in case of spillage and they won’t break in the moving truck. Still, a lot of people want to reduce their NYC moving costs and try to find free boxes.

How to pack the moving boxes for NYC move?

Once you have all the moving boxes NY and other packing supplies you need, it’s time to start packing. You’ve already decided what you’re bringing to your new NYC home and what you’re getting rid of. So, now you just need to put everything in the right moving box. Here are some packing tips to help you out.

  1. Line the boxes with bubble pack to make sure your things are protected.
  2. If you don’t have bubble pack, you can use towels, clothes or newspapers to wrap your fragile belongings. Just make sure everything will be safe inside the truck.
  3. Tape the moving boxes shut by using tape. Try to make sure the boxes won’t open during the NY relocation.
  4. Label your moving boxes New York.

If you don’t think you can pack everything on your own, ask your friends for help or hire professional packers. There is no reason to do everything yourself when there are plenty of people who could give you a hand.

Label your moving boxes NYC properly

''FRAGILE'' label on a moving box. You need to properly label your moving boxes NYC.
Make sure to label your boxes properly and make it clear which boxes are to be handled with care.

One of the more important things, when you’re packing moving boxes for NYC migration, is labeling the boxes. The reason labeling your boxes is so important is that it makes it easier to remember what lies in each box. When you know what a certain NYC moving box contains, you’ll know how to handle it properly. If a certain moving box NY contains fragile items, make sure to write ”FRAGILE” on the box in order to know you should be careful when loading it into the moving truck. Other than that, labels make it easier for you to unpack the moving boxes after the NYC relocation. Even if you decide to hire NYC packing and unpacking services, the labels help even the pros.

Writing the labels for moving boxes

Once you have separated all of your things into appropriate boxes, you can start labeling. Get a permanent marker and write down a short description of what’s in the box. Don’t forget that the labels have to be understandable, clear and visible. Try to write in big letters and don’t write the label only on one side of the New York moving boxes. Write the label on all of the sides so that they are easily visible from all angles. Of course, you can use different colors of markers and tape to implement a color-coding system. You don’t need to use a black marker if you don’t want to.

Bright colored markers
Use permanent markers to write clear and understandable labels on your NYC moving boxes.

Print the labels for your NYC moving boxes

If you would like to label your moving boxes NYC in a more creative way, you can. There are websites that offer ready-to-go labels that you can print. Find a template you like, print it and fill it out. If you’d like, you can buy labels from some moving companies NYC or from office supply stores. Your third option is to make the labels yourself if you want to make labeling the moving boxes more fun and release your creativity.