How to move your office from NYC

When it comes time to move your office from NYC, you need to know that this is a long moving process. That’s why it is important to plan all moving process and be prepared for all steps. Moving your office from NYC requires a lot of care. With NYC movers it will be so much easier to move your office from NYC.  With professional help, you will get plenty of experience, trust, and knowledge. It is really important you trust movers when you move your office from NYC. With tips and tricks from the best moving companies, we made a guide to help you relocate your office from New York City.

Office moving requires professional movers and packers
Find professional help when you move your office from NYC

Before move: Speak with your office manager

Office relocation from NYC requires a lot of planning and coordination. The first step in your office moving from NYC is to make your office manager. He/she will be in charge to help you with all moving steps and coordination in the firm. The office manager will help you with inventory and how to make an office move project plan. He will manage other employees an take care of them, so you can do other moving tasks. Also, you need to talk about restrictions when it comes to the moving cost NYC. You should think about your moving budget for your office move from NYC.

Hire movers for office relocation

Hiring movers in NYC are necessary when you move your office from NYC. If you want to use your current employees to help move the office, think again because it is really hard to do without professionals. It can happen things are not packed correctly or items breaks, so at the end it will cost you more than hiring professional movers. So, it is the best to have a moving budget for hiring office moving company. They will make a moving plan, load and unload all your stuff. Also, consider hiring professional packers for packing and unpacking services. This service will make packing office so much easier. You don’t need to worry about breaking and damages.

So, when you want to hire movers for office relocation, check the reviews of moving companies. In this way, you can find the on that fits you. You can ask your friends or work partners to recommend movers for your office relocation.

Speak with your office manager before you move your office from NYC
Moving process requires office manager who can help you with all moving steps

Packing office stuff

Packing can take a lot of time, so start doing it on time. Don’t wait last minute for doing it.

  • Spend time packing your file cabinet

Packing up your files can be so exhausting. It is one of the most time-consuming aspects of an office move. So, take time to do it. Every office has a lot of files to pack. That’s way you need a help from your office manager. With his/her help you can select which files you can toss and which you need to bring with you. Packing files is a job for multiple people and it should be done carefully.

  • Pack your desks

Empty all your desks. Take everything and pack it into NYC moving boxes. Moving your desks, chairs and other furniture is the biggest task in office relocation from NYC. So, you need extra time for doing it, you need to remove everything and empty all drawers. That’s way it is really the best solution to hire movers and packers to help you.

Coordinate with employees during your office relocation
Packing an office is a job for all employees

Get a storage unit for office stuff

If you have not thought about using storage, think again. Using a storage unit for office stuff can be a great solution if you want cheaper move. Maybe you have furniture or something else that you don’t need in your new office or you don’t have enough space, so think about getting a storage unit. Why move all the necessary stuff and pay more when you have a solution for NYC storage.

But, if you have stuff that you will never use again think about donating them or move all the garbage away from your office with junk removal service. Less stuff you have when you move your office from NYC, less you will pay for moving service.

Pack your personal belongings

When you pack all furniture and other major pieces in office it is time to pack your personal belongings. Things from your desk, like photos, special mug, documents and other you should pack at the end. Also, take it with you. You don’t want to damage some of your belongings. So, pack them carefully and bring it with you into your new office.

Don’t forget: unpacking also can be very difficult to do. So, think again about hiring professional help for this service. Your unpacking process and settling into the new office can be smooth and painless.

Things from your desk you should pack carefully in the box
Be careful when you pack your personal belongings.

How to move your office from NYC stress-free

  • The first thing that we already mentioned, for stress-free office moving from NYC you should hire professional help. They will help you move your furniture and installing complete office in new space. Also, they can provide your storage unit for your extra stuff.
  • With IT and technicians help you can handle all the installation of your computers and other equipment.
  • Use help from your office manager who can ensure great synergy in working and moving together.
  • Think about NYC office cleaning if you want to avoid stress doing it by yourself.
  • Think on time about moving cost so at the end you will not have a surprise and extra charges. In this way, you will avoid stress about moving a budget.
  • Find reliable movers at an affordable price.
  • Schedule a move your office from NYC on a no-work day so it will not impact on your business productivity
  • Provide your employees with moving guide and give them a heads up on your move.
  • Label all the boxes carefully so you can identify each when during unpacking
  • Ask your moving company about insurance in case of damaging or losing your office stuff

Don’t forget to contact all your clients and associates before you move your office from NYC. Inform them about moving and new location. Give them a date when you are starting to work from your new office.