How to stay in shape for the move?

Relocation process demands your undivided attention. It can be quite the challenge to adjust your everyday schedule to this stressful time ahead. Besides work, mandatory chores and now packing, you’re wondering how to find time for any training routine. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced athlete, if you want to stay in shape for the move, it will require a bit of planning and a lot of good will. Some of the advice we provide will seem harder to fit in than the others, but keep in mind that this is not a notably long period, so you won’t have any major setbacks. A couple of weeks of decreased exercise won’t ruin you, just be smart about your decisions, which we are about to go over.

Don’t overlook the simple contributions

In order to stay in shape for the move, you don’t have to work your socks off every day. Chances are you are having a lot of physical activity as it is. All the running around when looking where to get free cardboard boxes, packing heavy items and cleaning the house top to bottom will keep you active all day. One small contribution that will make a great difference is to stay hydrated. It’s good for all bodily functions, and beneficial for your health in general. Drinking plenty of water will keep your metabolism in check. You will avoid headaches caused by dehydration, and feel more energized. It also helps with staying full for longer. Half an hour before every meal, try drinking a glass of water. More often than not, you will find that hunger was not the issue, but rather thirst. Having said that, restrain from drinking juices, energy boosters or any other sweetened drinks. Coffee is good, just don’t go overboard with it. Try to opt for plain water or tea as often as possible.

A glass of water on a wooden surface
Always have a bottle of plain water by your side

If it’s junk, throw it in the trash

We know how it goes: long and hectic day, no time for cooking, order out. Difficulties are not invitations for excuses. When you’ve planned out your packing and moving schedule, see that you fit in meal prepping in there. Maybe the weekend before, so that you have enough time. Since you already have to clear out your refrigerator and pantry, start from there. Plan your meals so that they are fulfilling and nutritious. They shouldn’t be too heavy, but rather simple and versatile. Opt for healthy snacks such as fresh fruit and raw nuts. If, however, for some reason you are unable to prepare your meals in advance, there still is a way to go around eating pizza every night. If you want to stay in shape for the move, order salads or light pasta. Before making your decision, check the ingredients, so that you know how many calories you are taking in. Sometimes the salad dressing can be heavier than a burger.

A delicious looking pizza
Good for your palate, bad for your weight

How to train in order to stay in shape for the move

Relocation implies lots of heavy lifting, moving furniture around and going up and down the stairs. The proper way to prepare would be to do deadlifts, push-ups, and cardio. Deadlifts are good for your overall strength. Ask the coach on call in your gym to show you the correct way to do them, in order to avoid any injury. When it comes to lifting heavy object during the move, follow those same instructions. Make it a habit not to bend your back when lifting, but to lift with your legs. This will also prove to be very useful in the long run. Push-ups or bench press are excellent for building upper body strength, particularly the back and chest, which do all the pushing. Good cardio can be attained and preserved throughout the move. Depending on your physical condition, the intensity of your morning run can be adjusted. You can maintain this routine even during the moving week. If you fear that it will tire you, don’t go so hard on the first day, but try not to miss out on it. Even if it’s just a morning walk, it will give you energy and clear your thoughts.

A young woman doing a deadlift
Deadlifts will help you stay in shape for the move

What about training during the relocation?

Even if you hired professional and experienced movers, Brooklyn movers and storage, for example, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least help out. Try to clear out as much space as you can before the movers arrive. You can carry out some of the boxes, as long as you are utilizing safe methods and not putting yourself in a risk of injury. Organize the boxes so that easy transport to the moving van is ensured. This means a lot of lifting, pushing and carrying, so there’s your workout. And if you still feel that you have more energy to spare, use bathroom breaks to do some squats.

It really comes down to your preferences and possibilities. You can squeeze in any exercise in a very short amount of time in order to keep your body active. If you’re crazy enough, you can even do training in the evening, after all the daily chores are done. It doesn’t have to be serious exercises all the time, you know. In order to stay in shape for the move and during the relocation, even yoga or light stretching is beneficial. Your body will have to do lots of work, without you noticing a great part of it. Don’t underestimate the time it needs to rest in order to grow stronger. It’s rather easy to stay in shape during this hectic period, so pay close attention to staying healthy and safe as well.