How to Prepare for a Long-Distance Move

When it comes to planning a move, long-distance one might be the toughest, most feared one of the bunch. It’s not really the distance you need to cross, although it does factor in the fear. One of the things that will take the most energy from you during this time is planning the move. There are just so many parts and components that you need to think of that you might feel like going crazy from time to time. This is why experts always advise you to hire long distance movers NYC to help you with the whole process. They can help with all those boring logistics and complex packing. Still, preparing well for your move is the key! That is why in this article, we take a better look at how you can prepare for a long-distance move.

Take some time to prepare for a long-distance move

One of the most important things you can have when you are preparing to move a long distance is time. This resource is valuable, simply because the more you have it – the more things you will be able to accomplish. What’s more, if you are done with something fast, you can delve deeper and focus on being highly successful in a task. This way, you will be able to have a pleasant and enjoyable moving experience.

an hourglass
Is time on your side?

This is also why you should take at least 8 weeks for planning a move. In this time, you will need to put everything from thinking about what you will pack to dealing with your utilities. However, since you are moving a long distance, this time period will mean that you are rushing to do everything. This is a sad truth, but there are just way too many things to do during this time. This is why a lot of experts will recommend you take even more time – anything from 12 to 16 weeks would be ideal.

Of course, this depends on the distance you will travel. That’s why local moves stay on 8, while the international ones might take even more than four months! A thing to remember here is that professional NYC movers can help you a lot during this time. Delegating chores is the key, so while they pack you up, you can deal with the paperwork – or even spend time with your friends! Still, the point remains the same – take ample time to prepare for a long-distance move, and you will not regret your decision!

Understand the specifics of your move

Another thing you need to consider are the very specifics of your move. Long-distance move, as the name itself says, is not very specific. What even is a long-distance move? At what point should you use long distance residential movers NY?

This is why, when you want to prepare for a long-distance move, there are two types of moves you need to consider – intrastate and interstate. Intrastate means that you are moving within the same state – never crossing the borders. On the other hand, interstate means you need to cross the borders of one state and going into the other. Keep in mind that if you are crossing borders twice – out of your state and then back into it, you are still moving interstate!

a map
Take a look at the map and where you need to move.

The reason for this division is that interstate moves usually require a specialized mover. They will have a license to carry your items and insurance policies they can offer. Still, to be ready for your move, you need to understand your route. Only then can you figure out just how much you can take with you – and how much you will spend on the move. This is also why this should be your priority when you prepare for a long-distance move.

Think about the budget to best prepare for a long-distance move

Of course, one of the things you cannot conduct a move without is the moving budget. This is an important thing to consider for a multitude of reasons. Basically, everything you will do during your move will depend on how much you can spend. The movers and the moving services you pick depend on this. The trucks you rent, how much you can take with you – all of this is connected to how much money you have.

So, before you even start to prepare for a long-distance move, sit down and figure out just how much money you have for the moving. A thing to consider is that long-distance moves usually cost more money. This is something you need to accept and deal with at the time you are planning your budget. This is because of the distance you and your movers will need to cover, but also because of the services you will need to successfully finish the move.

Consider how you’ll transport your stuff

Finally, once you know exactly where you are moving and how much you can spend on it, let’s look at the options you have to transport your stuff. Only when you have the budget will you know whether you can get a mover or if you should consider a DIY move. There is a third option too – getting shipping service. They can take your items and deposit them to your address. However, we repeat, for a long-distance move, going with a professional moving company is always the safest bet.

a professional mover ready to prepare for a long-distance move
Professionals are always a safe choice!

Interstate movers might seem a tad more expensive, but they come with a variety of moving advice you can follow. They know how to deal with all the paperwork, and logistics come easy to them. Remember, they have done this countless times! This is why the smartest idea would be to contact them for your move. After that, you can start to prepare for a long-distance move together.