How to pack fragile items

People are usually scared to tackle the task of packing fragile items, which is understandable. The fact is that they are so delicate that, sometimes, even the slightest bump on the road can break them. However, this is no reason for you to dread fragile items packing. What`s even worse is putting this task off in the hope it goes away. Believe us, it won`t! And, what if we told you that there is a correct way of doing this? Wouldn`t it be nice to become like a pro and pack fragile items with ease? If your answer is yes, then keep reading, because here is a brief tutorial on fragile items packing, and how you too can achieve this, seemingly, impossible task.

Blue glass that is shattered into a lot of pieces. If you pack fragile items with care, none of your possessions have to break during the transportation.
There are a couple of simple steps to undertake if you want to pack fragile items with ease and prevent breakage during the relocation.

Should you hire professionals or pack fragile items by yourself?

Of course, if you want to avoid dealing with packing altogether, the answer always lies in hiring professional movers. Luckily, you should be able to find decent packing services in New York without a lot of trouble. The only question is whether you want to search for them or not. As you can see, everything begins with a simple decision. However, if you choose to proceed with packing on your own, know that difficult times lie ahead. Without a doubt, fragile items packing is everything but simple or quick.

Start your fragile items packing journey on time

Do you remember we mentioned how procrastinating is the worst thing you can do when it comes to this task? Good! One of the most important things for everything in life is starting on time. The same applies to the packing and moving process. If you start with your duties on time, you are well on your way to success. Therefore, if you decide to pack your fragile items by yourself, start ticking off the items on our list weeks before the moving date. After all, what is the point of putting something off when you are the only one who can do it? It is better not to waste any time and get to work right away. Just ask any of the reputable movers in NYC, and they will tell you the same thing.

A white clock with a black frame on a white wall. The clock is creating a shadow.
Time is of the essence when it comes to packing fragile items.

Gather all the necessary material for packing fragile items

Let`s imagine it`s weeks before your moving date and you have decided to pack your fragile items singlehandedly. What is your next step? The next thing you should do is stock up on supplies necessary for packing delicate items. Below is a list composed for your convenience of some of the necessary packing materials for the upcoming days.

  • Make sure you get enough moving boxes for your NYC relocation. You cannot pack fragile items if you do not have where to put them!
  • A tape and a marker pen (more details about this one coming very soon.)
  • Protective packaging materials, such as foam peanuts.

Only after you have properly, and extensively, stocked up on the essentials can you truly start packing your items. Now that you are ready, here is how the process goes!

Fragile items packing process

And now the hard part begins! Pay attention, because the following items on our list can make or break your whole relocation process!

Pad the box

Before you put anything inside the box, you first need to pad it properly. This is a chance for your creativity to shine through since there are a lot of different options for padding the box. You can use the aforementioned foam peanuts or some other type of protective packing materials. It really does not matter what you opt for, as long as your boxes are safe and sound.

A blonde woman holding a big cardboard box and standing in front of a yellow background. The woman is smiling and wearing a grey shirt.
Always pad the box with some sort of protective packaging material. This will soften every blow your fragile items will endure during the transportation.

Wrap every item in packing paper

Even though wrapping every piece of fragile items in packing paper might seem boring to you now, it is a step that cannot be skipped. Not unless you want to find an unpleasant surprise when you open the boxes in your new residence. Packing paper will provide your items with further security, which is, after all, the most important thing for you. Imagine how devastated you would be if your favorite China set got broken because of your negligence!

Fill in the gaps

One of the main reasons fragile items break during the transportation is that they have a lot of free space between them. And, the worst thing is that there is an easy solution to this. It is as simple as filling in the gaps. If you have no protective packaging material left, you can be creative. Some people use socks, for example, to fill in the empty spots. The choice is all yours. As long as the items inside the box don`t giggle during the transportation, you did a good job!

Never forget to label the boxes

Remember when we mentioned a marker pen as an essential packing material? It might have seemed odd to you then, but here is why you need one. You should never forget to label the boxes after you pack fragile items. If you do so, your entire effort up until now could be wasted. After all, can you really blame anyone if he or she throws the box carelessly when you are the one who forgot to label it as fragile? And, this part is especially crucial if you decide to hire unpacking service to speed up the process of relocation. They need to know what`s inside the box and treat it as such!

A close up of a blue marker on a black background.
The last, but certainly not the least important step is labeling the boxes.

Clearly, to successfully pack fragile items, you need to have some skills and knowledge. And, since packing is one of the necessary things to do before moving into a new home, you should learn how to tackle this process without a lot of stress. Good luck and happy moving!