How to move a hot tub

If you have a hot tub you are probably enjoying it to the max. It can bring you those moments or relaxation we all need in our lives. However, moving it causes more worry than pleasure. It is not easy dismantling all of the pipes and actually lifting and moving the hot tub properly. You might think you can do it yourself, but when you read how complicated it can get you will want to hire hot tub movers. There are a lot of  Manhattan moving and storage companies that specialize in moving and storing hot tubs. Your best choice would be to hire them. We will suggest why it is a better idea to hire professional hot tub movers than to do it yourself. You will also read how to move a hot tub.

Why hire professionals when you need to move a hot tub

Moving a hot tub by yourself is cheaper. But is it really a good idea? We will give you some reasons why it is a much better idea to hire professionals to move your hot tub.

  1. You will avoid a potential injury. A hot tub is very heavy and difficult o move and lift. Even if you have a group of friends ready to help you are still inexperienced. To avoid a serious back injury it is better to hire professionals.
  2. Besides from hurting yourself, you could damage the hot tub. This expensive item can get seriously damaged if you drop it. Just imagine puncturing it or damaging a water pipe. Professional hot tub movers have the experience needed. Moreover, they have the special equipment needed to move your hot tub.
move your hot tub
Leave it to the professionals to move your hot tub

How to move a hot tub

Moving a hot tub is a complicated process. We highly recommend that you hire professionals. They will lift, move and store your hot tub in a safe storage in New York if necessary. We will explain how to move a hot tub. This is going to be useful because you will know what to expect and what will take place during the hot tub relocation. The first important thing is the number of people. There should be at least four or five experienced workers ready for the task. A hot tub can be as heavy as 1000 pounds. That is no joke. Four people should lift it. The fifth person should put the dollies underneath the hot tub.

They should have the necessary equipment

  • Apart from dollies, which are essential for moving the hot tub, there should also be some blankets and moving straps. They will need two or three blankets. If you want the hot tub to be completely secured inside of the truck there should be four large moving straps.
  • When it comes to dollies you will need the four-wheeled dollies for furniture. They should have a non-slip top. Your experienced movers will have this equipment ready. If you have stairs you will need an additional dolly. It is an appliance dolly, which is also called a hand truck. Regular dollies are for flat and smooth surfaces. Stairs will demand an appliance dolly.
  • They should also use 4×4 lumber boards. The process goes like this. First, you lift the hot tub and put it on the lumber boards to get a straight surface. After that, you place the dollies under the hot tub. When they do everything perfectly you will just feel the need to tip your movers.

They will need to disconnect and drain the hot tub

Before even lifting and moving the hot tub it needs to be properly disconnected and drained. First, you need to disconnect the power cord from the electrical outlet. If it can be detached from the hot tub just do it. After that coil it and put it in a safe place.

  • After that, they will open the drain access panel and attach a hose. They will attach a garden hose to the drainage spout and let out the excess water in the pipes. Tell your movers to drain the water into the gutter or into the street. You garden plants will not react well to the chlorinated water.
  • After you turn the valve the water should drain in about half an hour.
  • Remove the removable cover of your hot tub. After you unscrew the hinges just take it off and move it safely packed separately from the hot tub.
hot tub in the nature - move a hot tub
Be sure to drain the hot tub properly

How to properly load the hot tub into a truck

After the hot tub is ready for transport your movers should properly load it into a truck. This is a very important process. If it is not handled properly during the loading it can get seriously damaged.

  • If you are dealing with a flat surface you will need two four-wheeled dollies. Place the dollies at the front side and at the back side of the hot tub. After that move the 4×4 boards and set the hot tub onto the dollies. Carefully roll it to the truck
  • If there are stairs you will need to use an appliance dolly. Put the hot tub on the dolly on its side. The base of the tub should face the dolly. 
  • There should be two people at the front of the dolly and two people at the back. Go down the stairs step by step. 
  • Next lower the ramp of the moving truck. Carefully roll the hot tub up against the ramp and into the truck. Only after the hot tub is inside of the truck should you cover it with blankets and tie it securely to the side of the truck. 
fun in the hot tub - move a hot tub
After you successfully move the hot tub have fun in it to celebrate

After you are done and you move a hot tub it is time to reinstall it into your new home. You should clean your hot tub. Fill it with water. After that connect it to electricity. Don’t forget to add the sanitizing chemicals. And since you need to relax it would be appropriate to throw a hot tub party.