How to help your pet adjust to NYC

Everyone knows that a lot of changes and adjustments come with every relocation. You’re changing your home, your surroundings and neighbors. It can definitely be stressful and overwhelming having to deal with so many new things in your life. If you are moving to New York, you’ll have to adapt to a whole new lifestyle. However, you’re not the only one who’s experiencing these changes. Your pets also have to adjust to a new place, don’t forget about them. You want the relocation and the adaptation process to be as pleasant as possible both for you and for your pets. Luckily, there are some things you can do to help your pet adjust to NYC.

Moving to NYC with your pet

Before even thinking about adjusting your pet to NYC life, you want to prepare your pet for the move. Moving with a pet requires you to pay extra attention to your pet and make sure they’re handling it well. There are a few ways you can do this.

  1. First things first, make sure your pet gets accustomed to the carrier. In case you’re moving with a dog or a cat, you’ll probably need to transport them in a pet carrier. If you don’t want your pet to be nervous and skittish in the carrier, set it up in your house and let the animal gradually adjust to it. You can make it a comfortable bed for your pet and even try putting some treats inside.
  2. Try to make sure your pet is familiar with the moving boxes. Get them a little bit in advance and place them inside the house.
  3. Keep your everyday routines with your pet. Don’t change the day-to-day routines you have with your pet. Make sure their meals and walks are the same as usual.
  4. Don’t forget to pay extra attention to your pet, show them love and care. It’s easy to get caught up in the moving chaos, but don’t forget about your animals.

Keep your pet away from the moving chaos

Ginger kitten sleeping. Help your pet adjust to NYC by keeping them isolated from the moving chaos.
Make sure to protect your pet from the moving chaos. Keep them away from all the mess so that they don’t get nervous or afraid.

Some pets scare easily and they can also start feeling nervous or anxious. That is why you need to make sure your pet doesn’t get caught up in the moving mess. You can do this by simply keeping your pet in a separate room. While you’re packing and even later on, while unpacking, try to close your pet in a different room. They might start feeling anxious amongst all the moving boxes and unfamiliar people such as professional movers Brooklyn. So, by secluding the animals, you are helping your pet adjust to NYC. Make sure your pet feels happy and comfortable. If you notice them getting nervous, try to remove them from the stressful situation if it is possible. You could even get a pet sitter for the time being.

Bring a piece of your old home into your new place to help your pet adjust to NYC

You might not realize this, but it is very easy for animals to get used to certain things. A certain sound can remind them of dinner time or of going for a walk, they can learn tricks and get used to sleeping in a specific place. Try to remember that when you’re moving with your pet. A good way to help your pet adapt to NYC is to make them feel like they’re still at home.

A dog carrying a ripped toy in its mouth. Bring a piece of your old home with you to help your pet adjust to NYC.
Help your furry friend adapt to NYC by making them feel like they’re home. Bring some familiar toys to make them feel settled.

Pets rely on smell a lot, so make sure you bring their old toys and items they are familiar with. You shouldn’t buy them a whole new set of toys all of a sudden. They need to have something that still smells like home. Once your pets have adapted to their NYC home, you can wash their old toys or get them new ones. So, you can look into companies that will help you with moving and storage NYC, but don’t put all the old things into storage.

Gradually adjust your pet to NYC

The best way to help your pet get used to NYC is to take it step by step. When it comes to adjusting your pet to their new home, start by introducing them to one room. Once they’ve explored the first room and sniffed everything, you can let them slowly explore the rest of the apartment. If you let animals just freely roam around the new house, they will be a little bit overwhelmed. So, do it slowly.

Man walking a white dog
Let your pet adjust to NYC gradually. Take it slow and step by step.

This goes for the outside world as well. If you want to help your pet adjust to NYC try to start by walking them in a smaller area. Let them explore one or two streets at first and then slowly start walking farther. Let your pet get to know the neighborhood smells as well as the other pets in the streets. Just like in your home, you don’t want to overwhelm your pet by exploring a huge area at once. Be patient with your pet. Just like professional moving companies will help you have a successful move, you can help your pet feel comfortable in the new home.

Help your pet adjust to NYC

Just like you, your pet also needs to adapt to a whole new living environment. Unlike you, though, your pet doesn’t really understand what is happening. So, you want to do your best to make your pet feel safe and happy. Help your pet adjust to NYC and keep them away from all the moving chaos. Also, give them some time to adapt to the new living situation.