Hardest challenges of moving from NYC

Are thinking about leaving New York? You must have good reasons for thinking like that. New York is considered to be one of the world’s most desirable places to live. But in recent years there are many people who are deciding to leave NYC and move somewhere else. And the reasons are usually financial in nature. So, if you leave NYC you will probably feel some financial benefits. And maybe that would lead to a slower life. But have you thought about what are the hardest challenges of moving from NYC? There must be some downsides when leaving New York, right? You are definitely right. If you are moving from NYC to Florida, for example, you will have to get used to a totally different lifestyle. Finding good movers will be one of the challenges. So before you decide to leave New York, learn about the challenges that you’ll face.

Financial reasons for leaving NYC

There are many different reasons why someone would think about leaving New York. But most obvious is the financial reason. Living in New York is really expensive. And if you don’t have a job with a salary that can cover the high costs of rent, utilities, and food you will probably need to move.

Dollars - People move from NYC usually for financial reasons
Savings will help you overcome the challenges of moving from NYC

And for a comfortable life in NYC, you will have to earn roughly around 40,000$ a year. That is not a small amount, but if you are already in NYC it is not unreachable. Of course, the best option would be to combine a New York salary with suburban living costs. And that could be a great solution for everyone who is thinking about leaving New York for financial reasons.

Work in NYC but live somewhere else

If there were places around Ney York City that are close enough for you to have a reasonable commute time. But, far enough from the city for you to be able to have a quiet life and lower living costs. That would be perfect, right? Well, luckily for you there are many such places around New York City. In fact, there are so many of them that you would need weeks to explore them all.  So if you are thinking about leaving New York City you should start your researching today. But before you do, you can start with this short list of popular places to live in around New York City.

List of nice places to live around New York City:

  • If you want to overcome the challenges of leaving NYC move to Jericho.
  • Upper Montclair
  • Great Neck Gardens is another nice place in NYC’s area
  • Great Neck Plaza
  • Kensington

Hardest challenges of moving from NYC – Finding a good moving company

One challenge will be to find good movers for your relocation. There are many NYC moving companies that you can find on the internet. But before you decide which one to hire it would be advisable to do some research and price comparison. Start by finding moving companies that look most reliable. After you find companies that look most reliable, you should get their prices. And getting your Brooklyn moving quote is easy. You can use free online calculators that moving companies usually have on their websites.

Searching the internet for best moving deals.
Moving companies usually have online calculators on their websites that you can use to find best moving deals

Or you can just use the phone to get the desired information. Then you can compare their prices and choose. That is usually the best way of finding the most suitable moving company for your relocation.

Hardest challenges of moving from NYC – Packing

Packing and loading items into a moving truck will be one of the challenges of moving from NYC. If you live on one of the higher floors, how will you take down your pool table or other bulkier items? For that type of experiment, you would probably need professional help of pool table movers. And you should definitely hire professional help every time you think that during your move you will encounter some difficulties. And when you think about the moving process almost everything could be considered as a difficulty. Packing, loading, transportation, unloading, unpacking, there isn’t one thing that is easy. But with a little bit of effort, all of that could be accomplished without the help of a moving company. But when it comes to lifting heavy objects and carrying them down the building stairs, think again.

Hardest challenges of moving from NYC – Amount of living space

One of the challenges of moving from NYC to Miami is to fill a larger living space with furniture. Besides climate, of course, one of the big differences between NYC and Miami is the amount of living space you have. That is also one of the important reasons why people are deciding to move from NYC. If you live in a small NYC apartment you probably don’t have enough furniture to fill up your new Miami home.

Small NYC apartment
If you live in NYC you are probably used to live in tight spaces.

But before you start searching for the new furniture you will have to decide what to do with the old stuff. Maybe you should think about leaving or selling your old furniture before the move. That would significantly lower your moving costs. And if you also manage to sell it, you can invest that money, at least, into replacing your old pieces.

Hardest challenges of moving from NYC – Leaving New York City

If you are still waging whether to leave or not, you should know that one of the challenges of moving from NYC is the lack of social life. If you are moving to Miami you will probably think, why lack? But everyone knows that NYC is the number one when it comes to nightlife. If you are used to your favorite Italian restaurant or fantastic view from a rooftop bar there will be no place in the world that could replace that. So, one of the challenges of moving from New York City will be nostalgia. New Yorkers are in some kind of a strange romance with the city.  And if they are leaving New York they are probably forced to do it. And they will leave their city heartbroken. That would probably be that hardest challenge when moving from NYC. How to leave New York City?