Guide to surviving New York traffic

It does not matter whether you are a pedestrian or a driver in NYC. There is one thing both parties can agree on – the traffic in NYC is a real nightmare. It takes a skilled driver to successfully maneuver around dozens of cars and twice as many pedestrians on any given day. And, if you are moving to New York in a few short months, or even weeks, we understand that you are worried. However, for surviving New York traffic, all you have to do is read our guide. You can do even the most difficult of things with the right help.

For surviving New York traffic, it is important to be well-rested

One of the most frequent causes of traffic accidents is the tiredness of the driver. Among other things, such as texting while in the car and driving under the influence, driving when you are feeling drowsy is the worst thing you can do when behind the wheel. Thus, we expect you to be smart and get good 6-8 hours of sleep before sitting behind the wheel. There is hardly a better piece of advice we can distribute to all the drivers out there, not just New Yorkers.

Three yellow taxis on a street in New York.
Sleep deprivation is one of the leading causes of traffic accidents.

When possible, avoid Manhattan

Manhattan is the leading and most iconic borough in NYC. Arguably, that is the reason why Manhattan is always buzzing with tourists, as well as business people. So many people in one place are bound to make a huge crowd and a lot of traffic. Therefore, if you wish to avoid traffic jams, the best thing would be to stop going through Manhattan whenever possible. Of course, if you live here, it is impossible for you not to visit this borough for obvious reasons. However, if you are a newcomer to NYC, who is just choosing where to live, we suggest you take a look at other NYC boroughs. We are sure you will feel grateful you listened to our advice once you don`t have to sit in your car for hours.

Follow the traffic rules and regulations

Traffic rules and regulations are there for a reason. They ensure that everyone involved in traffic is as safe as possible. Even though following the rules might be too big of a hassle for you, for your own wellbeing, you should still do it. Thus, when on the streets of NYC, be mindful of certain things.

  • Surviving New York traffic will not be possible if you make a turn on the red. Unlike in other countries and cities, there will only be a few instances when you will be able to make a right or left on the red.
  • Pay attention to the traffic signs. Not abiding by the signs will earn you a traffic ticket. 
  • Do not catch yourself jaywalk. There is a big chance the police will catch you too, and they will leave you with a hefty fine.

Being a law-abiding citizen will do more than just save you money. It will also keep you, as well as those around you safe while behind the wheel. Otherwise, if you are moving to New York, you will have to do more than just calculate your moving price. You will also have to start saving money for all the tickets you will have to pay.

Dolls of an officer and a woman in front of a traffic light. Abiding by the rules is the way to surviving New York traffic.
Pay attention to the traffic lights. Surviving New York traffic is easier when abiding by the rules.

Have a parking plan in place

It does not matter whether you are moving to New York for commercial purposes, or for personal ones, you will still need to park your car somewhere in the city while you are running errands. As you can imagine, not all parking places will come at the same price, nor will they come with the same benefits. Perhaps the cheapest garage will be a huge walking distance from your place of work. Likewise, the garage closest to your job could be incredibly expensive. Therefore, you will need to do a thorough research, and compare all the possible parking places. Moreover, this is something you should do everytime you leave the house with your car. If it involves you getting out of the car for a while and parking it, then it is a good opportunity for you to do some research.

Long hours in traffic go by so quickly when snacking

The prospect of being stuck in your car for an hour or so is nothing unusual in NYC. If you happen to be driving on the weekend, or during a holiday, you can expect to spend much more than a mere hour in your car. During all those hours, you could become extremely hungry. And, even if you don`t get hungry, what`s better than some chocolate to brighten up your mood? Of course, we are not implying that you should keep an entire bag of groceries in your car! No, a few protein or chocolate bars, some biscuits and a bottle of water are more than enough.

Everything is better with some good music

Alas, the only way of mentally surviving New York traffic is by listening to your favorite songs. Put on your favorite radio station, and start singing. This is your chance to have your own private concert. Of course, just make sure not to get sidetracked by singing and skip a traffic light or two. Entertainment is only good if it goes hand in hand with safety.

People at a concert with their hands in the air.
You do not have to be at a concert to sing along to your favorite songs.

The conclusion

While surviving New York traffic will not be easy, it will also not be impossible. All you will have to do is follow our guide. In here, you can find every piece of information necessary for dealing with congested NYC traffic. Besides, if you are moving to New York, you have bigger fish to fry. Have you given the prospect of finding the most reputable NYC movers a thought yet? We hate to rush you, but this is one of those things you should not leave for the last minute!