Affordable moving companies NYC – where to look

Moving companies offer a huge variety of discounts: for the military, veterans, senior citizens, students, and on various occasions: for long distance moves, off peak season and with coupons. So there is a variety of affordable moving companies NYC can offer and with whom you can negotiate terms of moving professionals hire.

Affordable moving companies NYC has to offer can be found everywhere
Anything can be made affordable if you have the right approach.

What to look for when searching for affordable moving companies NYC

Moving as an activity brings a lots of burden and baggage. And the one thing you need to always think of is your budget. Although there are plenty of ways to save money when moving – from getting second-hand moving boxes to hiring an NYC mover to do all the work. These would be cases where you have the upper employer hand, and you have the opportunity to even ask for more! In case you’re clueless as to how to go about doing this, how about following some of the experienced advice below.

Reading reviews can save you money

Reading up on reviews can save you a lot of money when searching for a moving company. Here at Big Apple Movers not only will you find a long list of high-quality NYC movers, but also their reviews from clients who have used them. And it is exactly from this type of experience that you can learn how different NYC movers work and decide for yourself which one to hire.

Affordable moving companies NYC offering military discounts

Risking your life for your country is one of the most honorable acts known, and everyone appreciates this. Moving companies are no exclusion to this. Military discount is the least they can do considering the sacrifice one makes for his family and country. These would be your type of movers that offer the maximum level or service and punctuality. Transporting anything from back home to the nightmare of a military base is ludicrous.

They protected us over there, so we have their backs back home.
NYC movers will always do what they can to help soldiers and veterans.

Affordable moving companies NYC that provide discounts for veterans

There are moving companies out there that give discounts to veterans. So this is another opportunity for you to save some money. These are discounts given in percentage of the price that can go to 50% and more on long distance moving. This discount will also reduce the cost of storage and extra insurance of your belongings during moving. Moving companies that offer this discount usually provide a moving expert who will answer all questions related to the moving process. You also receive a lower rate moving cost estimate. You might wonder how you can take advantage of that.

All you need is your DD Form 214 – bring it to the office of the moving company. In case you do not have it, a discount is still an option, but the mover will have to provide you with detailed instructions.

Senior citizens in the eyes of affordable moving companies NYC

Nowadays you can find a senior citizens’ discount about anywhere, and the moving industry is no exception. While some companies will advertise a 10% discount, for example, others will require that you contact them for more information. The purpose of such discounts is again customer satisfaction – moving companies today strive to provide a stress-free move and giving discounts to senior citizens is a great admirable way to do that. The discount may apply to de-cluttering, packing, transportation, unpacking and more – see which senior citizen promotions are active when you decide to move. Look for a mover that has experience with senior citizen communities – you can even call one to find out which moving companies they work with. Such companies are good because they know how to treat customers according to their needs.

Students should always be embraced with the best deals.
Future leaders should have the best services made available for them.

Student discounts

Moving companies offer great student moving promotions with coupons. They can still guarantee you that if you ask for a full service you will receive the best. If you are a college student or you will be one, these coupons will cut your expenses by decreasing with a certain percentage the expenses you incur at the final moving labor and transportation services. Such a discount may refer to packing materials as well. When booking your moving with a discount moving company mention the code on your coupon in order to activate it.


Coupons give the opportunity to get moving companies discount with a particular mover with special codes. First, you need to request a coupon online and as you receive it, keep it. It will grant you exclusive discount on a percentage of the rates – it could be for truck and trailer rentals, packing supplies or for the moving labor and the transportation services. In order to get advantage of this opportunity when you contact the mover on the phone state the code on your coupon and that’s it! Just find the moving companies that offer coupons and decide which promotion to get advantage of.

Off-Season Moving Discounts

Usually the summer months are the time when the majority of people move. Weekends, holidays, and the beginning and end of the month are the days when the movers are most busy and thus charge higher. You can avoid that by moving during the week, between the days of the month and off peak season like in winter. These periods receive more discounts than the peak season and weekends. Movers may even charge extra if you ask for a particular day of delivery in summer! Don’t agree to that and negotiate.

How to get discounts from movers?

  • Ask the affordable moving companies NYC you contact for a free NYC moving quote if they offer discounts and what type. Some of them may just offer great deals.
  • Long distance moves are often discounted so there’s another option.
  • When you negotiate the date and time for moving, agree that the movers do the move at their convenience – provided that they offer you a discount.
  • Ask for a discount on the packing and moving material from the company you’re hiring.
  • Secure part of your money back in case the movers are late on moving day.
  • Bulk moves should be made cheaper and appealing after all. If you are moving a large house and/or long-distance, ask for a discount on the moving labor and transportation.
  • If you ask for a number of services from a mover ask for a discount on one or more of them.
  • In case you are not moving for the first time with a particular mover, ask for a discount as you are already a regular customer. Don’t hesitate to negotiate for lower prices as an established and reliable client.
  • When the move is over, if you have missing or broken boxes contact the mover immediately and try to work it out with them. If they refuse to cooperate, explain to them that you can file a complaint against them.

    Affordable moving companies NYC made easy to find
    Discounts can be found everywhere, as long as you’re willing to look.

Never enough discounts…

When it comes to moving, there is a variety of options to help you save money. But why stop here when you can make your whole moving even cheaper. Just to point out to you some of them:

  • Discounts for students or seniors are also offered by flight companies,
  • There are department stores that offer gift cards, give promotions on particular items or decrease prices during a particular time of the day (just check the hours when it applies).
  • Some restaurants also offer discount menus for seniors.

More discounts and money saving tips for seniors are available at the American Association of Retired Persons website. If you are a student, for a small price you can get an International Student ID card for discounts here.