Downsides of suburban life outside NYC

It’s six o’clock in the afternoon. You just finished work. It’s raining and a strong, cold wind is blowing. Your head hurts because you are too tired from work and you slowly begin to feel dehydrated. You’re waiting for the bus or train and you don’t really like the fact that you moved to a suburb. And you know that, even when the bus comes, you have at least a half an hour drive before you come home. You don’t want to listen to music. Neither to play a game on your phone. Nor do you feel like reading anything to kill time. Or even if you are in the mood of doing something of this, you cannot, because the battery on your phone is empty. Oh well, there are some downsides of suburban life outside of NYC. But it’s not really that bad. Because life in a suburb can actually be great. Just read on and see for yourself!

Too much peace as one of the downsides of suburban life

Imagine now spring, or summer; generally a warmer part of the year. You have a balcony on the third floor, you have chairs on the balcony, and you have a table. You sit and look in the green field in front of you while you drink your morning coffee. Through the open window, you listen to your favorite music. Silence is rarely interrupted. Yes, a suburban area is just too peaceful sometimes. Even if you moved to NYC during the best season, it can still be just too quiet.


grand central station - Downsides of suburban life outside NYC
What are the downsides of suburban life outside NYC?

But yes, if you’re a party animal – this can be devastating for you. And even if you not, people around you are so used to silence that they complain even about the slightest noise. And if you live your lifestyle as a single person, this makes you wonder why do people move to suburban areas at all. So yes, too much piece can be one of the downsides of suburban life outside of NYC. But also, it can be great when you’re at that balcony, looking at the bright, night sky. The world may just be perfect in those moments.

Too much space

Living in the suburbs allows you to experience your childhood like Tom Sawyer. The suburban space is a great benefit if you love cycling. The traffic intensity is much lower, or at least it is in relation to the city center. There is also an open space that calls for exploration. But what to do if you’re not a child? Ok, more greenery is really good for mental health, no matter how old you are. But too much space means fewer buildings and shops. And you may feel more lonely here.

Shops may be closed and medical help may not be as fast as in the urban area and that counts in downsides of suburban life.

So this may be a downside if you need something in the middle of the night. Shops may be closed and medical help may not be as fast as in the urban area. Also, delivery may not really come to your area. So not all services may be available to you. However, it’s not all that bad. For example, when you’re moving, things are much better than in the city center. Say you hire local movers New York. They will move your things much faster and easier because there is no traffic jam or narrow streets.

Too much time

Urban transport is a slow form of execution of the death penalty… But only if you are not able to use the time you need to reach your destination. It takes you about an hour to the center, this is a lot of time until you get used to it. But – it can be a really short time if you learn how to use it well. Let’s say you need to move your office along with your home. You can spend your time in the public transport goggling office movers New York. In no time, you’ll know all the prices and services that they offer – and hey, you can even make the call while you’re on the bus! It may sound funny, but it’s actually right.

In transport, you can manage to read a bunch of books or comics, even to look at a bunch of films!

And it’s not just about browsing the Internet; in transport, you can manage to read a bunch of books or comics, even to look at a bunch of films! So, the time it takes to get from point A (your home) to point B (final destination) in New York City does not have to be a punishment. You just need to know what to do with it. So we can’t really count that into downsides of suburban life. And if you do not know what to do with yourself, then it does not matter where you are, it will always be boring for you. The same is true if you have a car; life on the periphery in terms of connection with the city is so easily accessible if you are motorized.

Is it really for you?

Ok, you may say the one who knows how to organize everything can do this from the comfort of Manhattan… Along with all the other benefits that Manhattan brings. But the problem is that it is not in human nature, at least not in the nature of most people. Because if you do not have to do something, in nine out of ten cases you will not do it. And if you have not been convicted for an hour’s drive to the suburb, you probably will not use that hour of surplus constructively and intelligently. You just won’t.

So finally, there are downsides of suburban life outside of NYC. But it all depends on how you look at it and what you need in your life. Suburban areas certainly provide more privacy and isolation. Your social life can be great if you like having people over and you can make barbeque parties every Sunday… Without the fear of smoke going in the wrong way!