DIY Living Room Upgrades

You moved to NYC! Found an apartment and settled in. Ready to start anew and enjoy life in one of the best cities in the world. But how can you make your flat feel more like home? It is ideal to not spend too much money. And you want something that isn’t too big, in case you want to move again. Don’t worry anymore, because we’ve got your back! Check out these DIY living room upgrades, where we’ll give you ideas on how to improve your living space.

What do I need to start with my living room upgrades?

Not much. Which is excellent. First of all, you’ll need to take a good long look at your living room. Sink it all in. Then, think of what you’d like to keep in your living room. Which is your favorite piece of furniture? After that, see what you would like to change in your living room. What are the things that need repairing? Which ones are old and can’t be used anymore. The first we want to fix in creative ways and spice them up. The latter, we’ll want to throw away or repurpose. Next, you’ll need a creative mind! With that, the sky’s the limit.

a first aid kit
When doing living room upgrades yourself, have a first aid kit nearby

And lastly, for your living room upgrades, you’ll need some basic tools and a couple of more items:

  • brushes
  • scissors
  • hot glue
  • pliers
  • first aid kit (just in case)

DIY Living room Upgrades: The Lamp Trick

Let’s start with an easy one. If your lamp doesn’t have a cover, or you just want to change it, you can achieve this with a few household items. Take a few wire clothes hangers and some cloth. If you just what to change your old lamp cover you don’t need clothes hangers.

Use your pliers to bend the wire in two circles. One smaller and one bigger. Then, connect them to each other with 2 pieces of straight wire so that the smaller circle is above the bigger one. Keep the straight wires as far away as possible from each other, and so that they are parallel to each other. Next, you add the stand – another wire circle. This one so small that it can rest on top of a lightbulb and support the entire cover. You connect his circle with the straight wires and glue them there with hot glue. Good job, you just made a lamp cover frame! You can drape it in any cloth you like and draw patterns or glue some decorations to it. But, be careful to keep enough space between the bulb and the cloth. You don’t want it to catch fire. When doing your living room upgrades, keep in mind that safety comes first.

DIY Shelves

A great way to improve your living room and add some more storage space to your apartment. Shelves are easy to make and they can add a certain touch to your apartment. Most drawers you can nail in, but if you need drilling to set them up, you might want to call a handyman. Don’t drill your walls unless you know exactly where your electrical installations are! Like with moving, some jobs you want to do yourself, but for some, it’s just better to call a professional.

Drawer shelves

Sounds like it looks, basically. This is an amazing way to repurpose big, old and bulky tables. In your NYC apartment, you probably won’t have space for a big table. So, instead of keeping it in storage, you can pull out those drawers and use them as shelves.

Rope shelves

You need some rope and some boards. Install some metal hooks on your ceiling and tie the rope to them. Cut holes in the boards near the corners and thread the rope through them. Tie knots in the rope so that the board is level. Repeat until you run out of boards. This can also be achieved by nailing 2 heavy duty nails in the wall and tying the rope to them. Just make sure the rope is strong enough to carry the load.

A couple of shelves with some vases on them
DIY shelves can brighten any room

Uneven shelves

Called uneven because you can put them up any way you want. All you need are some boards and anything to cut them with. You can have them pre-cut in some places, in case you already know what kind of design you want. Basically, just drill or nail the boards in the wall, a whatever shape or in any order, you’d like. These are especially interesting if you have a cat because you can make a route for it along the wall.

Repurposing – DIY upgrades’ best friend

An object with one value transformed in an object with a different value. This is an excellent way to declutter your NYC apartment, as well. Since space is going to be limited, it is best to get rid of some things and upgrade your living room. This is where your imagination kicks in. What you can use and how will depend on you, but here are some ideas to get you started.

light bulbs with porcelain caps
With a little bit of creativity, you can redecorate even your chandeliers.

You can use jars to cover your lightbulbs and make a cool chandelier. Or to make vases after you paint them or stick some things to them. Anything made from wood is also good. If treated right, wood can last a long time, especially polished. So, if you are getting new, more efficient windows, you might want to make a table out of the old wooden ones. If you have an old door frame lying around, you can use it for decoration or add a couple of nails and boards and you get a shelf. You can use old frames as living room upgrades. They don’t even have to have a picture in them to be stylish.

Use anything you can find and want to have in your house. Remeber to use your creativity and experiment. And lastly, be patient with yourself and practice. It could take some time before you become a true expert with living room upgrades.